My cup runneth over…

Are you one of those who would need a cuppa to start off your day? I am. I simply must have a cup of nice, black coffee in the morning to get me going. When I was growing up, my mum would brew a big pot of coffee for everybody and a pot of Chinese tea for my father and we would be drinking that throughout the day. Then when we dropped by my grandma’s house in the kampung, there would surely be a pot of coffee on the table too and if there wasn’t enough, they would brew some more and all of us would sit down for tea.

I don’t know where they got their supply of coffee powder from in the early years but I do know that eventually, they would get it from this small shop…

Mui Hock Sibu

…by the side of the now closed-down Palace Theatre building in the town centre.

What I was told was that they would roast the beans in butter, Golden Churn no less, and that would explain why their coffee would always be nicer than any elsewhere. They did confess that because butter has become so expensive these days, they are now forced to mix a little bit of margarine but there still must be butter or the coffee will not be so nice.

I bought a kilo for my friend, Mandy, when she was in town and for some unexplained reason (probably they sealed the plastic bag when the powder was still hot – they used freshly-roasted beans that day, you see), the bag expanded and looked as if it was going to explode. Mandy took a pin and pricked a hole in the bag and everything was all right after that. However, her hotel room was filled with the fragrance of the coffee and according to her, she slept so well that night – probably, it was like some kind of aroma therapy and that accounted for her sleeping very soundly till morning. She and her parents loved the coffee – she said that the coffee was not very black, quite unlike the usual they would find there but it was so very fragrant and they loved it a lot.

My friend who came not too long ago also bought a kilo home and he said that when he took his bags out of the overhead stowage compartment in the aircraft, the fragrance filled the whole cabin and he could not wait to brew some for breakfast the next morning. In his own words, he called it “Sibu’s best coffee”!

I do not know what type of coffee beans they are but for one thing, it does not come cheap – RM32 a kilo for the very best quality…

Coffee beans 1

The man did say that the RM20 a kilo one would be just as good…

Coffee beans 2

…but I have not got down to trying it yet. The beans look a lot darker so I wonder if the coffee would be darker too.

You can buy the beans or you can ask them to grind them into powder for you using this machine…

Coffee grinding machine

Then, they will pack it in plastic bags which they will seal with the equipment that they have and they will also stick their sticker on it…

Mui Hock coffee powder

My cousin who was in town as well also bought a kilo or two when she was here not too long ago. She thinks the one that she usually gets from some place in Kenyalang Park in Kuching  is the best in the state capital…but the one from this shop in Sibu is “a little bit better”.

So if you’re a coffee lover and you happen to be in Sibu, make sure that you stop by to get some of the coffee to take home. I assure you that you definitely will not regret it.

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51 thoughts on “My cup runneth over…”

  1. mmmmm… i can already smell it!

    Bought to bring over to Kuching – the fragrance filled my whole car, my whole house, the whole aircraft and the whole hotel room…long after the coffee had been taken away.

  2. Yes, I need a cup of hot nice coffee every morning to start off my day, just once only and the rest of the day would be plain water. Addicted to it.

    Any idea which coffee shop in Kuching has the best?

    1. No idea. It all taste more or less the same. My own home brew is the best, hehehe

      Where do you get your coffee powder from? I hear Kuching, a shop at Kenyalang has the best. Maybe you’re not hardcore, any coffee will do…not as fussy as some of us. 😉

      1. I got mine from Tay Hak Hak, India Street. Me, not fussy as long as got coffee to drink.

        My relatives used to buy from there long ago, seems they found some place that has better.

  3. It’s been a while since I last had their coffee. You brought back some fond memories.

    Gosh!!! I brought some to Kuching yesterday…and the whole aircraft was filled with the fragrance…and I overheard an ang moh telling his friend that it smelled so nice.

  4. I must have coffee first thing in the morning too. Or else I have no energy to do anything. My grandma used to brew coffee, cool it and put it in the fridge because my grandpa likes his coffee cold. And so do I. So far, I only use instant coffee, the powder one is too much work for me 🙂

    I used to do that also- keep in the fridge and drink it cold. Now, hot or cold, all ok…

  5. its so hard to find a grocery shop that still sells and grind coffee beans fresh like this in KL… gone are those days when my dad would send me to buy this when I was little in Penang…..

    KL coffee is terrible…and Penang’s isn’t much better, the ones at the coffee shops – black, VERY black…and fails badly when it comes to nice coffee fragrance. When I’m there, I can only get decently good coffee at the hotels…or Coffee Bean.

  6. I am also a coffee lover, but then I try to cut down the intake, as I had insomnia before. So, i only take a cup a day, and only in the morning. I still can find such grocery shop in my place.

    These would be the kind of shops I grew up with…

      1. You give me coffee, I make sure I sip sip sloooooowly and savour it. Definitely 1 kg can last long for me and I’ll be thinking of you for a loooooong time! wakaka

        Come, come to Sibu and get it! Otherwise, dream on…. Who knows it may come true? LOL!!!

  7. Kopi Or Kau Kau! Unfortunately, as much as I love the aroma of the local brew, I’m not into drinking it. I prefer the Italian brew and after a good lunch … sigh, contentment.

    Aroma? Local brew?In KL? Where? Yet to come across anything good there or in the rest of the peninsula. I don’t know if I’ve had Italian before but we have a place called Italian Coffee here – tried once…something like those branded stuff…all the latte or the kay-po-chee-no…not for me, thank you. I’m the traditional kopitiam kopi-o kind of guy.

    1. Don’t know about KL, I’m Penang mari la. Altho I’ve been based in KL for the longest time, I still don’t know my way around 😦 Famous one in Penang is Loh Boon Siew coffee in Hutton Lane.

      Penang coffee a bit better than KL…just a bit…nowhere near Mui Hock’s.

  8. Seldom or hardly ” lim kopi ‘o’ ” in KL, so used to Penang kopi. Like you said hard to teach old Bananaz new tricks. Only go for cham in KatLumPor.

    I had cham that day…at the place with the limp pappadum….and it had milk in it – made me sleepy.

  9. Uncle STP sayang,
    All those coffee beans are so nice. How about sending some to us young bloggers here to taste?

    I’m sure they all agree with me.

    p.s. I looooooooove coffee.

    One minute you say you love, next minute you say you cannot sleep because of it. What so fast the wind changes…. Anybody wants? Can come to Sibu…I buy for them as souvenir/gift from Sibu, no problem at all. Don’t expect me to send anything to anybody. No gaji, small pension…and you expect to waste all that money on the exorbitant courier charges? No way…

  10. me a coffee lover ever since I have that wonderful “date” with God while drinking coffee 🙂 i used to be an iced tea person but since there’s no nestea here in aussie, i drink coffee instead 🙂 i hope to try that butter roasted coffee someday 🙂

    But they always say tea is better, all the calming, all the health benefits…and coffee is indulgent?

  11. My parents always buy some for me and as ‘buah tangan’ for my parents-in-laws when they come to Johor. Whenever I go to Kuching to meet them, there is always supply of Mui Hock coffee at my brother’s house.

    See!!! They know what’s good – good enough to give away as gifts to people. 🙂

  12. My mom is.. my sister is… but I am not.. a coffee lover.. though Ipoh is famous for her white coffee but until today, I haven’t learn to love it.. 🙂 nowadays I am a oats lover ..

    Healthy mah…jaga badan. They say lowers cholesterol…and makes it very easy when you go to the toilet. True kah? LOL!!! 😀

  13. OMG, this is so old school.. I still remember when I was in Ipoh a decade ago, my mom would buy coffee powder/beans the same way too…

    Nothing beats the old school stuff…but not all would still be available anymore. These days, quality not as good in most everything, it seems. 😦

  14. I love the aroma of coffee. Miss the coffee factory in my hometown.

    Gosh!!! You stayed near a factory… Gee!!! I can imagine getting high on the smell alone. LOL!!! 😀

  15. Oh, i am a coffee person, and i love the coffee bean’s smell. I didn’t know Sibu got his own coffee, where is this place? Palace theatre? Is it opposite Sibu Central Market? I know at Rejang Park, there is a corner shop opposite the market, everytime when i passed by i can smell the coffee, they roast the coffee bean there. Mui Hock, ok, put in list, should get this when i go back next time.

    No worries. I’ll get for you next time. The Sg Merah coffee shop sells theirs as well…but lately, I find that their coffee isn’t anything to shout about. Quite disappointing.

  16. I have mild allergy to coffee, hence do not really favor coffee. When people drink coffee to keep themselves awake, I drink tea instead. I remember there is a place in Sabah called tenom which is famous for their coffee. I been there once when I was studying there.

    Tenom coffee. Never tried that and never heard anyone praising it so I’m not too sure how good it actually is.

  17. Wah… kopi!!! My favorite a must have every morning no less than 2 cups. The best kopi I prefer are from Kluang and Batu Pahat.

    Try ours. Your Kluang or Batu Pahat ones will never be the same again. Try asking if they’re roasted in butter – maybe that is what singles out the men from the boys…

  18. Next time bring me here to buy coffee powder. I love this kind of traditional way of grinding the coffee beans

    No problem. And if I’m going to KL, I’ll buy for you…now that I know you love coffee too. That day when you were in Sibu, you did not know that I bought some for Mandy?

  19. Thanks for the heads up. Sibu local coffee is pretty good. I like Kopi C Kosong

    Had some pricey “branded” ones when I was in KL. I still prefer our local brew…at 20% of the prices one would have to pay there.

  20. Reading your description of the preparation process & the aroma, I’m sold! Will get me a big bag when in Sibu! =)

    It used to be a lot better in the old days when they used butter in the roasting – now butter is too expensive, they say they mix with margarine…but it’s still good!

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