High Hopes…

After I had booked my air ticket to KL that day, I had to look for a decent hotel to stay in and after browsing through all the websites and weighing all the options and everything, I decided to stay here in Kelana Jaya…


I stayed at their sister hotel in Georgetown, Penang twice and I was quite pleased with it. For one thing, the room rates are more affordable. A standard single is only RM88 nett and a deluxe double, RM108 nett. I opted for the premium deluxe at RM128 nett per night…

Premium deluxe room 1

…because it came with a mini fridge just in case I had something that I would need to chill.

The room was nice and clean, not very big but comfortable enough and bigger than some of the rooms at other hotels that I had stayed in before…

Deluxe premium room 2

…but for one thing, I wish they had a mirror above the dressing/writing table, maybe one that is smaller than the full length one that they have to the left of the photograph. The hair dryer is in the right drawer, you see…and it would be virtually useless to have that when you cannot see what you’re doing while you’re trying to blow-dry your hair and make it look presentable. I had to resort to looking at my silhouette in the dark television screen!

The toilet was big enough…

Premium deluxe room 3

…but unfortunately, they did not have any glass panels separating the shower area from the rest…

Premium deluxe room 4

…so when  one takes a shower, the whole place may get a little bit too wet for one’s liking.

The service was good – I found the people to be very pleasant and friendly. The first night I was there, I noticed that the fridge was not working properly and was not cold at all so I informed them the next morning before I went out for breakfast and they called maintenance right away to get the problem resolved. By the time I got back after lunch that day, it was fixed already. If I’m not mistaken, the power sockets above the fridge were not quite compatible even though both of them were perfectly all right when I used them to recharge my hand phone or boil water. I noticed that they had connected the fridge to another one somewhere under the table but I did not bother to bend down to look and see if that one was any different from the rest. All that mattered to me at that point in time was that the fridge was usable should the need arise.

What got me pissed off, however, was that when I came back, it was already around 3.00 p.m. and they had not made and cleaned my room yet. I did ask the people at the reception counter…

GH - reception

…when I was telling them about the fridge and they told me that they would do that around 10.00 a.m. I called them and complained and they said that they would get housekeeping to do that right away.  I was hoping to have a nap before the big event that night and was not in a very good mood…so I did not have the patience to wait for them to show up in good time. I marched out of the room and went around the floor and when I found the Malay girl in one of the rooms, I gave her a piece of  my mind, insisting that she went to do my room right away.

She quickly did as she was told and while she was at it, I mentioned to her that I had asked at the reception counter before I went out and they had told me that they would start doing the rooms at around 10.00 a.m. She told me that she was not informed so she did the other rooms first (probably those that had checked out so they could rent out the rooms to other people). She did all that she had to do and when she had finished, feeling a bit sorry for scolding the poor girl, I gave her a RM10 tip and said that it was for her buka puasa (breaking of fast) later in the evening.

Other than that, my stay there was pleasant enough…

GH - decor

…but the location was a bit isolated. There was hardly anybody on the road outside the hotel at night except for one or two security guards keeping watch over the office block right next to the hotel.

Directly opposite the hotel is a big office building (Taragon) that has yet to be completed and if you look at the map here, you can see Giant Hypermart some 200 metres away – I did not go and check the place out so I do not know what they have there. There’s Old Town and Chayo and a small oriental restaurant plus a couple of shops at the Kelana Mall a stone’s throw away – nothing much that would be worth the effort of strolling over even though it is not far away. There is a lot of life on the other side of the whole area with lots of eating places but not around the hotel – except maybe the Thai restaurant at the back but there are a number of coffee shops around that open in the morning so getting something to eat in the daytime is definitely not a problem. The relatively new Paradigm Mall is directly opposite but on the opposite side of the highway so it will not be easy to get there from this side and I was not into any kind of shopping on this trip anyway so I did not bother to check the place yet. Another time, perhaps.

I stayed in this hotel for only two nights as the day after that, I went on the road trip to Seremban and then to Malacca and on the way back, checked into the airport hotel so that it would be easier and more convenient for me to hop over to KLIA the next morning to catch my flight home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “High Hopes…”

  1. yeah, and i have not even heard of this hotel, hahahaha!! but most importantly is that the place is clean, and you have a comfortable stay.. and did somebody knock on your door in the middle of the night?? 😀

    Not even hantu, what more to say KKK (kok kok kai)! So deserted at night that I would not want to venture out alone on foot… Not a convenient location unless one has own transport…or nice friends LIKE SOME PEOPLE THAT I KNOW to come and take me out. Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

    1. yeah, how nice that SP and MEOW went to pick you up at the hotel. :p

      Yes, and Mandy too…and another friend who took me out for that nice dinner at the Thai restaurant that 1st night I was there. So blessed to have such great friends. 😉

  2. The details of the hotel room and service are so detailed it’s like reading a comment from travel advisor. There’s another job for you.

    Just sharing. In case some friends going the same way and are looking for a decent place to stay. I had a tough time making up my mind when trying to decide of a hotel in that area – considering room rates, location and everything. Of course, each one would put themselves in the best light but some may not be that reliable. Best if somebody has actually stayed there and shared his or her frank opinions on the place.

  3. Yeah KL hotels are quite expensive but sometimes can get deals around RM200 for 4-star hotels.

    Yes, I saw a few, missed a few of the promos…but in the end, I decided I would not go up so high since I was travelling alone and it was only for two nights. Probably would grab those had I been on holiday with my family, pamper ourselves a bit.

  4. Well, as long as it’s nice and clean, I’m not too fussy about the hotels. That location is more alive during work hours unfortunately. Never mind, it was a pleasant holiday from what I gathered 🙂

    That’s what they told me – very busy during weekdays and office hours but very quiet at night. The university next door has moved, it seems…so I guess that makes the area even more quiet than ever.

  5. Not bad la… this hotel. Sleep only mah.

    Not just not bad. I would say it is very very good… I’ve stayed in worse! 😦

  6. I must’ve seen this hotel when I was in Kelana Jaya and I’m surprised that it’s well-maintained and comfortable at such an affordable rate. Maybe I’ve had too many bad experiences with hotels…
    You’re right; they should have installed a mirror or at least provided a table mirror for the guests. It’s really difficult to use the hairdryer without the help of a mirror. No wonder I thought I saw that there was no shower door or a shower curtain in the bathroom.
    There are pros and cons here and there – always. Anyway, did you suggest to the hotel management in writing about the mirror and a divider to separate the toilet and shower area?
    Trust me, the pedestrian bridge is actually at the school and it will require at least 5 – 10 minutes (if not more) of walking to get to Paradigm. And luckily you didn’t step into Giant; the items on their shelves are about the same as everywhere else.

    I guess there are other shops at the premises as well – like at the one here…but anyway, I’m never into shopping so it was fine by me…plus the word “walk” does not exist in my vocabulary. Hehehehehe!!! Usually when I go some place, if I buy anything, it would be nice things to eat – things that we cannot get or are hard to come by back here in Sibu.

    No, I did not bother to make noise…considering that the hotel was pretty nice – nicer than the one where I usually stayed in Bukit Bintang: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/look-for-a-star/ …and that one’s more expensive, mind you – RM138 in 2009…and went up to RM150 last year, dunno how much already this year…or the one at Mid Valley – I no longer stay there as the room rates are no longer affordable plus the rooms are so very small – one double bed only and there is hardly room to move around already plus somebody had an encounter with cockroaches at breakfast there: http://simonsim.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/siu-keong/

    1. Just read the link you gave me. That hotel in Bukit Bintang can’t be compared to Goodhope at all; the former doesn’t look too comfortable. And yikes, an encounter with cockroaches in the hotel coffeehouse at Mid Valley?! Yikes! =O

      I’m not sure about the current hotel rates as I always put a night or two up in a friend’s or relative’s place if I can whenever I travel.

      Not me, I would rather stay in a hotel even when I have relatives or friends around. Don’t want to trouble others…and I also prefer not having anyone to fuss over me – just laze around in bed all day, if I want…go out and eat or do anything as I like. So despite them trying to persuade me, I would adamantly insist on putting up in a hotel.

      Ya…that is why I personally feel this hotel isn’t too bad at all – there are definitely others that are a lot worse…and yet more expensive.

  7. Hoping against Hope for a Good Hotel haha. Aiya forgotten about your favorite hotel in Penang cos during our last trip to Penang after we ‘check out’ from my ex-wife’s house in the morning for the tea ceremony at her mom’s house. After the newly wedded couple left grandma’s house we had ample time for a nap before my daughter Nikki’s wedding dinner and since my sister’s house is across the mainland Mango decided we check in to any hotel for a rest than rather travel the distance coz probably we will be dead tired after the dinner. Quite a good idea but dunno which hotel to go and I was telling Mango we could go to any hotel which we shall see along the way and we saw Waterfall Hotel at the junction to the Botanical Garden. Glad we had some good rest as we were up very early in the morning sending Nikki down town for her make up and hairdo. Edmund was asking about you and wished you could join him as he is all alone.

    So sorry I could not join you all for the happy event. If I had gone then, I would still be stuck there – no way I could come back owing to the ridiculously high airfares over Hari Raya right up till the 28th and if I were to stay in a hotel till then, even if Vincent Tan lets me strike 1st prize, it will not be enough. 😦 Botanicals would be quite far from the city centre but I guess it was ok for you since you would have a car to get around – I would always have to consider that when I try to decide where I would like to stay…and taxi in Penang is not cheap. Congrats to Nikki and hubby, every happiness and all the best to them in the years ahead.

  8. The room looks nice and clean. Yup, it would be so inconvenient without a mirror and too bad no glass panel to separate shower area from the rest.

    Definitely better than this one in Sg Petani, Kedah: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/id-be-a-legend-in-my-time/
    In fact, any hotel anywhere is better than this! The bathroom/toilet was so small that when I sat on the toilet bowl (positioned sideways – never seen before), my face would touch the wall…and the shower was right above – to take my bath, I would have to sit on the toilet bowl and shower. Seeing is believing!!!

  9. You are such a big softie, mana tau marah orang one… Lol! I think at the most, you just gave her a lecture and then get rewarded with 10 bucks somemore..tsk!tsk!tsk!.. Lucky girl!!

    Hmmm…my bark is worse than my bite – all my students will tell you that! Shudders!!! LOL!!!

  10. The price is quite affordable. Seeing the room is quite new and clean.

    That was one of the reasons why I chose this place – it’s pretty new…so couldn’t possibly be too bad.

  11. It looks clean and tidy. OK lah for a short stay 🙂
    The name sounded a bit like church though.

    My sentiments exactly when I first saw the one in Penang! I think there is a bible thus named – Good Hope Bible. 😀 Yup…just for two nights and I was travelling alone. Would probably go for something better if I had my family with me…and if my missus had tagged along, it would have to be some place where she could just pop out of the hotel and shop to her heart’s delight!

  12. high hope for good hope! 🙂 RM88 is a steal! can’t find such price around in KL. Looks very nice, i like.

    You can, cheaper even at Bukit Bintang, for instance…those not very respectable ones.

  13. The hotel looks very clean… yes, there is a branch in Penang, used to pass by the hotel… my sister stayed there before, no complaints from her though…
    So nice of you to give a hefty tip to the lady… she must be very happy…

    I’ve stayed at the one in Penang twice already. Liked it, affordable…and nasi kandar shop and Subway 100 metres away. No lah…kesian her also – fasting…and working and then got scolded. Duit raya…

  14. But at least they have a nice painting and a nice TV in the room. I also get very angry if I get bad service at a hotel but usually I would see how much are the room rates. If its too expensive, I will give them a piece of my mind.

    Yalor! If they want to charge so much, they must be able to measure up to it! Must tell them off for any slipshod service or dissatisfaction.

  15. this is one of the few hotels that we sometimes put up our relatives at if the Penang home is full during holidays. Not a bad place.

    Kind of you to tip her RM10. You must have made her day better.

    Yes, very affordable and location isn’t too bad… Just don’t take a cab to Queensbay from here…or worse, to Ferringhi! Heart attack, I tell you…the taxi fare! Anywhere around city centre, it’s RM12-15…and that too is somewhat expensive as well. 😦

  16. I did not even know this hotel exist. I was hoping you stay in Empire Subang so that I can take you go have supper, Hokkien mee in a nearby coffee shop there is good. Maybe your next trip.

    Empire…expensive lah. Maybe when I go with my family – I will usually stay at better hotels then. When I go alone, no need…simple-simple will do.

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