If I ain’t got you…

After seeing this post in her blog, I knew I just had to go back there again for I certainly would not rest if I ain’t got what she had to enjoy at that restaurant. This, in my point of view is the best in town and I’ve always enjoyed the dinners here like this one, for instance, or what we had here as well…and that was in December Β last year.Β Thus, when Nicholas was in town, home for the holidays from Cambridge, England, I took him and my ex-student, Xavier, there for lunch.

Now, this is something new…

Sheraton 1

Don’t ask me what that is all about for I really do not know. I think it has something to do with healthy living and cleanliness for the crockery was all sterilised or disinfected and packed like this…

Sheraton 2

It seemed that the company concerned supplied all of that…

Sheraton 3

…seeing that everything had their name and logo and not those of the restaurant.

We were served these braised peanuts (RM2.50)…

Braised peanuts

…while we were waiting for the food and needless to say, I ordered their renowned fish head curry (RM45.00)…

Fish head curry 1

…which was as good as ever…

Fish head curry 2

and everybody loved it so much.

The fish was smooth and soft – simply perfect, I must say…

Fish head curry 3

…and normally, this is served with Bario rice.

However, I simply had to order their own-made bread (RM7.00)…

Sheraton bread 1

…to eat with the curry gravy, knowing that they would go superbly well together…

Sheraton bread 2

True enough, despite having had their fair share of the staple in the UK, both Nicholas and Xavier thought the bread was awesome and loved it a great deal.

For dessert, I ordered the giant ice kacang (RM15.00)…

Sheraton ice kacang

Actually, it would have been ideal if there had been 5 or more of us instead of only 3, and the lady who took our orders kept discouraging us from ordering too much. Nonetheless, it did not matter one bit for we did manage to finish what we ordered, more or less, and more importantly, I got to get what I wanted! Hehehehehe!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “If I ain’t got you…”

  1. bring me there! ice kacang looks challenging enuf…

    The ice kacang, so-so only lah… I’m not really into that – more an angtao-cendol person…but that curry fish head! It was not in your itinerary as I thought you people would have much nicer ones over there…but now that I’ve tried, this one is definitely on the must-eat-when-in-Sibu list! Best in the world!

  2. now i realized your blog title is actually song title (after you have mentioned it).. hahahaha!! but that would make it so difficult for you to think of one.. fuyoh!! salute salute~~

    The difficulty is trying to weave it into the text of the blogpost to make it relevant. πŸ˜‰

  3. what is meant by the “memonized”?? and those crockery, they look so CHINA and i thought only those so-called “high class” restaurants in china has that.. so now it’s in Sibu?? wakakaka…

    I already said in the post – don’t ask me, I don’t know… First time seeing it, never been to China…but if the word had started with a “d”, then I would know as that would describe people like you… Hantu! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. hey, that giant ice kacang is actually.. errr.. very SCARY to me.. look at all those colorings!! OMG, i thought they are into healthy lifestyle and eating?? tsk tsk tsk, no, that ice kacang is not for me~~

    I never like ice kacang…and this one, I would say is more a novelty than anything else. The red beans were not well-cooked – they were hard! I want my red beans to be soft and mushy. Didn’t think it was anything great and not something I would want to order again. 😦

  5. bread dip into that curry… oh wow! i love that… and the end with ice kacang, RM 15 expensive la… but sure looks good.

    Never judge by appearance. Not all things that look good taste great…and on the other hand, things that look horrible may taste like heaven. πŸ˜‰

  6. you need someone to help you finish the food? dont hesitate to call me next time muahahahahaha i am always available when it comes to good food. I like the fish head curry but i dont think i had it with the bread before. I should order that next time. Cheers STP!

    Unfortunately…or should I say, fortunately, we did not have a problem finishing it all up! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. wow that ice kacang is humongous!

    They’ve had this for some years now…but it was the first time I tried…and I would not say it got my jumping up and down with delight, not at all… 😦

  8. My gosh….this post of yours will give me insomnia! I simply love that fish curry…..mmm. The colour explains it all. And that bread….expensive huh. And the ice kacang looks huge….my gosh. They should make another one at the side and call it twin tower ice kacang…haha

    You’ve had it before? Those who have tasted it, never mind from where, will surely second the motion that it simply is the best. Rumour had it that it was the lady boss’ secret recipe – she’s from Indonesia or something…and she would prepare the ingredients herself for the cooks to cook so the employees would not know exactly what she had in it and would not be able to cook it exactly the same when they moved elsewhere, e.g. the one at Paramount – not bad, almost like it…but still not quite there.

    Hah!!! You’re very imaginative and creative. Twin towers indeed… πŸ˜€

  9. Memonizers, first time I’ve heard this, must be an offshoot of purifiers. I thought that the restaurant was advertising ‘first memorized restaurant’, ha,ha,ha.

    Hahahahaha!!!! That was what crossed my mind too…and the next word that came to mind was “demonized”. Eyewwww!!!!!

  10. towards me owes say u r poor but ownself eat like king….stingy lah u….haha

    Let me see…how many 1 sen coins I’ve collected in my old cigarette tin, enough to treat you or not. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. When I come visit you with my mum, you must bring her there. She LOVES ice kacang.

    Oh? Then I must start trying all the places in town, make sure I know which one is the best in town to bring her to… πŸ™‚

  12. Grrrr!! That mangkuk and plate last time we went to one steamboat restaurant they gave us those. Tarak tell us. Just put on the table. Then end of the day charge us duno 40 sen or 50 sen a set. They have provide those plastic plate and bowl but they tarak say. When pay that time baru tau. Then see see they paste the signboard on the wall say if use those sterilised or disinfected bowls and plate will have to pay that amount!!!

    Oh? I did not notice any such extra charges on the bill… The waitress opened up the packaging for us and Nicholas commented, “She simply touched here and there – in the end, also not so sterile anymore.” 😦

  13. Do booooookmark this, Arthur… something not to be missed..and so nice of the lady too… at least you know that she is also concern that the food wont go wasted if you ordered too much..

    I know some other places like that too – they will see how many people there are and then discourage you when you are ordering too much…or they may suggest smaller servings instead of the usual.

  14. ceh….kiam siap….haha

    Hehehehehe!!! You pray hard today, burn extra joss sticks, tonight I strike BIG…then I belanja you lah!!!

  15. I love fish head curry… except for the fish head part. I just like the curry. Haha.

    You can opt not to have the fish head. I remember many years ago, there was this famous place in Miri for assam curry fish head (I hear the quality has gone down since – not so nice anymore). We told the guy we wanted fish but not the head and he asked, “You want the body, is it?” Somehow we thought that sounded kind of funny. LOL!!!

  16. Wah look at the giant ice kacang….
    So everyone fight for it huh…
    I like this… Now seems everyone like it BIG huh?

    Ya…as they say, size does matter. The bigger the better… Hehehehehehehe!!!! Not really. I thought I ice kacang was ok, nice enough but nothing to shout about.

  17. First time see crockery packed like this in a restaurant. The curry fish head & bun reminds me of the Seremban chicken curry wrapped in bun. Love at first sight with the giant ice kacang. Yummy!!!…

    I thought that curry in bun thing is Ipoh’s specialty. First time I had that was from Bintulu…and I also had it in Penang. We have that here – not too crazy over it. Can just cook curry and buy bun kosong to eat with it – also the same…and sometimes, they have plastic inside to wrap to curry. Eyewwwwwww!!!!!

  18. What on earth does memonized mean? Sad to see the crockery wrapped in all of that plastic. That dessert at the end looks rather spectacular!

    Like I said in the post, I don’t really know. You can click the link to read the news report about it – more for those health fanatics who would want everything to be clinically clean, I guess…or anybody who’s Hepatitis-phobic. I, for one, believe in the age old Chinese maxim: Dirty eat, dirty fat! Ya, the dessert looks spectacular – if only, the taste measures up to that. 😦

  19. Whah! The ice kacang is humongous! The bread looks very nice, I can never resist good bread. Curry looks good too!

    I can vouch for the curry and the bread. Come, hop over and you can give it a try, first-hand! πŸ˜‰

  20. The curry does look very good. It would be nice if can order just the curry without the fish head but with extra bread.. yums! The ice kacang on the other hand looks a bit scary lar.. Hehehe. What makes it worse is that they added cake sprinkles!

    Cantik mah… The kids would love those. I never really enjoy ice kacang – even the best at places like Penang or wherever. Angtao cendol, that’s more to my taste. If the curry without the fish, how to taste nice leh – like pork bone soup without the pork bones…

  21. my son, now you can rest, after having the demonized fish head curry. ;)))

    Yes, at least until the next time somebody or something triggers my craving for it again… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Very, very interesting! The concept of wrapped utensils and tableware – would love to see how that fares in Sibu.

    I would love to go back for their fish head and especially the home made bread! I didn’t know they do that, at least not in that shape. Too bad it’s white bread, would be good if they go healthy and add stuff inside.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

    Ya, you promised you’d treat me to their curry fish head, remember? Many many years ago…but we ended up eating the one at Paramount instead. Maybe we can go for this one the next time you come back to Sibu? πŸ˜‰

  23. I want the giant ice kacang………..slurppp……………..LOL
    Everything look awesome especially the braised peanuts my favorite. The bread look good to go with the curry. yum yum

    Have a nice day.

    Come on over to Sibu. You can have this and lots more. You will not regret it, I assure you. All those who came loved it here and they all loved the food so much they kept going back for more.

  24. Oh, i love that giant ice kacang, no need to ask where is this place!! hahahhaha…so far i only had it once!! Next round go back must go there for ice kacang!!!

    OK!!! Sure, sure…and the food there is good too. But I heard they’re planning to close down, dunno true or not. They said the towkay not feeling too well or something.

  25. wow this ice kacang is indeed the most colourful I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure it’s very big too. Enough for you? hehe

    Definitely. I don’t really like ice kacang – angtao cendol anytime. So it was just so-so for me but the curry fish head there is really to die for. Very very nice!

  26. I like the BIG presentation.. kekeke… makes the food look impressive when served! Certainly hope it doesn’t close down before I get a chance to visit.

    I certainly hope so too. The best in town- would be a great loss if it does.

  27. Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen such a big and colourful ais kacang! The lady underestimated you guys, huh…..but you boys sapu habis! hehehe

    LOL!!! We managed…somehow! πŸ˜‰

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