His long summer holidays had come to an end and he would be leaving home again to go back to London the following day so that morning, Xavier and I went out for breakfast at this place…

Uncle Dom menu

I had been here before a long time ago once and then, another time and I had never been all that thrilled by the food there…but it was somewhat hot that morning and I was looking for some place nice and cool and comfortable and air-conditioned and since I had not dropped by for a while, I thought I would want to check it out to see if things had changed for the better.

I loved the umbrella holders at the entrance…

Umbrella holders

Hmmmm…if I happen to see that anywhere, I would certainly grab one for the house. I guess that’s a frog on the left and Melissa would love that, I know…but somehow, it looks a bit like E.T. to me.

Both Xavier and I had their nasi lemak (RM9.30). I opted for the masak hitam beef…

Nasi lemak with masak hitam

…which was good enough – not the best that I had had but it was good enough…

Masak hitam

The rice was good with the distinct fragrance of the santan (coconut milk) and I loved the sambal too. I was actually excited over the fact that they gave a piece of papadum with the nasi lemak but I was so very disappointed to discover that unfortunately, it had gone all limp (lau hong/masuk angin) and that certainly was a let-down for a supposedly-classier place like that.

Xavier wanted the chicken curry…

Nasi lemak with chicken curry

…and like the masak hitam, it was good but not the best around. I really wonder if those people have heard of the A1 Mountain Globe curry paste or not because, from my personal point of view, they would not go wrong with that as they could  easily whip up curry that would be much nicer if they had used that. I would say that the same applies to the curry at this other place but comparing the nasi lemak at this place and that other one, I would prefer the latter. For one thing, it is cheaper, RM6.90 only and they are very generous with the peanuts, the ikan bilis and even though I was not too impressed with the fried chicken wing, they do not serve it with a limp papadum. Tsk! Tsk! Actually, I did ask Xavier how his papadum was, thinking that perhaps I was unlucky and got one that had seen better days but he said that his was the same.

At the prices that they charge, they should at least put in a little bit of effort to ensure the quality of everything they serve. Even the ones I had at this coffee shop were very nice and crispy and that’s a coffee shop, mind you…and not one of these so-called higher-end cafes and restaurants! Sad to say, I guess it certainly will be quite a while before I would stop by this place again…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Leavin’…”

  1. we always go for Old Town’s nasi lemak whenever we have craving for it. not the best, but it’s good enough…and we don’t yearn for it often, so still consider affordable at RM 10 – 12+, depending on the side dish you choose (chicken, chicken + sotong)

    Good grief! It’s THAT expensive now? The last time I dropped by one was at Kuching airport in 2010 and I think a plate of nasi lemak was RM8.50 then. Ya…that’s the thing with these franchise places – good, not the best and a bit pricey but a nice & comfortable environment, great place to hang around for hours and chat with friends.

  2. Nice! Not too bad, it seems like a good place to have breakfast.

    I think you’ve told me about this place – I’ve certainly heard about it before.

    Yeah, lovin’ the umbrella holder too. Haha. 🙂

    Ya…it’s been around long enough, quite popular especially among the younger lot – a great place to hang out and chat. I would expect you to have been there, no? I wonder where they got the umbrella holders – I want that frog! LOL!!! 😀

  3. The masak hitam certainly looks good. Why you did not request them to replace a fresh papadom?

    If both were limp, I guess the whole batch would be the same. They should just pop it into the oven to heat it up a bit…and after a while, it would be nice and crispy again. I do that with keropok. Doesn’t take much effort to get that done – I’m sure it’s more a matter of attitude more than anything else. What a shame.

  4. Lots of restaurants these days leave much to be desired. I think it’s got to do with the people who run the kitchen. Unless the owner runs it themselves then the quality can be maintained.

    Ya…training is important and constant supervision as well…but if I’m not mistaken, this is a family-run place. Kinda shabby, don’t you think? They would need to pull up their socks, I would say.

  5. hmmmm, i would prefer the curry chicken (and perhaps not the thigh but the chicken breast) than the beef masak hitam.. too dark for my liking, hahaha.. i love to see food that is more vibrant in color, hehehehehehe~~

    Oh? You don’t like it black? And you prefer breasts? Not me, I’d love the thigh…anytime. LOL!!! 😉

  6. A1 curry gravy sachets?? i think i’ve heard about it before over the radio, hahahaha!! so it is good and you recommend that?? but most probably i think restaurants aren’t using those, they blend the curry themselves i supposed??

    Yup!!! It is ok if they can come out with something better but as far as I know, they can’t…and they don’t. With this curry paste, we can cook something ALMOST as good as the curry that we cook in our families over the years minus 99% of the hassle. Considering that last bit, I have been using that curry paste ever since. Not bothered to go through all that trouble…plus there’s no guarantee. There are some good days and some not so good ones…but with the curry paste, you just can’t go wrong.

    P.S. It’s paste, not gravy…

  7. I just have a milo this morning for breakfast as I was rushing for work. The chicken curry is making my tummy roaring for food now…Hopefully lunch time will come sooner

    Hahahahaha!!!! Have a nice day at work and a lovely weekend ahead! Don’t forget to stop for lunch eh? 😉

  8. Someone must have forgotten to replace the lid to the papadum container 🙂

    Ya, obviously…or it’s not freshly fried, the container’s already quite empty After sometime, will also go limp.

  9. LOL…i still have two Masak Hitam yet to cook.

    The Papadum very fast growm limp when out in the open. Have to close the container lid fast

    Adoi! From your Sibu trip? Expire already or not? Places like this, should fry fresh, serve hot from the wok. We’re paying for the special service mah. If eating in kopitiam, no need to say lah – no class, can’t complain.

  10. I saw masak hitam beef on someone’s blog the other day.. it looks mighty delicious! It’s a Sarawak specialty right?

    Yes, only in Sarawak…and anytime better than masak merah…or rendang.

  11. !2 noon now, and I am really hungry. Seeing these two nasi, I am hungrier now.

    Aiyor…go for lunch lor. I had lunch in Kuching – pork leg noodles. Yummmmmm!!!! Wait for the post! 😉

  12. I wish the nasi lemak here is served with masak hitam beef. It’s kinda boring to see the same old curry chicken or fried chicken with my favourite high-cholesterol-high-calories nasi lemak.

    Thus I end up ordering plain nasi lemak every time because I’m so sick of chicken

    No masak merah…or rendang or fish curry? Of course, masak hitam is nicer… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  13. Let me count..oh 29 years have not eaten beef. My fave then was the ‘gubak lor’ *beef steamboat* in Penang and the beef tendon noodles at the bus depot opposite Penang Ferry terminal (not sure still there are not).

    So long already? Cannot eat now lor…Your body system not used to beef – no immunity, no resistance…guarantee gout attack! Or are you abstaining because of religion?

    1. Oh accidentally stopped eating beef and accidentally quit smoking both at the same time. Juz had my blood report this afternoon Uric Acid level is :478 umol/l (M:209-431, F:155-359). So my friendly doctor recommended to stay away from nuts since I’m a vegemeatarian. There goes my nutty moon cakes.

      Gosh!!! They told me boil green/unripe papaya in water with green tea leave and drink.

      1. tQ for the tips. Have checked with Wikipedia the reading is different its (M:214 µmol/L~494 µmol/L). If that’s the case Bananaz is still within the range?

        Don’t try to console yourself. I never bother about these figures… Moderation is the key and there are good days and bad days, just be careful.

  14. Both looks equally nice.After seeing one of your post on this A1 Mountain Globe Curry Paste, I have tried it and since then have been using it each time I cook curry. No more using Indian curry paste from the wet market. The umbrella holders so cute.

    There! Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon my blog? So informative, so educational… See how many things you’ve learnt from dropping by! So good hor!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. A big thank to you for sharing all your nice and easy receipe and also thanks to my son for introducing me to read your blog.

      Welcome, welcome. Glad that there are people who do appreciate my effort… 😉

  15. Uncle Dom, heard the cafe before, but never try, i think you’re the one or my mum told me the food so so only, so i don’t bother go and eat there.

    Nasi Lemak RM9.30? Price quite steep, i can get nicer nasi lemak with beef rendang and cheaper price at mamak stall. kekekek, but one thing they don’t have air cond and nice deco.

    The umbrella holder thing look very cute!

    Yup! No great loss. So far I have not had anything that would get me rushing back for more.

  16. yeah i agree. if you want to charge high prices, the taste and quality must be there!

    That’s right…and the service must be good. Otherwise, might as well go to some cheap kopitiam…where one can get even better stuff perhaps.

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