Treat me well…

I was out with my missus that morning and we decided to grab a bite to eat before going home so that there would not be any need to cook something for lunch that day…and I went back to this place – the Sri Pelita Cafe in the vicinity of the Kampung Datu shops, right next to the Paramount Hotel (to the right).

If you remember from that last post, I had intended to go back there again to try their deep-fried tandoori chicken…

Sri Pelita tandoori chicken

…and I was glad I did! I really love the taste but those baked ones are usually somewhat dry and may not be that great. These deep-fried ones that we had that morning had both the special taste and the meat was nice and tender. I certainly loved it…a lot!

The boss insisted that we tried his fish curry…

Sri Pelita fish curry

It was very nice but it was a different type of curry, probably Indian or mamak-style. Personally, when it comes to fish, I guess I am more used to the nyonya-style assam curry or our kampung-style masak kunyit but it was good for a change. I’m not a fan of ikan tongkol either but tenggiri or bawal hitam (black pomfret) is getting  a bit too expensive these days.

Now, if you drop by a nasi kandar shop anywhere, they will pour all the different types of curry gravy onto your plain white rice. Usually I am not too comfortable with that as the gravy would flood the rice, making it somewhat messy. Here, the boss gave the mixed curry gravy to us in a bowl…

Sri Pelita mixed curry gravy

…and I certainly would prefer it that way! The gravy was very nice and went absolutely well with the rice.

He also let us try his sambal belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Sri Pelita sambal belacan

…and he kept warning us that many of his customers complained that it was way too hot. It was very good too – not hot enough for my missus but just right for me. We found out the type of belacan that he used and we would definitely be buying and using that too – previously, we would not settle for anything less than our own Bintulu belacan but at RM50-60 for a 1-kilo brick of the stuff, it is getting a bit too expensive and is becoming quite a luxury – not something that we can afford, really…considering that we do eat it and use it quite  a lot!

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I love his fried vegetables. They do not look like what we usually find at the Malay stalls – I always say that the Malays don’t know how to cook vegetables unless it is masak lemak or something like that. Their fried vegetables are usually quite a disappointment, I would say. We ordered his fried ladies’ fingers…

Sri Pelita fried ladies' fingers

…and it was as good as it looked. Absolutely perfect!

We also got to try his tempeh

Sri Pelita tempeh mix

…and it was well done. I have had some elsewhere that were over-fried till they were very hard and some has that stale oil smell, probably the result of using oil that had been used over and over again – I found nothing of the sort here, thankfully.

All in all, it was a delightful lunch and we ate to our heart’s content till all the bowls and plates were empty and clean…but THE BEST was yet to come! When I asked for the bill, the boss said that he would like to give me a treat  for the good review I gave in my previous post. Oooooo…thank you so much, kind sir! This is the very first time anyone has treated me to one whole meal – at the other places, most would just round up the figure or give me a little discount on the bill while some may treat me to something special but not the whole meal.

Whatever it is, I always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…and when something is nice, I will say it is nice and when it is not, I will say it isn’t…and perhaps, offer some constructive suggestions as to how it may be improved and so far, I’ve liked everything here except for the egg fried using the metal ring that I had the first time I dropped by this shop. LOL!!! No worries, boss! I would be back soon enough…and I would want to try that white tom yam soup that you kept talking about. See you!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Treat me well…”

  1. the chicken looks really inviting!!! tempeh the protein source…i have stopped eating them now…cos it’s something rare here la 😦

    i have to agree with you that malay’s veggie really no eyes see, unappetizing at all, yellowish and soggy…

    and you faitit go try their tomyam and tell me is that good too? i have always had a thing for spicy AND sour food.

    Oh? Not in Penang? They’re all over the place here even at my Malay kuih stall…but not all can do it well, of course – I’ve had hard, over-fried ones. Ya…most of the time, I would order something masak lemak – the pucuk kelapa sawit or the nangka muda. Wouldn’t bother about their fried cabbage, long beans or cangkuk manis or whatever – don’t even look nice. Sure, sure!!! Will surely go back there soon for the tom yam… Stay tuned!!! 😉

    1. Pucuk kelapa sawit? Wow, I have never heard of that and I’m a true blue kampung girl!!

      Nice. Something like pucuk rebung, minus the aches!

  2. only the deep-fried tandoori chicken attracted me, haha.. cos i don’t really like curry fish and i definitely don’t like ladies fingers (no pun intended).. i once tried the deep-fried tandoori chicken in a mamak, they did it the pop-corn chicken style, so yummy and you can’t stop popping in the pieces of boneless chicken…

    Oh? You don’t like ladies’ fingers? Good for men, they say…and not papaya! LOL!!!

    Deboned chicken? Hey! That would be great. Really tedious trying to wrestle with it when eating out – if at home, ok lah…just use hands, no problem.

  3. I’ll be heading to Sri Pelitas tomorrow! YOSH!
    Then I’ll be at Expressense Cafe for the rest of the day marking PMR Trial Papers.

    You’re in Sibu? Hmmm…problem is it’s Sunday plus a public holiday. Not too sure whether it will be open for business or not…and Ah Jib Kor will be doing his rounds around that kampung, I hear. Good luck!

  4. Love my plate flooded with curry lagi banjir lagi best. Just had nasi kandar the other day but not happy with the price. Paid RM12 for less than half plate of brave rice *nasi beranii* haha & couple of sliced fried sotong + 3 vege. Ask howcome so expensive & answer was coz of the sotong. Each thin slice of not more than 0.5cm in thickness cost RM1.00. The saddest part was I cant remember how many pieces I ate and they took such a long time to come over to kira.

    Hah!!! You like it flooded – they’ve done that to my rice too in Penang and elsewhere but I’m never really used to the clashes of flavours. Never had nasi kandar here before mah, so not too familiar with those “regular practices”. I had a piece of fish and a whole sotong with rice in Penang and that was RM11.00.

    1. You’ve 1 fish + 1 whole sotong where else mine is less than half a sotong if you were to join back the 0.5cm sotong together. I sudah takut-ed to go back to that place for nasi *berani* anymore.

      Ya…I wouldn’t go to nasi kandar places there if I had a choice. Scared. Or I would just point – never utter a word. They say they hear my Malay, they will know I’m not local…so they will sharpen their knives already. 😦

  5. I love my nasi to be banjir too.Shiok habis, eat mata pun steam only.. Lol! This is my kind of food.. all pun I like. My family don’t eat ikan tongkol as my mom say nanti makan perut buncit with lots of cacing ( don’t know true or not ) and we also don’t eat ikan bawal hitam as we used to cook them for our lactating dogs.. good for producing milk ( we breed pedigree dogs). White tomyam nice.. quick go and try ( that is actually the original tomyam).

    Wait lah!!! Cannot lah eat out all the time, me old pensioner…not so much money to throw around, yunno! Must scrimp and save, starve and eat rice with salt at home…then only, can afford to eat out once. Hehehehehehe!!!! Wink! Wink!

    Adoi!!! I never eat tongkol also perut buncit, how leh? Hehehehehe!!!! Bawal hitam now…no less than RM10-20 a kg here, don’t play-play. Same effects on humans or not? Then all mums must eat more… Oh no!!! Sure the price will rocket sky high if word about this gets around. All the mummies will be buying and eating, apa lagi Dragon year – baby boom!!!

  6. The food looks good except that the tandoori chicken is a bit too oily since it’s deep-fried? I like ladies fingers fried this way as well as with a little chilly and kunyit to enhance the taste and aroma.

    So, the boss reads your blog! Great! Food review is tricky but safe if writer does not go overboard in the bad reviews afterall we should all live and let live.

    It was ok, did not feel oily at all…just right…same as KFC and all those lah, maybe even less oily…and tastes a whole lot nicer. I would much sooner go for this than those.

    The thing is if we say nice – it is our point of view…and if we say not nice, it is also our point of view. I have had experiences where I said some things were not nice but people went and ate and loved them so much! So, I would have to qualify that “I” did not like or enjoy it and others would be free to make their own decisions.

    Would be good to give constructive comments too – suggest how something may be improved.

  7. I am also not a fan of ikan tongkol. This fish is used in the curry for nasi dagang which explains why I never liked nasi dagang! But tempeh, that I really love. This is the first time I heard of tandoori fried chicken. And I believe you that it is very good, I can sort of imagine it 🙂

    Me too! I had nasi dagang 1st time at Pearl International, KL. My friends insisted that I tried – special from Trengganu…and so I did. I did not really enjoy it as for the fish curry, they used tongkol. Very hard and rough, the meat and has a strong smell. 😦 Ya…it is nice – I loved it! Sure would go back for some more again some time.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the boss really knows how to show his appreciation eh? He is a good businessman!

    Yes, very nice guy and I’m glad to see that he’s enjoying pretty good business. Lots of people all the time…and we were there around 11, past tea break and too early for lunch break. They say the guy has excellent PR…so customers will keep coming back.

  9. The boss does read your blog too. So kind of him to treat you for a full lunch. All the dishes looks great and gosh, I want the sambal belacan. I am one that doesn’t like my rice to be flooded with curry gravy. Would prefer to be given in a separate bowl. A great lunch and a big big pat to the stomach.

    Yes, we were so very full…right up till dinner. Just ate a bit only that evening. Really was a great lunch, enjoyed it very much!

  10. For a moment there…i was wondering huh indian food? have to read properly baru tau the content

    Last night I had great indian dnner with ELi and the gang. The food was very good there. Next time you are here will bring you there. Cheap also

    Hah!!! Cheap, but not free! Wink! Wink! Hehehehehe!!! Not bad, now Sibu…at least can have North Indian cuisine…and some nasi kandar favourites as well.

  11. Wow..that looks ravishing!! My mom cooked some curry chicken the other day with the curry paste that we brought over..,. seeing your pictures..we should brought over some indian curry paste as well…. yummy!

    Aiyor…no need to bring over. Go to the Asian or continental shops, sure they have one. Maybe even better ones. You’ll be surprised – pay in American dollars, of course…just don’t convert so you will not feel the pinch. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. hehehehe, I had my nasi bryani for lunch today.. I also don’t like my rice flood with curry . Usually I will have it dry, u know me , not really a curry person.

    So nice of the boss! give you a treat on the house.

    Yalor…very kind and generous indeed. And his business is very good already, no need for me to promo… Hope more will drop by to try – not bad really, what he has there. I know…and you’re no fan of belacan either. This is definitely not on your must-visit list, I know.

  13. Nice! I like tempeh (in moderation – not a big fan of soy or its byproducts) and it’s hard to find good ones.

    Used to eat at Kampung Dato too, but never been to this place. Lots of places to go next time I come back.

    Nice review! 🙂

    Ya…hope you will have more free time to get away to enjoy my new “discoveries”. LOL!!!

  14. Yum! All my favorite! Esp the tempeh. I just can’t stop eating them if done right and not soft and soggy.

    Oh? They may be soft and soggy? So far, I’ve come across those that were hard, over-fried.

  15. 1. Agreed with the tandoori chicken deep fried always taste much better than baked ones. Yes it is oily not good for health but once in a blue moon.

    2. I prefer Malay style when it comes to fried vegetables. Becos it never cooks for too long and remain crunchiness.

    3. STP, If I eat at Mamak Stall, usually my plain rice will flooded with all kinds of curry,

    1. Ya…and that applies to everything, in fact. Everything in moderation.

    2. It isn’t so much the cooking…or maybe a bit of that too, the way they cook their veg…it’s the recipe. Many here seem to throw everything in according to their whims & fancies and they do look very much overcooked – those at the stalls and shops here. Perhaps they do it better at your side.

    3. Ahhhh…to each his/her own. 😉

  16. I dislike tempeh! =p
    But the tandoori chicken looks good 😉

    I tried before and did not like it either…but lately I’ve had at a few places very nice ones…so I don;t mind eating that. Not a must-have, just ok with it.

  17. Tell the boss, Tunku Chan is going to his shop on my next trip! Everything looks good! Haha! Oh, by the way, just uploaded my Sibu posting! Have a look…

    Ok…will hop over right away. Yaaaa!!!! All those non-believers who think there is nothing good in Sibu will have to rethink their stand now. 😉

  18. i told u that the boss at sri pelita is a nice guy. i also told u about his white tom yam soup hehehehe i go there for lunch once in a while. the curry is nice, i like the fish curry gravy with my rice…it makes the rice taste better and of course i would have his fried chicken. i agree with u that his vegetables are tasty especially the lady fingers with its cruchy ikan bilis hehehehe hope to meet u there for lunch one of these days…cheers STP!

    I’m not really a fan of tom yam but his is the original white tom yam. Not too sure if I have tried that before – sure would like to drop by and taste his…

    1. by the way…the boss never belanja me makan free hehehehe u r so lucky STP…cheers!

      The perks of being a blogger… I guess they don’t let you sample new stuff at other places either. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  19. Such lovely shots of the tempeh and ladies fingers. Both food which I love and hubby utterly hates. LOL.

    I’m ok with tempeh – health food, they say but I don’t see how anything that is deep fired can be healthy…but I love ladies fingers. Even just boiling a bit and eaten with sambal belacan. Ooooo…so good! They say men must not eat papayas…but must eat ladies’ fingers more. Heard that before? Hehehehehe!!!!

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