Red and black blues…

They are black – they have always been black…

*recycled pic*

That’s why in Chinese, they are called or-kana or black olives but the local name for them is buah dabai.

This is one fruit that I love eating and a long time ago, the price never went beyond RM10 a kilo. Then, it went past that and was selling at around RM15 and I remember at one time, the very good ones were going for RM18. Unfortunately, the escalating prices did not stop there and it went up to RM25 a kilo. That was when I stopped buying and eating it. Much as I love the fruit, I feel it is absolutely ridiculous to pay that amount of money for it. As a matter of fact, just the other day, I heard that somebody bought some very good ones for RM30 a kilo. No, thank you. With that amount of money, I can easily go for a very nice meal at some nice cafe or restaurant…not only for one but even for two, in fact…and I would probably enjoy it a whole lot more.

The other day, however, I came across these at a shop near my house…

Red dabai

– RED dabais!  Never in my life had I seen any in this colour and I just had to buy and try. The lady told me that the selling price was RM35 a kilo and I almost fainted! In the end, I told her to just give me a few to sample. She took some of the fruits and weighed them and charged me RM5.20 for the lot. When I went home, I counted and there were 12 seeds altogether – that would work out to 43 sen per seed.

They were very nice…

Red dabai 1

– the skin was thin, it was fleshy and very lemak (rich) so I would say that it was of a very good quality. Still, at that price, don’t expect me to go back and buy some more, no way!

Red dabai 2

Then I heard from a friend in Sarikei that she saw these same red dabais in the town selling for RM24 a kilo only. Holy Moses!!! I know this shop gets some of their supplies from Sarikei so the dabais probably came from there as well. I don’t know how much their cost price is but if we just take the selling price in Sarikei, they are already making a profit of RM11.00 for each kilo that they sell.

Well, never mind! At least I have tried and I do know now that they taste exactly the same as the black ones and never mind what colour they may be, at those prices, you would never catch me buying any ever again.

I would add in passing that the fruit somehow seems symbolic to me. Like us humans, whatever colour we may be on the outside, we are all the same inside…but at times, we do find that some are nicer than others. I guess all of you would agree with me on this…