This was a very popular song in the 60’s and even today, there are some who still consider it as one of their evergreen favourites. I never liked the song though – I always thought it was kind of depressing because if you listen to the lyrics, you will see that the story is about a boy who wanted to marry a girl from a poor family background but the parents objected to the whole idea and resorted to “watching the door” to prevent them from meeting each other…and in the end, the poor girl, thinking that the boy did not love her anymore, committed suicide and she was “…found floating face down in that dirty old river…”

Anyway, this is not going to be about the song or the singer…nor a dog we once had and we called it Patches because of the patches of black that it had on its body, but about something my mother used to make when I was young. I remember how she would save bits and pieces of cloth and cut them into square or triangles and then she would arrange them in patterns and sew them altogether to make simple patchwork quilts for us to use as blankets. She also made smaller ones to cover the radiogram (and later the television set) and also the sewing machine.

Well, she does not make them anymore, of course…but the other day, when I was at the shopping mall round the corner from my house, I was captivated by these very lovely patchwork quilts on display. They have bed covers (with two matching pillow cases)…

Patchwork quilts 1

…that may double as blankets for king or queen-sized beds…

Patchwork quilts 2

…and smaller ones for singles…

Patchwork quilts - singles

…and they also have what they call carpets but I would prefer to refer to them as rugs…

Patchwork quilts - rugs

…and cushions.

According to the people, they are from Korea and may be washed in the washing machine, no problem at all. Some of them are really so very beautiful even though they are obviously machine and factory made, not hand sewn or with a sewing machine…and definitely not the result of a labour of love like the ones my mum used to make.

I bought a few that day…

For myself

…including one for my friend, Jimmy, who is on transfer and will be leaving Bintulu and moving into his new house soon…and I also got one for my daughter…

For Melissa

…and keeping it for her till she comes home sometime in November.

I really was at a loss as to which to choose as they all seemed so nice to me – I certainly hope that they will be happy with the ones I have chosen for them.

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37 thoughts on “Patches…”

  1. not many people make blankets like that anymore here but recently a family friend gave one to my boy. she made it herself. it was very nice. i bought one from her the other day as my sis in law wants one for her daughter. its hand made and i think it takes many hours to finish one. im thinking of getting a few more for myself and my kids. cheers STP!

    I know somebody here who makes – will take days, weeks, months…and have to order and wait. Hers even nicer – handmade mah!!! Labour of love but very expensive, depending on the pattern and design. I saw some very nice ones at this one but singles…for kids. You can drop by to have a look…and they actually have a shop at Star MegaMall, they told me.

  2. i have one handmade patchwork quilt which i have been using for more than 2 decades! the material is so comfy and cooling <3. i swear i do wash it from time to time!

    Oooo…so it is something like your bantal busuk eh? Without it, cannot sleep? Aiyor…how to get married? Later, your hubby pengsan. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Very nice of you Arthur! πŸ™‚

    The fabric looks good too,.

    I remember the patchwork quilts my grandma made for me as a kid, used it as a blanket then. Nostalgia. I hardly see anyone making those nowadays, it was made with scraps of leftover bits back then.

    Yes, I simply could not resist grabbing a few. May go back again to get some more – don’t get to see these around much at all. I guess nobody bothers anymore these days – not easy to get leftover bits of cloth as most would buy their clothes off the racks, not tailored like before…and I guess many do not know how to sew or use the sewing machine…if they have one at home.

  4. Old songs! Agree with you that Patches is a depressing song. Another one (can’t remember the name) that is even more depressing goes like this “Tell Laura I love her…..” about some guy who died in a car race to raise money to buy this girl a wedding ring. Anyway, the patchwork does bring back memories! My grandma use to make those too. Very time consuming but they were every nice. Speaking of bantal busuk, I used to have one when I was a kid. Oh, I miss that pillow!

    LOL!!! I don’t think I ever had one…but I would want a bolster to be able to sleep…so in hotels, I would use the extra pillow…or roll up the blanket. Ya…many depressing songs that were favourites – Green2 Grass of Home, another one…the man was about to be executed!

  5. Ya not many people like this kind of pacthwork. But for me, i like their design very much.

    No? They’re pieces of art really…but then again, not everyone appreciates art.

  6. oh..sad song.. down by the coal ex mil still working on them though approaching age 90 now. She has given me quite a few already and received another one from her recently. For curiosity sake how much are they selling there?

    RM180. Not too sure about those handmade ones – hundreds…depending on the design, the complexity and what not, I guess.

  7. Wow! I’ve been looking for this kind of patchwork the longest I remember! It’s so difficult to get it in my hometown here. Goes well as blankie!

    I know one made-to-order here…and now, we have these. Look around…if we have in this little town, I am sure you have it there too…or maybe in Ipoh?

  8. haha, really have not heard of this song before lah.. but i do remember i have one of these blanket with the patched cover when i was a kid, of course no idea where it is now, haha..

    I know. You are very very young…or perhaps you are not musically inclined. Tone deaf perhaps? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  9. those you saw are definitely just patches prints and not patches stitch.. anyway, i now prefer my bed sheets to be as simple and as plain as possible, not entirely plain color, but simple patterns and design and light colored.. feel more refreshed.. πŸ™‚

    Ya…some are just prints…like the one with roses, some not even in patches…and some in long strips. I had to choose carefully to find those stitched ones…or at least they had stitches in between the patches, dunno print only or real patches sewn together. Ah well…since nobody can make…as they say, beggars can;t be choosers. Can’t have the real thing – have something that looks like it, also good enough.

  10. Yes, I know the song Patches.. sad.. and the singer sang that he would be joining her too… reminds me of the song.. Tell Laura I love her… and tell Tommy I love him.. those songs in the 60s are so dramatic… πŸ™‚
    Ok, back to Patches.. my MIL made a few of these for me… it was her hobby those days.. and I am still keeping them.. they will be pass-downs to my kids.. πŸ™‚

    Yalor…the old songs, so romantic but so tragic ones. Yes, family heirlooms – should cherish and treasure always. Sadly, I do not have any of mine left… 😦

  11. I love the design..If tak salah Delta Mall got a shop selling all those stuffs.

    The shop is at Star. This promo is at Delta Mall…but I think they’re there temporarily only.

  12. My late mom made them too but I didn’t keep any of her pieces. We bought 2 pieces from the Amish community when we were in Pennsylvania. They are handmade and of very good workmanship.We paid about US$800 for both. Simon say very cheap but Gertrude pulak say very expensive. For me, don’t care la as long as I like them…hehehe. We bought a piece from China, washed once all the stitches come undone 😦

    My blogger friend, Opal, makes them with her quilting group and they give them away to the poor. Theirs look very nice too – something like what my mum used to make:

  13. This is bringing back memories of life in the country where everyone sewed and patchwork quilts were all made with special pieces of material creating memories and keepsakes worth treasuring.

    Yes, they’re our heritage. So sad that in this modern day and age, the practice has died out… Not many appreciates them and hardly anybody makes them anymore. Sad, really sad.

  14. Nice patchwork quilts. Those are machine printed one rite? Bring back sweet memories of my childhood. My mum used to make it for me as blanket. I once sewn for my kids when they are are small and love it so much. Comfy but very tedious job.

    Dunno printed or sewn…but definitely factory made, You can make a nice one and give to your son…to keep for always. Would be something very precious and meaningful.

  15. I saw a lot of people selling it here, the texture is good and smooth to touch, I think it’s very comfy~
    Btw thanks for linking my blog, I have linked yours too =)

    Welcome, and thanks for linking mine. You bought any?

  16. This is very beautiful. Looking at the assorted bed covers make me feel like sleeping at this hour. I recalled my grandma have a blanket made of patches of different clothes. It is very unique and a nice piece of art.

    Hope you still have it. Never mind if it is old and torn – something to cherish forever, a family heirloom.

  17. I have 3 pieces at home but not as expensive as yours cos the quality may not be as good as yours. Hmmmm…next time can seek refuge at your house with this comfy patchwork quilt..ahahhahahah**evil grinz**

    Come, come. Can stay at my house next time – no need to spend on hotel…and you can get to use these – opening ceremony, maybe? πŸ˜‰

  18. My grandma used to sew patch blankets using those ‘saki-baki’ cloth. But these days they got so many nice designs…

    But somehow, if it comes from the heart, it is worth a lot more. Like cooking, somehow mum’s cooking is the best never mind what or who the chef outside may be. It has a special ingredient – love! πŸ˜‰

  19. Ah…don’t know much about that song…but the patch work (quilt)… I’m familiar of, and love much! It’s makes the house feels so homey having one of those. They certainly have many beautiful quilt design to choose from. Definitely a wondeful gift for your family and friends, Arthur πŸ™‚

    Yes, in fact, I’m thinking of going back there to buy some more to keep and give away should an occasion arise.

  20. Ahh I love the colours!! Patches seem like the perfect title to this post πŸ™‚ I love the colour that you picked for Melissa! Good taste! hehe

    Yes, I thought that was very soothing…

  21. They all look so pretty. Sure to brighten up any bedroom.

    Yes, I need some in the house, anyway…now that my daughter had outgrown all those cartoon blankets and bedsheets.

  22. I do have a patchwork blanket, that was given by a best friend’s mother. It is still the best blanket that I have right now. It was about 20 years old, i mean my blanket. A bit torn here and there only.

    Oooo…20 years old! That’s a long long time. I don’t have any of my mum’s anymore…or not that I know off – either my wife hoarding them somewhere or she has thrown them all away.

  23. I love patchwork quilt. Tried making them myself but realised that I:
    (1) lacked patience
    (2) horrible at coordinating colours
    (3) the shaky hands syndrome makes it hard for me to stitch

    Solution: I made a request to my cousin to make me one for my Christmas pressie πŸ˜€ Hehehe.

    Oh? You have a cousin who makes? For sale…. How much? Would love to buy some authentic handmade ones – not the same as factory made, that’s for sure.

  24. the photos looks so clear.. have you upgraded your camera? πŸ˜€

    ps: I go alcohol events, don’t drink much one. Haha, just go for the experience, and hang out with friends once in a while.

    eh, I don’t have your address, you never gave it to me before. Can email it to me? at .. thanks!

    Hahahaha!!! No lah, just pulling your leg. Don’t pay attention to what I say – this old man sometimes a bit senile already. Hehehehehe!!! My camera? Same one lah… Where got money to upgrade – poor old pensioner? 😦

  25. Very nice, and i know it is not cheap!!!

    When I am young, I can’t remember, either my grandma or my mother or someone doing the patch, I still remember they are using some hard paper underneath, then ” wrap” them up with the loose cloth. So much work. I sure don’t have all the patience to do that. Hahaha.

    There is another type , applique, it is very nice too. I saw it in India, regret bought too little.

    Oh, the one with the hard paper inside would be those small hexagonal pieces. I saw my foster-cousin making that – a lot of work, very tedious. Ahhhh!!!! India! I’m sure they have a lot of lovely and interesting stuff there.

  26. Sometimes I wish I have my own home, then I can pick whatever furniture and accessories that I want to decorate my house with. πŸ˜›

    Get one then. Take up a loan and use your monthly rent payments to pay the instalments instead. In the end, you will have a house of your own. Easier to spread out over a longer term – start when young.

  27. I remember this song very well. Our replacment teacher taught us this song in form 2. Such a tragic song. My grandma and mom used to make these type of patch quilting too. I think we still have some of the blanket till now. And with the remainder small pieces of cloth they will sew it into floor mats.

    Yes. They do sell those still here at hardware stores and such – the mats we put outside the bathroom door.

  28. I like the patchwork quilts too a lot.. and yes, those were the days when my mom and her mom woud spent time making these gorgoeous quilts… I had one when I was growing up… thks for bringing back this memory…. its just pure happiness thinking of the patchwork! =D

    Yes, I wish I had kept the ones my mum made nicely… Posterity, our heritage…and for sentimental reasons. But they’re all gone now… 😦

  29. I saw these in Tesco Damansara. Not really cheap leh. Takes a lot of work to make.

    My mom used to make it. But i dont have the patience

    Hmmm…young people nowadays. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  30. Sorry for commenting so late. They all look so nice and colourful. I like.

    No worries, better late than never. They certainly are very pleasing to look at.

  31. Those patchwork quilts are certianly pretty, gives a kind of homely and country feel…but certainly not cheap coz handmade. Nowadays not many people know or have the patience & keen eye to sew them.

    Definitely not. I guess people these days have too many distractions – so many exciting ways to make use of their time so they no longer bother about these dying arts and skills from days gone past, a heritage lost.

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