A little bit…

This is a continuation of my previous post – the bloggers’ get-together. We had all that food  for dinner and eating up all that food would have filled everyone to the brim already but you would not believe what irresistable desserts they brought along with them.

Quay Po made these Asian Food Channel-acclaimed Hokkaido orange cupcakes with whisky vanilla custard filling…

Hokkaido cupcakes

…which were simply out of these world! Of late, I’ve seen a lot of people blogging about Hokkaido cakes, Hokkaido ice cream, Hokkaido mille crepe and I really wonder whether they know what or where exactly Hokkaido is but nonetheless, I really wanted to try them and my wish came true that night, thanks to Quay Po.

She also brought along these macarons with kamquat, chocolate, chestnut, cointreau fillings…


…which were nice too but a bit too sweet for me. I loved the ones with butter chestnut filling that she gave me when I was in KL in December last year more – I could finish off at least half a dozen of those at one go but I remember I had to eat each of them very very slowly savouring each nibble, one at a time. They were really that good, I tell you!

Ping brought her pineapple jam tarts…

pineapple tarts

…and they were excellent! I wonder if she makes them for sale or not – I certainly would like to order a few tubs to take home.

These were homemade chocolates from Shannon


They were very different from those usual ones available in the shops. I could even detect some cinnamon in them. Gee!!! These ladies are really great – they seem to be able to come out with things that are really very unique and special.

Jocel brought this acar (pickle) that her mum made…


…but I only tried a spoonful and if you ask me now how it tasted, I would have to say that I don’t really know. There was so much food to eat at the dinner and I had a really heavy lunch that afternoon and an equally heavy breakfast in the morning…so much so that I was literally bursting at the seams and thus, it would not be fair to give any comments on anything that I had that night actually as in my bloated state at that point in time, it would be quite impossible to make a fair and accurate judgement.

Yee Ling brought some cream puffs and she even gave me some separately…

From Jocel & Yee Ling

– you can see them to the extreme right in the above photograph. My friend, Ivan, dropped by the hotel to see me that last night there to say hello and I shared those with him and despite their being a bit hard as I had kept them all day in the fridge, it certainly blew him away. They were so very nice and he wanted to know where I got them from.

Yee Ling also gave me a packet of walnut cookies and smallkucing gave me that very same thing that day when I arrived in KL . Gee, it certainly must be the in thing, so very popular! I found them very nice, not sweet and very fragrant and I think the rough texture was the result of the crushed walnut so very generously used in the making.

Jocel gave me the coconut biscuits from Sungai Lembing, Pahang (left) and the sesame seed coated ones…and I am really  quite lost as to who gave me the chocolates in the middle of the photograph. Was it you as well, Yee Ling or was it somebody else? Maybe it was from Peng whom I met for the first time when she came to Sibu with Quay Po around the middle of this year?

These came from Quay Po…

From Quay Po

…that I know for sure – a designer t-shirt that she brought back all the way from the US, a box of Italian biscotti and packets of herbs for cooking chicken and for bak kut teh.

Last but not least, little sprouts brought me these…

From Little Sprouts

tambun biscuits and Hakka dried beef.

I don’t know if I’ve missed out anything or anybody…and if I have, do accept a thousand apologies from me! There were simply too many things and too many people and my head was spinning like a record and the fact that this old man’s memory is failing him certainly did not help that much. But I really must extend my sincere thanks to everybody once again for taking the time off and the trouble (and forking out the money) to join the dinner, for bringing all the things to share and also to give to me – I truly am greatly indebted to you all. Do hop over to Sibu sometime so that I can have the chance to reciprocate and return the generous gesture and warm hospitality. Thank you, thank you, one and all…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “A little bit…”

  1. Wow. Seems like its a rewarding trip with many goodies! 😀

    I have not tried any macaron too cos I am too kiamsiap to part with 5buck for a tiny dessert.

    THAT expensive? Good grief! I’ve only eaten it twice and both times, my friend, Quay Po made for me… 😉

  2. Arthur, everything is worth the effort to organise the gathering and make macs and HCC for you and to share with all when I see everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you for coming to KL and give us an excuse to have a feast and to meet up with old friends and meet new ones:D I hope the Ed Hardy t-shirt fits you. I love this brand of t-shirts very much because the artworks are usually unique and different. My Quay Lo bought me three as a gift in Empire Subang’s outlet on different occasions and I love them all. I will not buy them in KL because they are priced way too expensive, about RM300.00 for the cheapest one, if I am not mistaken. Crazy right? In the US, they are at least 30 – 40% cheaper. Hope you enjoy wearing yours:D

    Oh my goodness? I knew it would be expensive but THAT’s really expensive!!!! *faints* Please don’t buy me anymore t-shirts in future, so costly – would be wasted on the likes of me, really. Yes, I also feel that the trip was really worth it – getting to meet everybody and sharing all the joy, the smiles and the laughter. What more can anyone ask for? 🙂

  3. wow!! so many things to eat, and i like the combination of kamquat, chocolate, chestnut, cointreau fillings (though i don’t fancy macarons at all).. i realise it’s a norm when you all meet up, you like to share and exchange food, kakakaka.. lucky i wasn’t able to make it, else i’ll feel so “pai seh” to go there empty handed~~ 😀

    No, no…that is all up to the individual – no problem at all going empty handed – those of us who like to give or share, it is up to us to do so, our individual prerogative…nobody’s obliged or forced to follow suit. We’re old (or at least, I am) but not old-fashioned or old-minded – none of that ancient archaic idea that when somebody gives, we HAVE to give back…and it must be something of the same value…bla…bla…bla… Most importantly, it’s the sincerity and effort to show up and spend some time with one’s much loved friends that counts.

    1. SK, no paiseh, your presence is good enough in a friends mind, not the gifts or what you can cook or bake to bring:D That is just a good excuse for those who can, to share them with those who appreciates food. Hope you can join us the next time when Arthur is in town.

      Exactly what I said. Those of us with a love and passion for food and cooking enjoy doing it and derive great satisfaction from seeing people really enjoying what we have dished out – that’s all we need in return. Right or not, Quay Po?

  4. The Beryl choc I think might b from little sprout.

    Is it? I thought she gave the beef and the tambuns? So confused… Next time, must include a gift card or a note or label. LOL!!! 😀

  5. You had so much food and desserts. Did the aeroplane have trouble taking off? 🙂

    LOL!!! It was not so bad…but wait a minute. This wasn’t all – you have one more day and two other towns to go – Seremban and Malacca. Stay tuned!!! 😉

  6. Woah….so many people manja cikgu again ! Did u win the sharp thingy? I didn’t click for weeks already.

    Nope, dunno how the whole thing actually works – they named some winners – but not from those who had been getting the click. Some silly scam, it seems. What a waste of time and effort. 😦 But at least I know I had a lot of people rooting for me and willing to do all they can to chip in. That certainly means a lot to me.

  7. I think your stomach will be bloated that nite so I better keep some cream puffs separately for you to enjoy.

    Yes, I was so full…so I did not eat those that night, I think. Can’t remember, so many things happening at the same time. LOL!!!

  8. wah so many presents. no wonder I saw everyone got 1 packet 1 packet in the yesterday post..
    I love the tambun biscuit ….. Ghee Hiang or Him Hiang is the best so far…

    I’m ok with tambun. I prefer Ipoh’s hiong peah…

  9. Your luggage to balik Sibu overweight or not? Did you put on any weight after all the feasting? Did you bring your elastic band pants?.. Lol!!

    No lah…got 20 kg baggage allowance. I did bring my pants with an elastic waistband but I did not use. No lah…did not eat so much, just nibble nibble…. LOL!!! 😉

  10. CORRECTION! correction! I am the one who gave you tambun biscuits and Hakka dried beef. LOL

    Ok, plus the Sg Lembing biskut kelapa and the sesame coated biscuits as well? And the Beryl chocs came from Little sprouts… I think I’ve got it all now… 🙂

  11. Wow! If I’d known you liked the tarts so much, I’d have given you the other box I had with me. Nobody said anything so I just hide quietly in my corner. 😀
    I did use to sell them but I could never take money from you la … very pai say.
    Looks like you went home with twice the amount of luggage you came with. Well, you know you’re much loved and appreciated. Very blessed indeed.

    They’re very very nice. Hmmm…if I had known you had more, I would have asked from you. LOL!!! I’ve bought homemade ones before…and also some supposedly nyonya-made ones but at best, they were quite good – most were not that great and you would not see me going back for more. Business is business, if friends selling, I would insist on buying – not the same as making for fun to give away. 😉

  12. This is so awesome!! Too bad I wasn’t in KL that week 😦
    But I dunno how to cook anything except Maggi mee also LOL!

    Oh? That bad kah? LOL!!! Can always start to learn sometime – lots of experts around to consult. 😉

    1. Haha simple rice, vege and meat I can la… but for potluck, I dunno any dish that I can make XD

      Never mind, can always grab something from the shops…if you have to bring something…or supply the drinks or ice cream for dessert, easy! 🙂

  13. Wow, so many nice gifts from your blogger friends. You are truly blessed, Arthur. The pineapple tarts and acar looks good.

    I am, I certainly am…very very blessed.

  14. A wonderful trip. Seems like your tummy are well loved by everyone. 🙂

    Yup, no need to worry that I would starve to death…anytime, no way! 🙂

  15. Wow wow wow!! So many gifts and foods!! Yes, i am wonder too, did you put on weight on your 4 days 3 nights trip.ahhahahha..food from morning till night!

    My watermelon bigger lor! Hope it will go down again after a awhile…

  16. Veron is always very thoughtful… she always makes lovely things for all her friends ;D

    Hear! Hear! How very true! Such a warm and generous lady, and a wonderful friend!

  17. The tarts look awesome!

    Hmmmm didn’t know you were in town 😦

    Just for the weekend, and mainly for this get together.

  18. wah so lucky. so much good food and i also like Hokkaido cakes. How about Hokkaido holiday?!! that one I also like. haha

    Northern Japan? Sapporo… Brrrrr!!!! LOL!!! 😀

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