This is good…

This is good?…

PICNIC instant beef noodles 1

That was what crept through my mind when my missus bought it the other day and brought it home. I guess this is a new brand, one that I’ve never heard of before, and I wonder why they chose that name instead of some more alluringly suggestive ones like “Delicious” or “Tasty” perhaps.

In the past, I have had some very nice pork-flavoured instant noodles from Taiwan but they do not seem to be available anymore these days and duck as well but I’ve yet to come across any beef ones that I like. Well, as they say, there’s Β no harm trying, so I took a packet and cooked it to give it Β a try…

PICNIC instant beef noodles 2

Hmmmm…not bad, not bad at all. I found that it tasted pretty good except that I could not detect any beef taste in it. There seemed to be a hint of salted/preserved vegetables, something that I know they add to the broth, among other things as well, at those beef noodle stalls to complement the flavour.

I had some leftover luncheon meat

PICNIC beef noodles with luncheon meat 1

…so I had the noodles with that…

PICNIC beef noodles with luncheon meat 2

All in all, I would say it was all right – not something that one would rush back to the stores to get some more and for one thing, at RM4.50 for a pack of 5, I think I would just stick to my regular cheaper brands which I would say would be just as good, if not better.

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31 thoughts on “This is good…”

  1. it is not easy to find pork or duck flavoured instant noodles nowadays. ta kiong used to be the place to look for it but now no more. maybe if i found a place that sells it i will inform u. the luncheon meat looks good with the noodles. i always add bacon or ham. once in a while i add luncheon meat also to my instant noodles. see u soon STP, Cheers!

    Ya…I used to buy at Ta Kiong too…but they do not have a good variety of instant noodles anymore. Not much there these days. I guess they’re concentrating on other stuff that sells much better than the noodles. See u around…

  2. I eat more bread than instant noodles when I’m running low on funds but I just bought a variety of different instant noodles on sale. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never seen this brand though, and I like how you always customize your noodles, the best I usually go for is an egg. Unless I make it a project and put heaps of stuff inside. πŸ˜€

    I saw one today, with real beef packets, at one of those RM 5 for everything shops. Japanese brand, forgot to get it. 😑

    It looks nice with all the garnishes and additional stuff!

    Japanese eh? Must check out 100 Yen shop, maybe they have it. Yet to come across really good beef-flavoured ones. Ya…I would add at least an egg…or anything else that I can lay my hands on on. Otherwise, it is just carbs – no protein, no roughage. I certainly would prefer a more balanced diet. Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. I think I still love the Korean instant noodles eaten with kimchi. It’s just so good. I love Maggie Mee too but then it’s not cheap here. But I think all instant noodles are not too good for health. Once in a while is ok but not too often.

    Yup, not much nutritional value – just carbs, artificial flavouring and preservatives. Once in a while should be fine – when there’s nothing in the house to cook and eat. I would never buy Maggi – the texture of the noodles is all wrong and the flavours don’t taste good either…and it is the MOST expensive of all the locally-manufactured instant noodles.

  4. Great comparison. Why pay more if the quality is no better.

    Precisely. I would usually go for SEDAP – cheapest and pretty nice too. There are some even cheaper ones with all kinds of weird brand names but those aren’t worth the calories… 😦

  5. Haven’t seen this brand before. I tried a few but I think the best is still Maggi. But I haven’t had that for quite some time. My better half has banned it as he says it is bad for my health.

    Eyewwwww… like Maggi? Ya, not healthy, definitely shouldn’t take often. Once in a while, should be fine…

  6. Picnic. So this is a Taiwan brand? You use the seasoning, not very healthy oh. Was the Mee springy enough? Hey I love luncheon meat! Bak kua, lap cheong or any of those lovely daging will do just as well. Nom

    Nope, made in Thailand… The noodles were ok, good…just the taste, not really great. You mean, you use the noodles and throw away the seasoning. Good grief! That’s so wasteful. Might as well buy those packets of egg noodles, much cheaper…but you will have to come out with your own ingredients.

    1. well, the mrs sometimes buy those in bulk, only the noodles, and she cooks using her own spices and sauces. hehe, i feel lucky. If left to myself, I usually just walk out and eat some really unhealthy food.. ><

      Ya, those egg noodles would definitely be cheaper…but they come in big packs and I would tend to eat a lot and more often than usual to finish them off. Can’t stand seeing an unfinished already opened pack sitting there for too long. 😦

  7. Haven’t seen this brand before too. I love instant noodles when I’m too lazy to go out to buy lunch on weekends. Instant noodles and luncheon meat is a very nice combination. Yummy!

    I never saw it before either. Probably new on the market. I may cook instant noodles sometimes if there is nothing else for breakfast, not otherwise…

  8. oooh, have not seen this brand before, but that two slices of pork on the packaging will sure urge me to try it, haha!!!

    Never judge the noodles by its packaging…and I think that’s supposed to be beef! LOL!!!

  9. and I also LOVE those luncheon meat!!! seems like they are not just luncheon meat but you fried them with eggs and some onions?? wow, luxury instant noodles.. :p

    Leftover from dinner that day lah! Mustn’t waste so just heat it up and eat with the noodles… πŸ˜‰

  10. the noodles is not good until you put the luncheon meat inside..
    itu sudah jadi BAGUS…
    saya suka…

    Yup…all instant noodles would taste great if you add extra ingredients. A prawn or two in it or some fish balls plus an egg would bring that taste to a whole new level.

  11. Taiwanese beef noodles with Singaporean luncheon meat. what a combo! πŸ™‚

    These are Thailand-made instant noodles. That certainly makes it some kind of ASEAN fusion, isn’t it? LOL!!!

  12. I don’t think we have duck flavored instant noodles here. I love the spicy instant noodles!

    We still have duck ones here but I don’t buy as my missus doesn’t eat duck. The pork ones, I do not see anymore around here… 😦

  13. Never saw this brand before……I love instant noodle from Indonesia “INDOMEE”, they come with lots of flavor.and even has JUMBO pack.

    IndomIe… The mee goreng is the best but it is more expensive than other brands. SEDAP is also Indon and it is very cheap – their special promotional offers. I will buy that instead.

  14. A new brand, eh? Prefer Mee Daddy either chicken or curry. With extra ingredient added, sure it gives more ummpphhhhh!!!!…. Yummy!!!!!….

    Yup, and Mee Daddy is cheaper also…but not as cheap as Sedap though. I go for the cheapest, then kay liao myself. In the end, will taste great too.

  15. lately i am into korea brand instant noodle! or udon! i limit myself to 1-2 packets per month! so can indulge in those expensive one hehe

    Yes, VERY expensive…and not that great either. Nice, no doubt but not that nice as to get me running back to the shops to get more. I bought once to try and that was it – cannot afford to buy anymore, thank you.

  16. Arthur!!!! Give me that bowl. Looks so delicious…

    Looks only… Ah well, with the luncheon meat, it was good. Without it, just plain like that…I’m not sure if I would want to eat it again. 😦

  17. Ohh…have not seen this brand yet.
    You know what…I often drool looking at instant noodles! πŸ˜€

    My! My! You sure are easy to please, aren’t you? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Picnic? Cute name for an instant noodles.

    I love instant noodles too but not good to have it too often, haih, all not good to health food are yummy, what to do. hahahhahah

    This is thai brand? Next time you must try the one Mama brand of Tom Yam instant noodles, also a thai brand, the packaging is silver in colour, very nice, yummy! I like it.

    Maybe i should go to that ShopRite to check out, they have some “unique” instant noodles there.

    Ya, somebody mentioned that brand earlier. I may have seen it here before. Will look out for it and give it a try if I can get hold of any. Ya, not too often – I will only eat these when there’s nothing in the house for breakfast…

  19. oh I love packet taiwanese beef noodle, during my last trip, my friend brought back 2 cartons! πŸ˜€
    wah you really enjoy instant food eh.. and your favourite spam again. i haven’t had both in years πŸ™‚

    These Thai ones aren’t great. Maybe I should look out for the Taiwan ones and see if they’re any better. Hahhh!!! Into healthy eating, are you? Not me, anything goes! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Hmmmm….that’s a cute packaging with a squirrel. Only beef flavor?

    Dunno. My missus bought. Me so kwai…stay at home all the time, have not been to the shops for ages. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  21. Where can beat Mee Daddy’s taste? Mee Daddy is one of the most flavorful instant noodles around. However, some of the Thai brands not bad too.

    I’m quite faithful to my favoured brands – my missus is more adventurous, not so boring…so if you see any strange ones in the house, she bought those. Not me.

  22. Maggi, laksa flavour. Nice. Very nice πŸ˜‰

    No Maggi for me, don’t like the texture of the noodles…and they’re expensive.

  23. Where the instant noodle made from? China? If from China, not taste very good. I only eat two types of instant noodles. One is Indo Mee Goreng and the other type is Korean instant noodle. Recently i discover another kind of instant noodle which is made by potatos. Taste very very good.

    This one? Thailand… Got China ones kah?

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