I’m famous…

Well, if you insist you are but frankly, I’ve never heard of you until my friend, Huai Bin, told me that his father got the salted egg puffs from you and he was praising them to the skies. He told me your name but I did not have the slightest idea where your shop is located so I had to google to find out. Hey! There is this blogpost from way back in 2008 all about you – it certainly looks like you’re quite famous, after all.

It so happened that Β I had to go to the bank in that part of town the other day so I decided to drop by and check things out. It wasn’t too difficult as you’re pretty close by in the Grand Heights commercial area – maybe less than 5 minutes away from where I was by car. I ended buying a box of your mooncakes…

Famous Bakery

…lotus paste…

Lotus paste mooncakes

…at RM12.80 each…

Lotus paste mooncake

…and I must say that they are not all that cheap, not at all…but at least, they’re a bit cheaper than those brought over all the way from the peninsula. The skin is very thin…or at least, not thick and dry like some of the local made ones…and the best part is that the lotus paste is not sweet unlike others that are so sweet that they leave a sticky feeling in the throat like one is going to have Β a sore throat or something.

The puffs are cheaper, RM11.00 for a pack of 6 of the plain lotus paste ones…

Lotus paste & yolk puffs 1

…and RM13.00 for those with salted egg yolk inside…

Lotus paste & yolk puffs 2

Nope, Huai Bin, they do not have the whole yolk inside, just half…but they really look very nice and fresh.

Yolk puff

I don’t know if it was the owner of the bakery – somebody not that young…but he seemed to know me. The moment he set eyes on me, he smiled as if in recognition and he remarked, “Mong siak, mong pui!!!” which in Foochow, means something like “The more you eat, the fatter you grow!” Tsk! Tsk! Luckily, sticks and stones may break my bones but words never will…or else he would have lost a customer that day. LOL!!! The total came up to over RM77.00 but the lady at the counter (probably the wife) asked me not to bother about the small change and rounded it up to RM77.00 for me. That certainly was nice of her, don’t you think?

It is the Mooncake Festival today, aka the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Zhongqiu Festival…and at least, I have done my part by eating our own Sibu-made mooncakes to preserve the tradition and keep it very much alive. Have you?

A very Happy Mooncake Festival to one and all…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “I’m famous…”

  1. Happy Mooncake Festival to you ! And you’re right, they are much cheaper than the ones in KL nowadays.

    And yet there are people buying. At those ridiculous prices, I certainly would boycott them,never mind tradition or what. But I’m glad to see that many people are now making their own. That’s good – hope those daylight robbers will feel the pinch.

  2. Someone actually dropped by my blog on one of my mooncake posts, and mentioned, there’s no such thing as the term mooncake festival, and the correct term should be Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Well, to Isaac, mooncake festival still exists! HAPPY Mid Autumn and MOONCAKE festival to you!!!

    People are so kay-po. What’s in a name? There’s also the zhang festival, the ciak-eee festival…Hari Christmas or Hari Natal, aren’t they the same? Can’t explain the mentality of such people. Ask him or her to go to wikipeadia and amend lah… Busybody!!! In fact autumn is from September 21st to December 21st – if you calculate, it is NOT MID-autumn at all…

  3. Happy Mooncake Festival. Hopefully the haze will be gone by this evening for Sibu people to catch a glimpse of the beautiful lady on the moon.

    Same to you. I think the haze is worse in Kuching.

  4. Mong siak, mong pui..not to worry siak siak siak. Bananaz have been siak-ing over the past week ho ho ho siak. Best wishes & a Happy Moon Cake Festival to you & family.

    Same to you and yours. Lucky you siak…but not getting any pui-er!

  5. Your mooncake cost higher coz they are Famous ones haha. Bananaz bought the moon cake without big brand name and its home made no preservatives added at RM1.25 per slice of 8 all four nutty ones at RM40 per box with 30% of the sales proceed to Lions charity.

    Oh? Soooo cheap? How come I did not get any via poslaju? Giving to poor old pensioner, also charitable cause mah!

    1. Got cheap meh? RM10 per piece quite the norm here. Ello you owned almost half the township with rows and rows of shoplots and plantations in Sibu. On the other hand Bananaz is peeping into his mailbox everyday expecting a parcel from Sibu but many many moon come, mooncake no come.

      If only…if only… Not cheap but the cheaper ones are not worth the effort of buying.

  6. you definitely is the Famous Arthur of Sibu!! so many people queuing up to give you presents, and now of course mooncake for the mid-autumn festival!! so, don’t complain that nobody ever send you anything wokay?? be a good boy~~ πŸ˜€

    Where? What mooncakes? Nobody sent me any leh? Sulk! Sulk!

  7. me not a fans of mooncake lah, i just had three pieces (1/6 of a whole mooncake) this year, just to taste.. in fact i remember i didn’t have any last year, hahahaha!! oh BTW, i only prefer those without egg yolks, and i prefer the snow skin more also..

    Looks like we’re direct opposites…

  8. That certainly is a good price to pay for all that. Over here it could get stupid and up to maybe a couple of hundred dollars depending on what kind of packaging you pick. That’s right, I was told my box of 4 mooncakes cost RM300 (I almost fainted), then I asked if I could just have the cakes without the box. Caaaaannn ….. RM 80. What the ….!!!

    RM80 for 4? *faints!!!!*

  9. This year I didn’t buy any… my friend gave me a box of 4… so when my kids came back this weekend, they had a nice time enjoying the different types of mooncakes… I still prefer the original.. lotus and salted eggs..

    So lucky. Me? Did any friend give me any? Sobsssssss!!!!!

  10. Happy Mooncake Festival to you & family. I am not a great fan of mooncakes but I do love to eat hong chio piah with a cup of hot tea. Anyway, hope you enjoy your mooncake as much as I do.

    Same to you and yours. What’s Hong Chio piah?

  11. I know I can find lots of mooncakes here in KL, but I can’t stand the amount of sugar and salt that the manufacturers have added into it. And I’m not sure whether the Teochew side of my family know how to make ’em.

    Happy Mooncake Festival to you and to your family too! =D

    Same to you and yours. Plus the thing is they made them no less than three months ago – imagine the amount of preservatives used.

  12. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I’m not a huge fan of mooncakes and the steep price definitely drives me away from buying! The egg yolk puff looks really good though.

    Same to you. Not a fan either – too sweet but those puffs were great – not sweet at all.

  13. I’m still craving for it! πŸ™‚

    Alas, I thought it had the entire egg inside, thought that was why the price was up. I didn’t open it up, just ate the entire thing, and it fits in my mouth. HAHA

    Happy mooncake festival Arthur! πŸ˜€

    LOL at your description – it fits in your mouth…eyewwww!!!! @.@!!! Muahahahaha!!!! Same to you, Huai Bin. I can hop over and grab a few to keep if you’re coming back soon…but I guess you’re not. They say it is not until next year… 😦

    1. Haha! Yeah, I just pop the entire thing into my mouth.

      I’m only coming back during election time and definitely not this month, have got a lot of stuff to do. I’ll try to come back November though, so it’ll be too late.

      Thanks for the offer though! πŸ™‚

      Alas! We have to wait until next year for it to appear again? Oh well.

      LOL!!! November eh? Looking forward to that. I hear the election will not be till next year… 😦

  14. The mooncakes look yummy from the photos.. But I am abit sick of it already… Have been eating too much of them lately >.<

    Gosh!!! Some people have all the luck in the world. These are the ONLY ones I’ve had this year… 😦

  15. LOLed at the man’s comment!
    The egg puffs really do look good! Damn. Wish I saw this yesterday! Thanks for making me feel bad, Arthur!

    Oh? You were in town and you did not contact me? See! You’ll never know what you’re missing… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  16. Arthur, hope you had a lovely Mid-Autumn Festival! I did keep up with the spirit, ate a whole mooncake yesterday. Just a small one, mind you. And what that guy said “mong siak, mong pui”, well………as the Malay saying goes something like this “Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas”. I definitely feel very “pedas” right now πŸ™‚

    No worries! I take all such remarks made without malice very well. I’ve a great sense of humour. πŸ™‚

  17. OMG i love salted egg yolks and this puff here looks so good. I want one pleaseeee

    Oops!!! Mooncake Festival’s yesterday, over for the year. You will have to wait till next year then. LOL!!!

  18. Finally… a taste of mooncakes… hehehe… Happy Mid Autumn to you & yr family anyway.. πŸ™‚

    that salted egg yolk puff looked reallllllyyy good!!!

    Hope you had a great one too. Yes, the egg looks so fresh and the lotus paste sooo moist. It was really good.

  19. Mong Siak, mong pui? That is what happening to me. I have to go on a diet.

    Me too! Just got back from Kuching this morning – feeling so heavy and like I’m about to burst at the seams… 😦

  20. Happy mooncake festival to you and your missus, Any celebration last night? Or just a quiet dinner?

    I am not really a moon cake lover, but i surprise Cruz love moon cake. tsk tsk tsk .

    Famous bakery? Famous for mooncake? Never heard of them, maybe I should check them out next time.

    Ya…I will drop by again too after the festive season to see if they have any other things that are nice and worth sharing. What celebration? Well, you would have to wait for the post to see what I had…but that may be later in the week or next week. So many things to blog about…after my weekend trip to Kuching. πŸ˜‰

  21. STP, I love those lotus paste puffs with egg yolk. My god, they look sinfully delicious to me, especially the last picture.

    Yes, I think they’re extra fresh – the egg says it all and the lotus paste looks so moist…not like those that they started making months ago, full of preservatives.

  22. All the mooncake look delicious but I don’t really fancy, way to sweet. After eat got to drink lots of chinese tea or green tea or else the side of the waist might split.

    Have a great week ahead, regards.

    That’s why I love the salted egg yolk puffs They’re salty or savoury…not sweet at all! You have a great week too…

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