This was the hotel where I stayed whilst on my weekend trip to Kuching…

Four Points by Sheraton, Kuching

– the Four Points by Sheraton.

It was not expensive – RM180 nett with breakfast for two but that was part of my friend’s wedding package deal. I’ve seen signs all around though advertising their current room promotion – RM180++ with ONE breakfast. It certainly looks like I got a pretty good deal then. I saw on one of the tv monitors in the lobby…

Hotel lobby

…that breakfast was RM35 per pax so if I deduct that from what I paid, actually I only paid RM110 for the room.

Well, that wasn’t all! I was upgraded to the SPG (Nope! No sarong party girls around…unfortunately! LOL!!!) floor…


If I’m not mistaken, from the labels in the lift, that would be on the 7th and 9th floors only…

Room key card

The room was big…

Room 1

…very big…

Room 2

…though I was not too comfortable with the frosted glass wall between the bathroom/toilet and the room proper…

Frosted glass

Luckily, it wasn’t some guy friend/colleague/stranger that I had to share the room with…like what I had to put up with on my working trips before I retired.

The bathroom was huge too…


…with the wash basin area, the bathtub on one side and the shower room and of course, the toilet on the other – around the size of one room in some of the newer hotels, I would say – those tiny cubicles where there would not be enough room to swing a cat!

You get a nice view from the room…

Room with a view

…with the Kuching International Airport runway in the distance, so sometimes, you may get to see the aircrafts taking off or landing.

There would be the usual coffee and tea making facilities and one would get the usual freebies including this…

Drinking water

…and this…

Hotel stationery

…and the room was equipped with its own hair dryer, iron & ironing board, bedroom slippers, housecoats/kimonos…if you would want to use them and even a safe. There is free wifi in the lobby and the “public places” in the hotel but the connection was not that good in the rooms. If I’m not mistaken, you can have cable internet connection though, just that I did not bother to check that out as I had my own wireless broadband modem with me.

Now, one good thing about this hotel is that it promotes a smoke-free environment…


…and you may be fined if you are caught smoking in the room. I would always go out into the open for my nicotine fix and I just cannot stand the smell of stale smoke in an enclosed space like in some hotels where I’ve stayed before.

This is the corridor leading to the rooms…


…and I thought it was a little bit too dim. The problem that I had was in trying to find the key slot in the dark…

Black door handle

…and it did not help one bit that it was black in colour. I’ve auto-corrected both photographs for improved visibility.

This is the lift lobby on my floor…

Lift lobby

…and you can enjoy the view too while you wait.

Service was excellent – possibly the best that I’ve ever encountered! The people there were very efficient and prompt in attending to your wishes, very accommodating and so very friendly. Never mind how many times you’ve walked in and out, there would be a smiling face and a greeting from one or more of the staff members around.

The hotel is only a couple of minutes from the airport but it may considered a bit far from the city centre. This isn’t much of a problem, however, as there are a whole lot of shops and eating places (more on this in another post) right across the road if you are not that keen on dining in the hotel itself and they provide regular complimentary shuttle service to the city or to the Spring Shopping Mall…


…and will pick you up again later in the day. You can also choose to use this same shuttle service to the airport, which I did, and I do recall reading somewhere that you may request for the shuttle to pick you up upon arrival when you call to make your reservations…but I’m not too sure about this last bit so you will have to get in touch with them and confirm it yourself.

All things considered, I really enjoyed my three-night stay there and I certainly would consider staying here again should I hop over to the state capital anytime in the near future…

Author: suituapui

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23 thoughts on “Four…”

  1. this is a very nice hotel.. four points?? wonder why they call it four points?? the room is certainly big and spacious, and you can run naked inside the room without the need to worry about banging on the walls.. hahahahaha!! most importantly, the room is clean and tidy, i don’t mind that slightly not appealing view though~~ πŸ˜€

    No idea why they call themselves Four Points…but after it came to the scene in Kuching, I heard that people there started to call themselves two points, three points….or things like that – copycats. Ya, the view isn’t so nice except for the airport runway and the horrendous haze here right now certainly is not helping one bit. You run naked in hotel rooms? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. We try to stay in Sheraton whenever possible on our holidays as we are the preferred guests (Wah,sounds like real!). We belong to the Starwood club and therefore can get points, cheaper room rates etc. Oh, Sheraton Fiji makes the best apple tart tartin that I have ever eaten.

    I think SPG’s get certain privileges. Soon as I got home, I received a thank-you email from them – don’t get that from other hotels. Wah!!! I saw on google just now – in Melbourne, about RM500 a night! *faints*

  3. Very nice hotel and great transport service too! Wow, you had a grand stay there and I do like the room, so spacious. And yeah, kind of weird having that frosted glass wall. I mean it cast reflections and when you get up at night, can be scary (I’m a bit of a coward) πŸ™‚

    Seems to be the in thing! I’ve seen this at a number of hotels – still not used to it. I’m very old fashioned. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. very nice hotel! SPG is best esp if travelling with young family!

    Oh? I can’t remember the last Sheraton I stayed in. Long long ago in the Philippines, I think…

  5. That sure is a good deal. Looks like a nice clean spot too.

    Yes, I thought it was too. Wouldn’t be able to get this in KL – not at this price…or Penang, for that matter. You can check out my posts on places where I stayed for RM180 – nowhere near, not at all.

  6. RM110 for a night in Sheraton?! That’s superb cheap! I remember getting a room for my parents 10 years ago in Sheraton Subang and it cost almost RM300!! Darn, I was only a poor fresh-grad back then 😦

    Yup! Even for 180++ I would still consider it cheap…as it is THE Sheraton. I think the Subang has been taken over by somebody else next, the one next to Holiday Villa.

    1. The round mirror in the bathroom~~ that catches my attention. I love that “magnifying glass” and I practically can see all the pores on my face πŸ˜€

      p/s: I didn’t have that in my own bathroom because I fear I may not want to step out from bathroom until all my black heads are removed, looking at the mirror.

      My! You sure are observant! It certainly came in handy for my morning shave. I could get a close one and for once, I did not have to lean forward nearer to the big mirror.

  7. Nice! The place looks new, spacious and the room looks pretty decent. πŸ™‚

    Interesting! Sheraton has it’s own labelled bottled water, but they provide Borneo mineral water in Kuching!

    RM 200 fine for smoking? Do they have smoking rooms or is the entire hotel a non-smoking room? There’s more non-smoking hotels cropping out nowadays, and I agree, smoking outside would be better than polluting the enclosed space inside, but the option to smoke at a balcony would be good.

    There are hotels with open balconies in Australia but you also can’t smoke in the balconies. Alas. I thought that would have been good, taking in the view and it’s open air anyway.

    Hey, complimentary shuttle to the Spring would be good since it’s so far. Nice review buddy! πŸ™‚

    Maybe it’s trying to promote our own local industry…or that mineral water company belongs to one of the major shareholders. πŸ˜‰ It’s completely non-smoking – anyone who wishes to smoke would have to go out of the hotel building…but I did see a cigarette butt in the lift on one of the days I was there. There will always be some recalcitrant individuals, I’m sure so they will need to be more vigilant in the enforcement. Ya…with it’s out-of-the-way location, the complimentary shuttle service would be a crowd pleaser, I’m sure.

  8. Nice hotel with big room and a good deal. Best part is lots of eating places which is very convenient.Not bad, got shuttle service. How much they charge from hotel to airport?

    It’s complimentary, free of charge. Another hotel at Hock Lee has shuttle service to the airport too (and pick up as well) but you will have to pay.

    1. Oh ya, you have stated in your blog the hotel provide complimentary shuttle service and I think I miss the word “complimentary” and that is why I ask how much they charge? Sign of ageing, hehehe!!!

      I guess if I had used FREE, then that would hit the nail right on the head… πŸ˜‰

  9. What sarong party girls? LOL.

    It is good that you got a good experience in this hotel. That’s why it deserved a good review in your blog. πŸ™‚

    Yes, usually you can’t go wrong with this bigger and better hotels – usually, not all the time…and most are not quite affordable.

  10. The hotel looks very nice..clean and cosy… it is part of the wedding package?

    I got my friend to book for me as part of the wedding package – that’s why RM180 nett with two breakfast. I think normal, the room promotion now RM180++ with one breakfast. Got hotel limo to the wedding and back some more – dunno if my friend had to pay for that or not.

  11. I think they realised you were a BIG shot so they put you in a preferred guest room. hahahaha~~~

    Anyway, the glass opening between toilet & room is probably a trend. Novotel in KK had a similar concept.

    I did not even know – suddenly I found I was on the SPG floor…and on coming home, I got a welcome email from them. I’m a member…just like that! LOL!!! I think that glass…you can see from inside out, dark silhouettes…but not outside in. Better than the wooden louvres at PanPac KK – when seated on the throne, I could see outside through the gaps in between… LOL!!!

  12. That was certainly a good deal! RM180++ at a Sheraton group hotel. And you’re so lucky, automatically upgraded to a SPG! Hhmm, wonder what you did or said at the reception…or maybe they had an instinct that you’re somewhat a BIG shot! hehehe

    The room looked huge and clean and the lobby certainly very impressive πŸ™‚

    Maybe I was part of the wedding rombongan so they got preferential treatment and so I got the same too… Where got big shot? πŸ˜‰

  13. Nice hotel for sure, and very reasonable rate. The lobby looks huge! Btw u can apply for SPG card (it’s free), can collect points and also they will put u on SPG floor everytime if got rooms available.

    Yup, they’ve sent me an email on this.

  14. pretty good… like u said.. for that price! I do like big bathroom so they can fit a bath tub… hehe…

    You must go and try that hotel where I stayed in Sg Petani, Kedah – the shower was right above the toilet bowl – they put it sideways and that was the width of the toilet/bathroom…so when I wanted to take my shower, I had to sit on the toilet bowl and bathe… The worst I have ever encountered ever!!!

  15. hey the room looked really nice, spacious and new. I don’t mind staying in these type of hotels

    Not exactly new now…but yes, it has been very well maintained.

  16. nice hotel but most important is that it’s clean

    …and value for money. Sometimes cheap…so terrible, not worth it also, really and worse, if it’s expensive.

  17. Very nice hotel and somemore they upgrade you SPG floor. tsk tsk tsk

    Glass in between bathroom and room is still a lot better than they put a wooden window or those blind. kekekeke

    Yalor…and can’t seem to see inside from outside…so it was ok. πŸ˜‰

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