I said it before…

I had a post on these chicken pies (currently RM3.00 each)…

Aroma chicken pies

…before and more recently, on the new variety – the ones with the cheese curry chicken filling.

I bought a few for my friend, Mandy, when I hopped over to KL and she said that she heated up one for dinner and it was so good that she heated another one up and had it for supper. I also bought a few for my ex-student, Xavier, the other day and soon after, I received a text message from him saying that he was “chastised” by his parents for not asking me where I had bought them for they loved them so much and would want to head back there to grab some more. I also bought some for my cousin who was here from KK not very long ago but he said that he would prefer the original chicken pies. Well, he did not try them the very same day, perhaps a day or two later…so I wouldn’t know if that had affected the taste or not.

Anyway, I went back to the bakery a couple of times to get some for myself but it was closed for the holidays and when it reopened, the boss said that they had used up all the filling prior to their holiday break and had not got down to cooking some more yet. In the end, I had no choice but to buy these curry puffs (90 sen each)…

Aroma curry puffs 1

…instead which I would say aren’t too bad though I would not insist that they’re the best that I’ve had. I had a post on them before and I must say that I still have not changed my mind about how I feel about them.

They’re not made by the bakery people themselves actually – I understand that somebody makes them at home and leaves them at the shop for sale. As you can see from the photograph, whoever makes them is obviously not very good with his or her hands and the curry puffs do not look all that great as far as the shape is concerned. They taste o.k. – nice curry filling except that it’s all potatoes…

Aroma curry puffs 2

I can’t seem to detect the presence of any meat, be it chicken or beef, at all and the price has gone up by 10 sen – from 80 sen to 90 sen now.

I like the fact, however, that they are baked, not fried but I don’t think any butter is used in the making of the pastry…

Aroma curry puffs 3

…as there is the absence of the fragrance that one would get when eating the bakery’s own chicken pies but they’re definitely a whole lot better than the curry puffs from other bakeries that I’ve had the displeasure of trying before.

All things considered, personally, I would rather pay a bit more for those lovely chicken pies and derive a whole lot more satisfaction from eating them than to pay much less for these…but of course, some people may beg to differ. Well, it is, after all, a free country and it is up to one to do as one pleases…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “I said it before…”

  1. the curry puff looks so tempting and to die for!! i don’t care what’s inside but then most curry puffs won’t give you much (or any) meat but loads of potatoes only lah, that’s why i never expect that at all unless it’s those sold in cafes that charge me a whopping RM5.90.. it’s still less than RM1 and i think it’s still considered cheap, i mean if in KL, haha..

    Cheap kah? Ok lah…still think it could be better, maybe sell at RM1.20 or RM1.50 like that. Wah!!! RM5.90!!!! KL standard lah tu! The curry chicken pies RM3.00 only, already a lot of meat. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. at 90-sen each is ok lah, I can see a piece of chicken in the curry puff from the photo wat, hehehe.. the RM5.90 is just an example lahbut no joke, things are so overpriced in KL!!!

      All you people in KL & the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya so rich mah! Holiday, long weekend sure to zoom off somewhere – Thailand, Bali, HongKong (See!!! Go there, sing praises of the food – now tomboy foodie from there said Malaysian food sucks big time!!! Video all over Facebook! Padan muka!!!) , Taiwan, Korea…. Poor us here, want to fly to Kuching also have to think a thousand times… LOL!!! 😀

  2. this looks delicious! i am craving one now!

    Sigh!!! I guess you can’t get these, the curry ones, where you are unless you make your own but hey! Those meat pies, beef or chicken, are pretty good. We have frozen imported beef pies – not bad but they’re very expensive.

    Your first time here, I see. A warm welcome and do drop by again. Will link you in my blogroll. Ahhhhh!!!! I see that you cooked omelette too – like what I had in yesterday’s post…with lobster eggs some more. Oooooooo…classy, can’t get those here and if we can, it would certainly cost a bomb. 😉

  3. These chicken pies look very neat and pretty. They look very tempting. Now I want to try and make too 😀 The curry puffs actually look good. But then, of course looks can be deceiving, right?

    The puffs are good, the curry potato filling not too bad…and the pastry too but it lacks the butter fragrance of the one they use for the pies…or my own shortcrust pastry. The saving grave is they’re cheap – 90 sen only. Those at the other bakeries in town cost much more and they’re not even nice…in any way. 😦

  4. 90 sen not cheap lar if the filling only potatoes… but the curry puff is so darn tembam..lol! Does it taste better than fried curry puffs from Bandong?

    The filling tastes better…and there’s more inside plus it’s baked – the Bandong ones are fried.

    1. Ikea’s curry puffs pretty big with egg inside and pretty cheap. Taste wise, not bad but I prefer curry puffs made by makciks in the kampung especially if it’s made from sweet potatoes.Simon say, “3 for a dollar is best”.. Lol!

      The best curry puff with egg inside that I’ve tried would be the one at Sg Petani: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/wuthering-heights/ RM1.40 only in 2009, dunno now…but they were fried!

      The best curry puffs, in my opinion so far, would be the Kai Joo Lane ones in Kuching – fragrant shortcrust plus baked…and lots of meat in the filling. Dunno how much they cost now – I wonder if Irene Tan knows.

      Their “meat pastry” (sio pao) is also my favourite. Ummmm…anybody in Kuching heading this way? Long weekend this coming weekend… Come! Come! LOL!!! 😀

      P.S. They were 3 for a ringgit, my dear… 40 cents, NZ only for 3!!! Less than 15 cents each. LOL!!! 😉

  5. It will be more healthy to bake rather than fry..
    there is a shop in PJ selling curry puff .. they put egg inside..
    very nice…

    Big one, fried…if I’m not mistaken. Saw it on Asian Food Channel…

  6. I love to eat curry puffs…if you go to Spore, drop by Old Chang Kee, they are selling very tasty curry puff……

    Ya, I’ve heard of Old Chang Kee…but I don’t go to Singapore anymore – too expensive, cannot afford. All that money would be much better spent elsewhere.

  7. wuah…i like chicken pies! now i miss home very much…if my dad knows he would buy a dozen straight without any hesitation!

    This place – he simply MUST go and MUST buy!!! Everyone who heard from me went and praised the pies to the skies. My cousin from Bintulu (the one who gave me the yee mee) would buy a lot to take back everytime she comes to town…..and somebody’s mum enjoyed so much, bought a lot and ate and ate and ate till she ended up with sore throat! LOL!!!! 😀

  8. I like a curry puff with flaky pastry, meat, potatoes and the boiled eggs! Not many places does a nice curry puff nowadays, how sad…

    Couldn’t agree more. All those at the bakeries here – look so nice, expensive but not worth the money at all…right down to the filling – not nice at all! Real disappointing. I prefer shortcrust to flaky puff pastry though…

  9. The chicken pies look very nice… yet to try.. see got chance or not.. *hint*…
    Next time if you go 1Utama or Singapore, do try out the Old Changkee… their curry puffs are really something!

    Oh? 1Utama also got kah? Hmmm….been to KL so many times, NOBODY has taken me to IUtama….nor IKEA!!! Hint! Hint! LOL!!! 😀

  10. Look like Kuching sio pau and curry pau! :p

    Nowhere near the Kai Joo Lane ones in Kuching, far from it… Anyone coming to Sibu this coming long weekend? Hint! Hint! 😉

  11. Not a fan of pie though but don’t mind have it once in a while. As for curry puffs I love it. The cheapest I can get is from Ikea. LOL!!

    Hmmm…don’t talk to me about IKEA anymore. Even their famous meatballs, I ‘ve never got to try… 😦

  12. Aiyor, the curry puffs, odd shape. 90 sen each, don’t expect too much. Yes, Kai Joo Lane curry puffs & sio pau, best lah.

    Wink! Wink! I am waiting… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  13. wah… I definitely like those kind of chicken pies… price is very reasonable for what I can see inside the pie! Over here, it’s definitely more overpriced and all you get most of the time is a skimpy filling….

    I tend to make my own with extra fillings… I’m that greedy.. .. hehehe.. and yes, I think I ll steal the idea of adding chicken floss the next round… ;D

    I do make my own too…but lazy lah! Easier to go to the shop and buy. Not worth the trouble unless the ones at the shop not nice or too pricey.

  14. Ya, I remember that curry puff in your other post. Looks like a lot of filling but sadly, as you say, not enough meat. I hate it when they do that. Don’t call it chicken/meat curry puff then, perhaps call it “Potato curry puffs with chicken bits” or something, then I won’t feel so cheated.

    Precisely!!! I couldn’t agree more. At least the Malays at the kampong stall are more honest – they will tell you potato or sweet potato curry puffs.

  15. I think they look ok but most important the taste is good 🙂 never judge a book by its cover :p next time you come Ipoh bring them 🙂

    Oh no, not the puffs, not worth the trouble!!! But I certainly will bring the pies…seeing that Mandy loved the few I brought for her when I went over to KL that day.

  16. I wish I could taste the fantastic chicken pie. So far, I haven’t tasted one yet that has made me say that it is the best.

    I had! One that my friend made – had that once at a dinner at her house and it was really good…and these! Much nicer than those expensive frozen meat pies from Oz or NZ.

  17. I love curry puff. One of the best I have before is from Ikea. It was less oily and even have an egg inside as a bonus. And it’s cheap too.

    How cheap is cheap? Humph!!!! I only know about their meatballs…and now I feature our lousy curry puffs, everyone comes in, praising their curry puffs to the skies! How come nobody ever told me about their curry puffs, never bought me any to try? Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. If I remember correctly, its RM1 per pcs, and if you buy 1/2 dozen of them, you will get it at RM5.5. Normally, we will buy 1/z dozen and munch away during shopping. Not sure whether the price change as it has been more than a year since I was there. Haha, maybe during your next trip to KL, you can hop over to Ikea for a try. Their meatballs are yummy, my wife miss them a lot 🙂

      I usually stay KL, Bukit Bintang side…so going to IKEA or 1U can be a problem – so far away…and no kind soul to take me all the way there, what to do? My life is so pitiful…I think I just go to the corner and cry now…. Mwahuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!! LOL!!!

      1. LOL, so funny. I bet there are a lot of kind KL bloggers can fetch you there. If there are still no one, call me, but you have to arrange to come over in a weekend or public holiday, then I can drive over to KL and take you there. Now stop crying and get some sleep. LOL

        Oooo…so very nice of you. But Ipoh to KL, so far lah… Hmmm…I do hope to go to Ipoh some day – you can take me around then. 😉

  18. Seems like you really miss those chicken pies. 😛 The curry puff was not able to replace it.

    No way… Hope they will start making again and then I can buy a few to enjoy. 🙂

  19. It is getting rare to have chicken curry puffs/pies filled with good portion of meat in it. Now, it is either the pastry is thick or it is filled with potatoes and/or vegetables (peas, corns and carrots). I don’t really like to get curry puffs from outside because most of them tend to sweeten their fillings with sugar.

    That’s why I love the pies – expensive, yes…but lots of meat, mostly meat…and the curry variety has cheese some more – gives it an extra kick, really love it a lot.

  20. curry puff! Sometime i just prefer it filled with potatoes. Those small curry puff, nice for afternoon tea. 🙂

    I’m a meat person… Hehehehe!!! 😉

  21. This has to be in my to-do list when I get back! It totally slipped my mind when I was there in Dec-Jan. More reason for me to gain weight there then I can lose it while I’m here 😉

    No worries!!! I will make it a point to remember to get these for you when you’re home for the holidays… 😦

  22. Bye bye Miss Sibuchicken Pie, puff puff will be just fine… Almost wanted to try curry puff half an hour ago but ended up eating ayam penyet instead.

    Ahhhh!!! Ayam penyet is good. Haven’t had that for a while. Hmmm…now you’re triggered the craving in me… Have to go and eat that sometime. LOL!!! 😀

  23. The Sungei Petani curry puffs look nicer – the filling seems moist, and I prefer the flaky pastry. Your pies are miles ahead la, got deco on top 😉

    Of course, of course!!! *takes a bow* But that would mean…W-O-R-K, work!!!! My missus is not into making pies, unfortunately, so unless I do it myself, there would not be any to eat. The easier option would be to buy from the shops – not as nice but good too – these, in particular.The SP ones were VERY nice, so delicious…but unfortunately, fried…and a bit too oily for my liking. 😦

  24. With everything you said, you are making me craving for the chicken pie. Ethan wants chicken pie after he saw it on TV but never got the chance to try it because I never got the chance to buy one. Hmm.. must make effort to buy one for him 😀

    Ahhhhh!!! Must remember this when I go to KL again. Hey! I’ve met almost everybody…except you. Sigh!!! Celebrity, always too busy…not easy to get a chance to meet. 😦

  25. so yummy!!!! Have not been eating any good chicken pie for so long already. I remember the last time I had a good one was from my school canteen.

    Your school canteen had good chicken pies? Gee whiz! Don’t expect anything nice from the ones here and definitely not chicken pies – even the ones at the bakeries are not nice…except this one.

  26. Uhmm have you been living in my brain!? I have been DYING to have that.

    Great minds think alike.. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  27. Those chicken pies certainly look good! Should have taken a pic of the pies inside 🙂
    But can’t say the same of those curry puffs. I prefer the traditional looking ones with lots of filings, of course 🙂

    You’ll have to click the links to look at my earlier posts on those pies.

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