Something new…

I went to this place again for breakfast the other day with ah^kam_koko’ when he was in town for the weekend.

He said he loved these maqiu


…or sesame-coated glutinous rice balls with filling so I ordered some. I’ve had these elsewhere but I’ve never tried the ones here so in fact, this would be something relatively new to me.

They had peanut filling inside…

Maqiu 2

…and on the whole, I thought they were all right – not bad at all.

I remember having these century-egg dumplings before…

Century egg dumplings

…and I thought they were quite nice so I ordered those for him to try. They were pretty good and for one thing, the wedge of century egg in them made them a little bit different from the rest.

Somebody told me that the green-coloured meat dumplings…

Green dumplings

…were good but all this while, I had never ordered any to try as I would get put off by the colour.

It tasted o.k. but personally, I would feel that whatever colour or shape they came in, they all tasted the same….including these siew mais…

Siew mai

I guess they used the same minced meat to make all of them and hence, the similarity in the taste. All of them could be considered as being not too bad, more than just being merely edible, but I always have a bone to pick with the dumplings here. If I’m not mistaken, there is no prawn added and they do not beat it enough to get that springy fish ball-like texture than one would find in the dumplings at other dim sum joints.

I also ordered the yam puffs

Yam puffs

…which were fine by me though there are better ones elsewhere and we also had the lau sar pao – the steamed buns with the salted egg custard filling.

For one thing, I noticed that business was no longer as good as before. In the past, one would have difficulty in parking the car, what more to say, getting a seat in the place. There were quite a number of people when we went but I would not say that they were enjoying really brisk business, not at all…and it was on a weekend some more. They’re still charging the same price – RM10.00 for any three laos (storeys) or baskets/plates which is a bonus point in their favour during these times when the price of everything is rocketting sky high.

All things considered, I  guess this is still a place that I may choose to drop by once in a long while whenever I feel like having a dim sum breakfast or something different for a change even though it may not be the best that we have around.