Scared away…

Long ago, probably during the early post-colonial days, all the secondary schools were using this “New Guided English” textbooks by D.H. Howe and in one of them, there was a passage entitled, “The Crows of Klang”. Of course, for us in the schools over here, we could not see the significance of that passage and were wondering why on earth anybody would want to read something on those ghastly-looking birds. Only when we had the opportunity to go over to the peninsula did we realise how those birds infested the nation’s capital and the surrounding areas even to this day. For one thing, their appearance isn’t attractive, to say the least…and their loud caws are somewhat eerie. Imagine having one right outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night, cawing away! Eyewwww!!!!!

Here in Sibu, we also have a problem with birds – lots and lots of them, maybe thousands of them…but thankfully, they’re not crows – just swallows or at least, that is what I think they are. They’ve been around for a long time now and if you drive your car out at night, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be given a “souvenir” or two by the time you get home. Β There have been people complaining too that they had it right in top of their heads as they were crossing the road…and if you’re parking your car in town in the daytime, do avoid the trees even though the shade they provide may be somewhat an incentive for you to do so. Should the weather change and the rain comes pouring down, your whole car would be covered with all the bird droppings stuck among the leaves in the tree and washed down by the rain water.

Well, lately, there have been a lot of people who have resorted to hanging cd’s…


…all around their buildings. I have noticed the Rejang Port Authority people doing that and also the HSBC as well…and according to some, those would help scare away the birds.

I have a lot of birds in my garden, among the trees or all over the lawn…and I do not have a problem with them at all. It seems that they’re so used to human company these days that when I walk towards them, they would not bother to fly off…unless I come running and making a lot of noise to frighten them off.

The only problem that I have with them would be the fact that they would love to perch in the shady areas around the house, like under the awnings, for instance. Of course, that is not a big matter but my missus would grumble that she would have to wash away the droppings on the cement ever so often and at times, they would leave stains that would be quite difficult to remove. Besides, there would be droppings on the railings under the awnings as well…and as in the case when you get them on your cars, the waste product is obviously very corrosive and may cause much damage to the paintwork of your vehicle…and likewise, to those metal railings at my house.

Consequently, I’ve resorted to what everybody else seems to be doing – hanging cd’s all around the house…


…in the hope that the movements and the reflections of the sun’s rays that make the whole place look like a discotheque (with the reflections from the disco ball) would help keep those birds at bay.

At this point in time, I would say that it actually does work…or so it seems.

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26 thoughts on “Scared away…”

  1. i hope those are not your karaoke CDs…if the birds can sing..they all come over to your house and sing…free karaoke LOL! anyway, i think it does work. many buildings in town seems to be cleaner and not much bird hanging around those buildings. i hope it can solve our town problems with those birds. Cheers STP!

    Oh no!!! Not my precious karaoke vcd’s!!! Sigh!!! Haven’t gone singing for a long long time now… 😦

    You mean it does work? Or is it because of the drop in the prices of birds’ nests and the problems exporting that so many have abandoned their bird rearing projects? I certainly hope so. At least, the people concerned should have the decency not to do it in the shops right in the centre of town.

  2. My friend who owns 17 acres of land in the Waitakere with fruit trees hangs them too and they work… not visually appealing though.. Lol! Another method she uses is to hang plastic bags all around the fruit trees. The rustling sound and the movement of the bags helps keep them away and more cost efficient. You can let your hair down and use different colored plastic bags if you want. Combining the CDs and the different coloured plastic bags makes for a real discotheque feeling.. hahaha.

    Ya, I saw them handing all those plastic bags outside the windows of the shopblocks when I was in Sarikei once and I guessed that was to scare away the birds. Ya…imagine me…in my John Travolta pose!!! LOL!!!

  3. The hanging CDs look quite decorative. I once witnessed a poor girl getting bird poo on her while she was walking with friends. It was awful, that grey liquid thing just splattered on her out of nowhere. Good thing I don’t have this bird problem, maybe because my garden is too messy. These birds can be a choosy lot πŸ™‚

    Lucky you… Ya, they do look all right if you tie and hang them up nicely. Love the colourful spectrum in the light rays reflected when the sun shines on the cd’s…

  4. Oh, my garden has lots of small brown birds that eat chilli padi. They are real fast. You see the chilli padi now and they are gone the next minute. Get piss of with the droppings and the tedious work to clean. Will try this method. Thanks for the tips.

    That’s why my missus doesn’t bother to plant cili padi – once red, three-quarters of it is gone, eaten by the birds. Good luck! Hope this works for you…

  5. orh no wonder I see some people doing that at their balcony.. it’s the modern scarecrow we can say that?? haha.. initially I thought of this to have something to do with scaring off ghosts and demons, haha.. πŸ˜€

    To do that, you would need a different type of reflector – they call it the “pak kua” or something – hexagonal, I think…

  6. I suppose that the reflections from the CD would blind the eyes of the birds, so that they won’t fly near. An innovative idea by using the basic things we have. Last year, I read about someone in Philippines using mineral water bottle to provide lights – a similar concept which utilize the reflections of lights. People are getting more innovative nowadays.

    Ya…I’ve seen that on TV. They use it in their houses – no electricity, no lights. Seems to work very well…

  7. Hehe later they make even more noise. Disco ma! Dance and sing and fly away! πŸ™‚

    As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Imagine me singing and dancing away… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. The birds would see Angry Birds from the reflection of the CDs that could have scared em off haha. On the brighter side no need to buy fertilizer you get free natural ones hehe.

    Ya…if only they would stick to the trees and the grass – their own territory. 😦

  9. these are smaller birds. there is this type of bird that looks like a swan in Sibu. They are huge in numbers as well. My former construction colleagues captured them and ate them. πŸ˜›

    Oh no!!! Those beautiful white egrets? Now that you mention it, I do not seem to see them around anymore. We never had those when we were growing up – dunno where they migrated from. Maybe they’ve moved elsewhere now – out of danger!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  10. It works ka? Saw some people putting CD in their car. Hanging at the mirror there. Not sure what purpose. Couldnt be for the birds gua?????

    Dunno. Maybe they like the colourful reflection of the sun’s rays…like disco ball?

  11. I hate bird’s droppings! @_@ I oways got it on my car..but never strike TOTO..
    Is ur house near to any swallows breeding?
    CD hanging works as deco and keeping away from birds..hope this can last long. Afraid later when the birds got used to it edi…treat the CD as mirror pulak… =p

    LOL!!! My garden, not really swallows – only at the town centre. My place, all kinds – pigeons, terkukors, pipits…. If the novelty wears off, I can always take them down and throw away. No harm trying…

  12. Wow, a pretty neat idea! Speaking of crows, I remember one time when my friend and I were going about to go off from our place to a karaoke session. Coincidentally, the garbage truck just went off after collecting dunno how many days’ old garbage in our area. My friend gestured toward the rubbish dump as I got on the bike. OMG, it was like a scene from a thriller or horror movie, dozens of black crows gathered at the rubbish dump spot!!

    Eyewwwwww!!!! They give me the creeps everytime I see them when in KL, so big, black and eerie! Scavengers, all of them.

  13. Oh yes, i saw this during my last trip back to Sibu. I was curious too, but i didn’t ask my mum, till one day i saw everywhere also got this CD thing, and some not only a few in a string, it’s quite a long one. I ask my mum is that a new fashion in SIbu? hahahhahahah even houses also got. Then it happen it come out in the newspaper the next day, saying it is a way to “chase” the birds away, the CD shining thing will scare them off. Interesting!

    I’ve only seen a few houses hanging – mostly the big buildings and shops in the town.

  14. it will be one day when the birds get smarter and ignore the CDs… hehehe πŸ˜‰

    I wouldnt mind stringing up cds as it will be a pretty sight of rainbow colors reflected!

    When the sun comes out shining, it is really like you’re on the floor in a disco, I tell you – flashes of lights swinging here and there, all the colours of the rainbow. Quite a sight!

  15. I’ve seen ppl hanging plastic bags on their grilles also to get rid of the birds…. I have to say CD looks a bit nicer lah! Haha.

    Definitely. The plastic bags actually look quite awful…

  16. my Papa actually chopped off many fruits trees at my little garden cos all those fruits were eaten by birds.. hmm.. should’ve use this if I’ve known earlier.

    I got rid of my quinee trees because they were infested by bees, millions of them, no problem with the birds then.

  17. I hope those are some great CDs you’ve put up…the birds perched on the bendy tree branches can then do some swaying toβ€¦β€œwhen marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me sway..” hahahaa! πŸ™‚

    Can’t remember what’s on those cd’s… Yellow bird, I’m like a bird, Fly Robin fly, Flying without wings… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Been a long time since I heard “Fly Robin Fly….up, up to the sky”!! You’re a real music guru πŸ˜‰

      From your disco days, eh? Dance, little lady, dance… πŸ˜‰

  18. you try to sit there and catch some bird dropping..
    then quickly buy 4D .. sure strike 1st prize.. kakakaka
    hey it really works.. last time my company engage a 3rd party warehouse.. there were a lot birds..
    those birds dropping really affect the quality of my parts..
    then they hang these cd and scare away the birds….

    So it really works, eh? Ummmmm….how did the bird droppings affect the quality of your parts? What parts? Where? Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. I guess I’m one of those who loved it whenever they dropped by my old place for a siesta. Thank God my dog didn’t really bother about their presence. I know the big fellow would’ve scared them off.

    But it’s another story for the cars…

    …and all over the cement as well. Can’t blame my missus for grumbling as she has to clean up their mess – wouldn’t be so bad if they just stay in the trees and on the lawn. 😦

  20. Wow, that really works? COOL! And it’s decorative too…at least more pleasing to the eyes than plastic bags πŸ™‚ And where did you get so many old CDs?

    I’ve lots…and anyway, they’re not expensive. Can always go and buy new blank ones, not branded, not so good ones…

  21. Hey, how come I missed this entry?! If I read about it earlier…. I must say the idea of putting CD does help to reduce the incoming birds. Not all, but at least I saw significant change (for better).

    I suppose you never visited my blog at that time, newbie around here…and you don’t know what you’ve missed. It works at my house. They are still around in the garden…and in the neighbours’ compounds but they do not come near ours…so no hanging around the awnings and other places and leaving their messy shit all over.

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