Locked out…

I have stayed at this airport hotel a number of times already and I’ve enjoyed it very much especially on the last one or two occasions. It is a very nice place, not obtrusively ostentatious like some of those luxury ones where one would feel uncomfortable when one isn’t dressed up to the nines and carrying oneself with a pretentious air of class. I would say that I feel so very much at ease and relaxed here in the middle of nowhere with nothing much to do other than to laze and idle around.

This time around, I stopped by en route to Seremban and Malacca as I was hoping I could check in and leave my bags and stuff in the room and be on my way. Unfortunately, I could not do so as their check-in time was at 2.00 p.m. and if I wanted to check in earlier, I would have to fork out another RM60.00 for the “privilege”. Wouldn’t that be an indication that there were rooms available but no, you can’t check in unless you pay extra? Good grief! I would not want to pay that kind of money especially when I would not be physically there to enjoy what I had paid for – just my bags! Well, I guess that is their company policy so I had no choice but to toe the line.

They told me that I could leave my bags with the concierge which I did…but unfortunately, he would not take the laptop. Now THAT was the main reason why I wanted to leave my things at the hotel – I would not want to go some place and come back to the car only to find the windscreen or a window broken and the laptop stolen. It wasn’t so much the laptop, that old thing – in fact, the glass would probably cost more to replace. Still, I guess that is their company policy so I had no choice but to toe the line.

I only managed to check in by late afternoon when I came back from Malacca. Actually, I had put in a request via Facebook for a room closer to the lobby and I was glad that they did give me what I wanted – they gave me the exact same room in which I stayed on my last visit and the lobby would be just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Double thumbs up to them for this!

The room rate has increased by RM10.00 but that is no big deal, considering that the prices of virtually everything have been shooting up by leaps and bounds. I must say that I did appreciate the fact that they had tried to add a few extras probably to justify the price hike, for instance, they now have a bit of carpet under and around the bed…

ConcordeKLIA carpet

…and that certainly was not there before. They have also put in a comfy armchair in the corner by the window and there is a nice menu in the room (I love that icon in the middle!)…

Room service menu 1

…so one can dial for room service and have a bite…

Room service menu 2

…without having to walk all the way to the restaurant.

I don’t remember seeing this nice hair dryer before either…

Hair dryer

…so perhaps that is new too.

Then, it happened! I wanted to go into the bathroom/toilet and I discovered that the door was locked. I went outside and I saw the housekeeping guy down the corridor so I asked him to help. He came and used a cotton bud to poke into that little hole in the door knob to get it open for me…

Faulty door knob 1

Gee! Interesting!

Then, at around 7.30 p.m. I wanted to go in again and I found that I had been locked out yet once again. I called the operator…


…and got a machine that would rattle through the exact same things you would hear if you call the hotel from home. At the end of it all, the voice would tell you to press “O” for the operator and I did just that. There was a ringing tone but nobody answered.

I went out of the room and walked around looking for somebody who could help me out of my predicament. I saw the housekeeping trolley left outside one of the rooms but there wasn’t a single living soul in sight. I headed back to the room and tried to call somebody on the phone again but to no avail. Some 10 to 15 minutes had passed so I walked over to the reception counter to tell them my problems with the door and the telephone. They told me they would send somebody over in around 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES??? Another 10 MINUTES!!! What if I was down with food poisoning or something like that and had to use the toilet right away? What if I had done it in my pants and had to clean up urgently? Luckily, it was nothing of the sort and I was in no real hurry…so I went back to the room and waited.

10 minutes…15 minutes…and nobody came! I tried to call again and again, there was the dialling tone and nobody answered. Then I had to resort to using MY HANDPHONE to call the hotel to speak to the operator. Now, that worked!!! After a while, the maintenance man came and he fixed the door and before he left, he gave some instructions as to what I should do so that I would not be locked out again. No, thank you! I was not taking any more chances and I definitely was not ready to go through all that hassle again so I just stuffed something into the keyhole…

Faulty door knob 2

…to make sure that the door would not close by itself. I was alone so it did not matter that I did not close the door while I was taking my bath or sitting on the toilet bowl, doing my thing.

Then the telephone in the room rang and the girl apologised that their phone system was malfunctioning earlier and they had got it fixed already – I don’t know if I could call them or not after that as I did not bother to try anymore but it certainly looked like they were having some teething problems in their attempt to make it easier for the guests to use the telephone.

She also apologised for the fact that they could not send somebody sooner to resolve my problem with the door and she gave a reason which I would not mention here. I, for one, would know that it was not really a very valid reason. Life would go on and you would need to do what you would have to do when duty calls. Work is work and the world will not stop to wait for you. Imagine a doctor halfway through surgery, dissecting some part of Β a patient’s anatomy and he stops suddenly and says, “It is time!” only to resume what he is doing after he is through.

If it had been a foreigner (whom they would kowtow to and wait on hand and foot at such places), I am sure they would hear no end of it…and since I was in no real hurry, like I said, to use the toilet or bathroom, I just let the matter rest but it certainly would make one feel a lot better if the duty manager had called to apologise himself, not one of those syts (sweet young things) from reception. Whatever it is, I do hope that the management will look into the matter and make sure that such unbecoming incidents will not arise again. As they always say, little things mean a lot and no matter is too small or negligible to be simply brushed aside and ignored…especially when you are in the service and hospitality industry.

And by the way, Mr. Manager sir, while you’re at it, perhaps you could get somebody to do something about the layer of dust under the lamp shade too, please?…


Thank you ever so much for your kind patience and attention.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Locked out…”

  1. Ha! I can imagine what that “problem” was. But as you say, we won’t get into that.
    We all know you’re a big boy, strong and capable but even he-men get robbed these days. So do be careful about doors that don’t close or lock. I sound like your mother? Just call me Aunty Ping πŸ™‚
    Just concerned. Things are pretty bad these days, can’t be too careful.
    On the bright side, the items on the menu looks pretty decent.
    That’s a good bit of info about the hotel. Some friends from out of town were asking me about it and I can’t tell them anything.

    It’s really a very nice hotel actually, a nice place for a stopover – somewhat isolated, so not really for people who would want to hop over to the city for shopping and what not. Well, it was just the toilet door…so it was perfectly o.k.

    I remember on my previous stay, my neighbour’s room door had a problem…and it was sending out some kind of alarm sound. It was not loud so I was o.k. with it…but once, when I came out of my room, the ang moh in the room opposite came charging out suddenly, looking very angry – maybe he heard someone coming out…and thought it might be somebody from that room…and wanted to give the fella a piece of his mind. He grumbled something to me…but I just ignored him. They came to fix the problem but I think it did happen again…on and off.

    I guess the hotel has been around a long time so they would need to pay extra attention to the maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. My cousin stayed at the one in KL and she complained that the air conditioning was old and loud…

    P.S.: Do get your friends to request for an available room nearest to the lobby. The “terminals” (blocks) are sprawling all over the place and if you get one of the furthest, the walk to the lobby or the restaurant may be quite long – not for the likes of me, that’s for sure.

  2. Ah so, just the toilet door …. that’s ok then. Yeah, I remember the hotel was already around when they were building the KLIA and it housed most of the foreign contractors, architects, etc besides the crappier cowboy township where the lower rungs stayed at. So it is pretty old. Isn’t there a Tune Hotel nearby as well? That should be newer. (For future visits).
    Thanks for the info about the room near the lobby. That’s good to know.

    Gosh! It was that old, eh? I remember the first time I stayed there many years ago, I did not really like it – more like a barrack than a nice hotel but they’ve spruced up the place a lot so it is much nicer now. The one in KL is even older – used to be the Merlin, long before there was KLIA.

    Tune Hotel is near LCCT – ok if you’re flying Air Asia…but not for people flying via KLIA which is right next door but the taxi fare isn’t much lower than going all the way to KL and staying at a hotel there.

  3. The pics on the menu look really good. I wouldn’t mind a bit if what I order will turn out looking just like the photo πŸ™‚ If it’s any consolation, almost all hotels in any part of the world, be it high class ones or not, I would say that they would have the same problems too. That is why I appreciate very much Arthur’s 7 star hotel.. terror hair-dryer, gourmet breakfast, snack in between, yummy dinners and free sight-seeing being thrown in!… Oh, and airport transfer too. Anyway, why do you need to close the toilet door if you were alone? Be like us, we got the open-door policy in our family…Opps! Too much info..lol!
    Selamat Hari Raya to you and Lucy. Have a fantastic day, ya.

    Oh dear!!! Now I will have to check and look for cheap places to stay in Auckland… I’m shy – definitely not used to staying in a nudist camp. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

    Ya…little problems may crop up wherever you’re staying, never mind big or small hotels. What’s most important is they come to your aid quickly. I’ve had instances in starred-hotels where they could not solve the problem and they moved me to another room. That’s ok by me – things happen.

    Ya…for one thing, I’ve always liked the food at Melting Pot, their restaurant – be it the one here or at the one in KL. Dunno the one in Shah Alam, never stayed there. The things on the menu certainly look good but this time around, I did not order – too full already from Seremban and Malacca. Next trip perhaps…

    Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family too. Any open house to visit there? I’ve a few invites – dunno yet whether I would go or not… πŸ˜‰

    1. Aiyah.. just close your eyes, can already.. Muahahaha.. no peeping, okay!!I too won’t peep πŸ™‚


  4. Haha I had a similar problem in a 5-star hotel in KL before, took my kids for a stay so naturally we need a baby cot. We only got one delivered at 9.30pm after requesting for it 6 times!

    Ya…some may be 5-star but they can be quite snooty and will not bother about you. Not all of course, some are really good, and will be at your beck and call…ever ready to help and serve. I guess it all depends on the management…

  5. Oh! what a pain. I’m not patient and waiting to get into a hotel room, one you’ve paid for! would test me to the nines.

    All hotels have the standard check-in time at 2.00 p.m. and the check out is at 12 noon…even those small hotels at Bukit Bintang like Agora. You can leave your luggage with them and go roaming around, shopping or whatever and come back later. Some smaller hotels in the small towns would let you check in anytime provided there are rooms available. No choice, rules are rules, business is business…so take it or leave it. I did not pay in advance though – I called and book personally, did not use one of those booking sites.

  6. oh dear.. that is indeed not properly maintained.. what if you were locked from inside? with no handphone and no one to answer your SOS…you could be locked there for hours or days! πŸ™‚ Dangerous… yes, hope someone from this hotel reads your post and take some action immediately… normally if I were to encounter something like this, I will change the hotel room… I wouldn’t want to call them each time I go to the answer nature’s call.. lol…

    I’ve shared the link on Facebook and tagged them so hopefully, they’ll get to see this and pull up their socks.

    Actually. it happened to me once…at one of the bigger hotels in KL. I was attending a meeting there, some 200-300 people…so everytime there was a break, there would be an exodus to the toilets and it would be so crowded, long queues and all. Clever me, so very smart – sneaked out to the hotel swimming pool (same floor as the meeting room) to use the toilet in the changing room…and horror of horrors! When I was through I found that I could not open the door no matter how I twisted and turned the latch and pushed and pulled at the door. I thought of either climbing over the top…or using my handphone to call for help. Then I tried one last time…and the door opened!!! Phewwwww!!!!! Sometimes, it’s best not to be too clever…

  7. Had the same non existing phone service at a hotel in melaka. Call till tertidur also nobody answer. Use handset call baru answer

    How come keep getting locked out. Got hantu ka?

    Service so bad makes me wonder how foreigner who stayed there view msia. Pay so much but sloppy service

    The guy said that the latch inside is faulty – when you just twist to unlock and open the door, sometimes it is not enough. You will have to make sure it is really unlocked when you twist it and open the door from inside. Ummm…actually, this place is not expensive – just a little bit more than what I paid at that Kelana Jaya one and so much nicer, with swimming pool and all…and inclusive of breakfast – see tomorrow’s post! πŸ˜‰

  8. Sounds like a good recommendation. It seems comfy to stay in except for the door. I will definitely lost my patience.

    Yes, I guess things happen so if the management is aware of it and takes action, it will be fine. I do think it is a good place to stay if one is not going anywhere while on transit.

  9. what an interesting toilet door, hahaha!! luckily it wasn’t the other way round that you are locked-in with yourself fully naked and need to get somebody to help~~ πŸ˜€

    Now! Now! Don;t let your imagination run wild!!! πŸ˜‰ They would probably die of a heart attack when they break down the door!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Maybe it’s 7th month la…. Not humans answering your call initially and door locked by itself.

    LOL!!! No, it was not the 7th Month yet. Just started day before yesterday… Watch out!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Such a bad experience with the hotel….

    Not really – nothing that a little bit of care and attention will not settle or solve. I still prefer this hotel to many…and for just RM30 more, I get a nicer and very much bigger room than the one in yesterday’s post plus all the extras, including buffet breakfast in the morning – see tomorrow’s post. Can’t get this anywhere in KL, PJ…or elsewhere, I tell you. Only drawback is the location…

  12. Phew….a door that gives so much problem. I saw the food on menu looks good. BTW…..what’s the room rate?

    160 (used to be 150), government rate…but if I’m not mistaken, off-the-rack rate is only slightly more. You can check online…

  13. wuah…what an adventure eh? ehm…something on the menu caught my attention. wings on high? i cannot stop laughing! πŸ˜›

    Didn’t see that! You’re very observant… LOL!!!

  14. geee….rather irritating isn’t it? We were at Hard Rock (popular and rather new hotel in penang some more) and their TV and Air-con just cannot work properly. kinda disappointed with their maintenance standard 😦

    Oh? For a new hotel like that, it is totally inexcusable… Did they see to everything quickly or did you have to call and call? That hotel is extremely expensive some more – I wouldn’t be able to afford it! 😦

  15. Ahh.. I kinda can guess what is the reason given for that help that came late. Definitely not a valid reason!

    That’s between 7.30-8.00 p.m. Anyone should be able to guess the reason… 😦

  16. that’s dust? I thought it was some old lamp with the paint wearing off. hehe

    It was…a layer of it. I drew a line with my finger but that photo did not come out too well.

  17. hahahhaha..i can guess the reason given too. tsk tsk tsk

    You should have request more cotton buds!

    Yahor! They provide in the bathroom…so I could have taken them out of there and have them ready, on standby. πŸ™‚

  18. Sorry to read about your bad experience with the hotel. But can’t stop laughing about the toilet door, wah…. lucky no stomachache if not jiat lat…LOL

    Guess one of the female ghost escape earlier before the ghost month start. hahaha

    Eyewwwww!!!! Not a ghost, I hope. Must ask for a different room the next time I stay there. 😦

  19. The agony of being locked out when you need the room. I experienced that before in my hostel…Had to resort to using another campus’ mate’s toilet πŸ˜€ Good thing you were not in that desperate moment.

    Yalor…luckily I wasn’t in a hurry for anything – just so happened that I wanted to go in, thank goodness!

  20. Arthur, in Malaysia, we have nice buildings, 5 stars hotels, luxurious condominiums, etc. etc. but the maintenance sucks here.

    That’s it. Everybody’s all out to make money only, don’t care…or the management people sleeping on the job, I wonder… 😦

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