Day tripper…

My cousin in Kota Kinabalu flew over in the morning that day as  he had some work to see to in town. The MASwings flight was delayed for an hour and he was duly informed the day before. It was around 10-30 – 11.00 a.m. before I managed to get to see him and he passed me all the stuff that he had so very generously bought and taken the trouble to carry them all the way for me.

There were some dried prawns and ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

Dried prawns & anchovies

…and some fresh prawns too – still frozen in ice…

Frozen prawns

…and no, these were definitely not the Twin Towers…

Singapore-made luncheon meat 1

…but the made-in-Singapore luncheon meat!

Singapore-made luncheon meat 2

I have not tried them yet so I would not know whether they’re better than the Gulong brand that we can buy here or those made-in-Canada Ma Ling ones.

He also brought me the Lonely Planet-accredited and Asian Food Channel-featured ngui chap (beef soup)…

Kah Hiong ngui chap, KK

…from Kah Hiong in Kota Kinabalu. I’ve had this every time I dropped by the city and I must say that there is none, never mind where, that I have had that comes anywhere near it – not even close. The soup, or perhaps I should call it the broth, is so richly thick, so full of beef flavour that just one sip of it will convince you that there can be no other better than this! To me, it is simply the best…but they were telling me that there’s another place in the city that they prefer. Hmmm…I really must hop over there one of these days to try that.

This is the fiery chili dip, made from cili padi, to go with the ngui chap

Kah Hiong ngui chap chili dip

…but do be forewarned that it is extremely hot and after eating that, I could feel the burning in my mouth and I was quite sure that my lips were all swollen up and looking like Angeline Jolie’s. Imagine the suffering I had to endure when I went to the toilet the next day! LOL!!!

Well, his flight back to KK was supposed to depart at 6.15 p.m. that same day and at around 4, he received an sms again from the airline saying that it would leave at 7.30 p.m. instead…and I gathered from him that it finally left Sibu at around 8.00 p.m. and he got home late…at around 10.00 p.m. This is really simply outrageous, don’t you think?

First, the airline has the monopoly around here for flights from Sibu to Bintulu, Miri and Kota Kinabalu…and the airfares are really astronomical! More often than not, it is a lot cheaper to fly to KL and elsewhere instead…and it would not be so bad if the service had been good – regular with minimal delays and cancellations but unfortunately, despite the “new” aircrafts that have replaced the old Fokkers, things do not seem to have changed one teeny-weeny bit.

Is it any wonder at all that most people here would rather catch a bus to Bintulu and Miri…and think many, many times and would not bother to go to Kota Kinabalu unless they absolutely cannot help it? Really, MASwings, no doubt you have been not very flatteringly and somewhat insultingly categorised as being a “rural air service” ,  a reputation that you certainly seem to live up to, but don’t you think it is about time you pull up your socks and get yourselves out of the miserable rut that you seem to be stuck in?

The verdict. Taste, 100% and the fragrance, also 100%. It was so fragrant that the smell filled the whole house the moment the can was opened, what more to say while cooking and it tasted much nicer too – better than the original China-made Ma Ling that I loved so much while growing up…

Singapore-made luncheon meat 3

…HOWEVER, the texture was a bit too soft, unlike the made-in-Canada Ma Ling or Gulong or even SPAM. Perhaps if I try doing what I usually do – dry-frying the cut slices on a non-stick pan to melt away the fat first, it would become harder and more to my liking then. Will try that sometime…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “Day tripper…”

  1. uuuu…. ok lets go KK then… the ngui chap looks yummeh…

    When? When? Can’t wait… Have a look at the Menggatal one –
    I’ve never tried this one. They say it is EVEN nicer…. Drool! Drool!

    And the dim sum here: best lah!!! (But used to be a lot better – I think the quality had gone down – the har kau not so big and not so many prawns inside anymore.)

  2. WOW!! i am in total WOW!! he brings you so MANY things, i guess easily taking up half of his baggage allowance, hahaha!! 8 cans of the luncheon meat, and those prawns, frozen prawns to be exact!! your cousin is amazing~~ 😀

    Yes, indeed, he is! Absolutely amazing! I guess you did not see my old post – that time when he sent me those GIGANTIC (“huge” is an understatement) tiger prawns, the size of my arm:
    He was on a day trip, didn’t bring any luggage…and had somebody with him – 40kg free baggage allowance, no problem at all. He bought 9 kg of cherries, air-flown from the US and wanted to bring over to give me too…but I said no, no, no… So shy lah, and in the end, he did not bring, thank goodness…and he said not really sweet – NZ ones better.

  3. If you couldn’t handle the chili, I have no chance!

    I can…and I love it despite all the after-effects. My missus loves it a lot more – would not throw away what was left over and ate with other things till every bit of it was gone. 😉

  4. Whoa! Your cousin brought so many goodies for you. And they are all good stuff. Ah….luncheon meat. My childhood favorite-my grandma used to dip slices of it in eggs and fry them or chop them up for omelette. I also love beef soup.

    Yes, I am so blessed… All the wonderful relatives and friends who are so very generous to this poor ol’ fella. Real thankful for that. 🙂

  5. I’m a great fan of beef soup and beef noodles. Yum!
    As for the luncheon meat …. haven’t had those for ages ever since some scare about contaminated ones from China a long time ago. I must try that brand out, assuming I can find them here.
    Oh, that chili padi sauce is fantastic! My student’s mum came back with a bottle for me and I loved it! I’m a cili padi person 🙂

    I bought a bottle once, RM10 at that time a few years ago…but somehow, I think the fresh one you get with the beef noodles seems nicer. Ya…anything from China, best avoided…or consume very sparingly. You may be able to get this Singapore-made one ta this place in Bangsar – see my link in my reply to Simple Person’s comment.

  6. Hi, possible to check with your cousin, from where i can get the dried prawn in KK. It’s look so so so ‘fresh’. TQ…fr annie

    In KK? The Filipino Market, lots of that and dried sea food available there. That would be at the Api-Api Centre… Not very cheap though…around RM55 a kg…slightly cheaper than here, RM60.

    P.S. Hey! This is another Annie – not the usual ones around here. Welcome, nonetheless! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your updates and greeting. I am your royal silence follower ^^

      Most welcome. Keep following… 😉

  7. Product of Singapore? How much is it? Must be cheaper than SPAM, most probably… Must tell AA to look out for this. 🙂 The other day AA bought back 4 tins of SPAM.. cost $3.95sg.. not so cheap, right?

    Definitely cheaper than if you buy them here! Try HIGHWAY – Less than SIN$2.50 a tin – they say it is nice. This brand is RM3.30, almost the same price as SPAM. It has many different varieties though:
    Got cheese one some more!

  8. wow! all the delicious food,,, my favourite. especially the luncheon meat. hmm remembered those days with bee hoon.

    Bee hoon? Usually we fry with corned beef… Luncheon meat, sometimes we fry with rice…and that reminds me! I’m supposed to fry corned beef mihun and share in my blog – simply slipped my mind. Must get down to that one of these days…

  9. Hi, sorry didn’t drop by for a long time. How you doin’? I think no need to ask…. you sure look good with all the goodies you received. LOL

    You sure one lucky gentleman, always got free gifts from friends and relatives. Like your twin tower luncheon meat, can make luncheon meat bread too. Fresh prawns and the dried prawns… cooking up a storm in your kitchen soon? Wish I’m your neighbor, we can exchange some cooking stuff. hahaha

    Going to your previous posting to catch up those that I’ve missed.
    Have a nice day ahead.

    Welcome back! Where have you been all this while? Yes, I love luncheon meat sandwiches for breakfast or tea too… Indeed, I am indeed so very lucky with all the kind and generous people left, right and centre always showering me with all kinds of gifts, praise the Lord.

    1. Hi, I was MIA due to busy with my work then on 1 week Hari Raya holiday off from work. So take the opportunity to do spring cleaning in the house throwing unwanted things and redecorate the house. And you know ladies maybe not all .. today throw things next week or so start buying new things again….. I’m one of them…LOL

      Oh ya, the Faithful song in my blog is from Hero Hanura, it’s available in youtube and mixpod.

      Ok, thanks. Was searching for it but did not manage. I love his cover of the song, kind of ethnically unique. Hmmm…don’t tell me about spring cleaning. I was in the mood and started off well…but it never seemed to end. I’ve stopped for some time now…but will start again soon enough – this thing, once you start, it will never seem to end – somehow, there are so many things to clear…and after throwing away a whole lot, there still seems to be so much more. Sigh!!!! 😦

      1. Hi, I found the youtube link for you

        I love this version, his voice very good and unique.
        For mixpod you need to open an account, and store as many songs as your want in your account. Not necessary to put up in blog, whenever you want to listen to any songs just log in to your account click on your favorite to listen.

        Yes, I got it already this morning and shared it with my friends on Facebook, thanks. No, thank you…I find the songs in blogs very distracting – typing comments also, will make a lot of errors in the end. Old man mah…must have peace and quiet to do work. LOL!!!! 😀

  10. wahh RM8.90 luncheon meat! that sounds bit atas unlike china brand..

    When was the last time you bought any, my dear girl? If you buy the Gulong Brand stewed pork or pork ribs, they’re all RM8 something…despite being made in China. Luncheon meat, same brand, should be a bit cheaper – the last time I bought, it was around RM6.00…and the Linkz corned beef that was selling for RM5 before, the last time I saw at the supermarket here, it’s already RM7-8.00. So, RM8.90 is not really atas brand these days – not like SPAM, almost RM15.00 a can here…!!! *faints*

  11. how the taste of the luncheon meat? much more better than Gulong

    Better!!! Better than Ma Ling last time. Gulong – semadi aje makan…semadi sik ada! Not that great. But I don’t quite like the texture of this one – a bit too soft for my liking. Gulong’s harder, nicer texture but kalah if compare taste and fragrance…and it’s not cheap either! Around RM6 now.

  12. Wow, product of Singpore, surely not cheap, eh. Those 8 tins can last you for quite sometime. That plate of luncheon meat looks really nice, my favourite actually. Prefer fry till crispy edges. The broth of the beef soup looks thick.

    Yes, best lah!!! But they say another place better so must see when I can hop over to KK and try. Ya…those tins would last till next year, maybe…so don’t think I can get to try any of the other brands in the meantime. 😦

  13. Singapore got big pig farms,meh? Hmmm..wonder where they get the supplies from. Anyway,I’ve checked your precious post regarding the prawns and my gawd, those are king-kong size!!! I think those are the nenek-moyang of the udangs, man!

    Probably from Johore and beyond…or from Sumatra – lots of them there, all over the streets in the small towns and villages…and nobody eats them there. So safe, a sanctuary indeed! LOL!!! 😀

  14. wah… how did ur friend tapao the beef soup? or did u make that? fooh… looks really good right now coz i havent had lunch. :p. I like my Ma Ling deep fried with crispy edges, taken with baked beans and hot coffee. but if you fry them with egg like that can do also. =)

    He buys the day before and dumps them in the freezer…and he takes them out just before leaving for the airport – one block of ice…and by the time, he arrives and passes it to me and I take it home, it is still one block of ice. Have to heat till it melts…and then bring to boil and serve.

    I do that also sometimes but usually I would put it in a plastic container, a tupperware…so when frozen, it has a nice rectangular shape and I would wrap with plastic…and layers of kitchen towels (in case it melts and leaks – the paper would absorb the liquid…and outside, I would wrap it all with aluminium foil.

    Air Asia flights, you can’t check in – have to carry by hand anything that is frozen. MAS ok…but I’ve heard stories of the luggage-handlers feeling the cold outside, helping themselves to what is in the box – if from Sibu, it is usually expensive frozen prawns, fish…

    1. Good question!I too wonder how did your cousin tapao the beef soup. Can’t carry liquid on board but how to pack in the luggage and check-in?

      See my reply to Coffee Girl. Liquid not allowed only for overseas flights…and NZ lah! Here, anything goes – Foochow red wine also went on board with me to KL. This, no problem…it’s not liquid – it’s one solid ice block. LOL!!! 😀

    2. Oh ho… i was wondering about the possibility of it being frozen. Does it still taste as good after being heated up? I heard the english people use this method many times. ive just always wondered after you thaw it will all the oil float on top? *err…*

      No, no problem at all. It’s not oily originally so no problem of all that oil floating on top. Festivals, we sometimes cook a lot and divide into portions/servings and deep freeze and then heat up and serve bit by bit. Things like curry – if we cook a lot and keep reheating over and over again, in the end, it will not be nice anymore.

  15. i have kah hiong chili sauce too. if you’re cheeky enough, serve it during dinner party 😉 everytime i walked past SPAM i thought of you. 😛 my father is an avid fan of luncheon meat too.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Nice that I’m always on your mind but SPAM!!! Eyewwww!!!! Not very flattering, is it? LOL!!! 😀 Your father? I don’t think he would eat that now – so very slim already. The last time I met him, I could not recognise him at all…and he was staring at me. That got me so scared – he looked like somebody about to beat me up! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. no laaaa 🙂 he’s old, having a bit of memory loss coupled with poor eyesight. he tends to squint his eyes in order to see better rather than putting on his specs! 🙂

      Hahahahaha!!! But he looks good in his present shape and size… 😉

  16. I’ve heard of this ngui chap before ! Boy it sure looks good ! Mm, luncheon meat. Been a while since I’ve had any, living in a hostel now it’s almost impossible to cook any :p Shall live and eat vicariously through the blogs I wander for now *wink

    LOL!!! Nothing that is considered unclean allowed in the hostels, eh? 😉

  17. So sweet of your cousin, bring so so many things for you from KK!!! tsk tsk tsk..especially the twin tower luncheon meat, that is really a lot!! hahahhaha…

    Hmmm..i should go and check this luncheon meat out at shoprite, see whether they sell or not, but i see from the price, not cheap though, RM8.90 for a small can. You are luncheon meat collector, so many ppl give you luncheon meat! LOL

    LOL!!! Yes, at one time, it was SPAM, SPAM, SPAM…and now it is luncheon meat. Hehehehehehe!!!! It’s a big can, not the small ones…but yes, RM8.90 is expensive. Anyway, you buy the China-made stewed pork or pork ribs, also more or less that same price also these days. Nothing comes cheap anymore… 😦

  18. woah, the ngui chap looks good, but the color looks dark, it tastes like bak kut teh or just pure beef broth ? the version we got here in penang is mostly clear version

    It’s pure beef broth. The darkness shows how thick and rich it is – what we have in Sibu is also very clear – more diluted, so not as flavourful even though the taste is similar.

  19. Wow, so many things. 8 cans of luncheon meat. That’s awesome. It was my favorite dish since young! Aw, I hate flight delay especially those informing very late one!

    Thank goodness most of the time when I fly, it is quite uneventful – maybe just a few occasions, that’s all but it’s ok when one is not in a hurry. What’s most important is getting to where one is going safely. Hmmmm…I don’t think your missus will let you eat luncheon meat anymore….in case you end up like me, shape and size-wise. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Haha, I have my way of eating them – having them outside in those economy rice stall without the presence of her. lol

      Naughty! Naughty! Bad, bad boy… Hope she doesn’t read my blog! LOL!!! 😀

  20. What an awesome cousin!.. U know where I can get one? 😉

    Luncheon meat is my Comfort food…hahaha. I like the Yi Long brand in a green tin. I love luncheon meat and spam so much, someone bought me a Spam Calendar!! Guess I didnt realize how much I love luncheon meat till someone had to remind me…

    Would love to know what you did with yr luncheon meat in the last pic… looks really yummy…

    Just fried with sliced Bombay onions and egg. My missus cooked so it’s a bit more oily than how I would do it – when I cook, I would like to cut down on the oil used so these days, I would not add any oil at all when cooking. In this one, I did add a bit to saute the onions:

  21. I love luncheon meat, always have it with white porrige instead of rice.

    Yes, it is great with porridge too…or even on its own. My mum used to get fuming mad come dinner time when she found out that there was not much left even though there was definitely enough left over from lunch. LOL!!! 😀

  22. You’ve got an awesome cousin, most certainly! Will be in KK next week to eat that Kah Hiong beef noodles, i tell you, you can smell it from outside the shop! Haha! Then Sibu the following week to try Sibu’s food for the 1st time. By the way, I don’t know your FB id, could you please ‘friend’ me in FB at ? Thanks!

    Yes, I had that experience. The moment you step out of the car in the park lot, not very near really, you can smell it already. Awesome! Ok, see you in FB… 🙂

    P.S.: I can’t seem to find the ADD FRIEND icon on your Facebook page. Probably has something to do with your security setting. 😦

  23. LOL, you where got look like old man? I saw your picture in Quay Po’s blog, you still look young ley… You’re only consider old when you need people to take care of your daily needs. Stay young at heart is important.

    Yes, yes…forever young!!! LOL!!! 😀

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