Bella luna…

Bella luna actually means “beautiful moon” and no, I do not know Italian – I checked that out using google translate…and I thought that would be the perfect title for this post as it was Sunday night, the night of the Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival when we went for dinner at this Italian restaurant in Kuching…

Bella Italia, Kuching

My dear friends, Vivien and Mary, had invited us out on our last night in the state capital and I told them that we could just hop over to one of those places across the road instead of going through the hassle of driving all the way to town. There is presently the construction of a flyover along the way and the road is in a terrible condition and since it was an auspicious night, there might be a lot of people going out for dinner or whatever festivities so the roads would probably be very busy and jammed.

This restaurant is on the other side of the street from the hotel where we were staying, a little to the right and I would not know whether it was because of the festival or it was a Sunday or whether there would always be that many people every night. A handsome and friendly Caucasian guy (I thought he was Italian but I’ve been informed that he’s actually Bosnian – came over here when the civil war was raging in the country – I must say that he certainly looks VERY successful and happy here) runs the place and despite the crowd, service was good and our orders were served pretty fast.

We had the Insalata Bella


– the salad with smoked salmon and it was very nice – I certainly enjoyed it very much.

The Pinnochio pizza…


…was great too – thin crust which I very much prefer but it was the Funghi In Carozza…


…their deep fried breadcrumb-coated fresh imported button mushrooms -that I loved best! I would not know how to describe the taste but in just one word, it was DELICIOUS!

Vivien strongly recommended the Bistecca Alla Roberto


…which was beef in some very nice creamy sauce – very nice but I think the price was a little bit steep, compared to the rest.

I wanted to try their lasagne and since we had beef already, we opted for the chicken instead – their Lasagne Pollo


It turned out to be just o.k. I think against the strong flavours of the beef in the rest of our orders, this one seemed a bit on the mild side and did not stand out as much as the rest.

I’m afraid lighting in the restaurant was kind of dim plus the yellow light certainly did not do much to make things any better so I would say without any reservation that that the above photographs do not really do the food justice – they actually looked a lot better than that. All in all, dinner was really good and the company was great. I do not know how much everything was as Vivien insisted on picking up the tab and giving everyone a treat….and I really must say thank you so much, Vivien and also to you, Mary, for the delightful evening. It certainly was nice to see the two of you again.

Kuching had been blanketed with this horrendous thick haze for days on end but somehow or other, it rained late that afternoon so the sky was clear and the full moon could be seen in all its glory. It certainly was a perfectly fitting closing to a beautiful night out with old friends and a wonderful 3-night stay in Kuching.