Get together tonight…

It all started when Quay Po posted photos of her meeting with some of the bloggers in Ipoh and it certainly looked like they had a really great time so I asked her when they would be having one in KL for I would like to have a share of the fun too. The next thing I knew the date was fixed and everyone was very keen and expressing their interest in being a part of the little bloggers’ get-together.

I checked the airfares and it was quite cheap – RM81 one way (all in, food and 20kg baggage but exclusive of airport tax) so I quickly made my bookings. Someone must be looking down at me from above and felt that I could do with a bit of extra cash…and that Sunday, I won something – enough to pay for the air tickets. Then, I started to look for a hotel and when I finally settled on one, I called them and made the reservations and believe it or not, that very Saturday the following weekend, the same number came out for the same prize…so I won the same amount of money that would come in handy in paying for the hotel rooms. Ain’t that simply great? A weekend trip, sponsored by Vincent Tan! LOL!!!

I went over on Friday and on Saturday night, we all met here…


…for the famous curry fish head. It seems that it is very popular among the folks around…

Curry fish head

…but I was not too impressed by it. I think we have a couple of places in Sibu where the curry fish head is a lot nicer.

But I really really loved the prawns though…


If I’m not mistaken, they were supposed to be assam prawns but they did not come across like what I had imagined. It did not matter though for the prawns were HUGE and very sweet and fresh and the gravy was simply superb.

Everyone loved the sotongΒ (squid)…


…which was probably fried with curry powder and lots of curry leaves. They were ok to me – it did not get me coming back for more but I definitely had more than just one helping of the very nice salt-baked chicken…

Salted baked chicken

I thought that was pretty good and had quite a lot of it. My missus tried cooking it once but both my daughter and I did not quite enjoy it – I think she used the more nutritious kampung chicken and we were somewhat put off by the taste…and maybe the packet of ready-mixed herbs that she used wasn’t really the best around either.

These were supposed to be some kind of lor bak or what we call ngor hiang over here…

ngor hiang

…but they were not long and cylindrical and they were soft. But what was most important was that they were very nice and everybody obviously shared the same sentiments for they were all gone in no time at all!

I was not too keen on the egg omelette though…


– I can cook that myself at home anytime and perhaps I am a bit biased but I think mine is nicer. LOL!!!

The friedΒ kangkong with prawns and belacan (dried prawn paste)…


…was absolutely superb indeed, much better than many that I have had elsewhere.

Personally, I feel that this restaurant is not exactly like most of the others as the dishes served here seem like home-cooked stuff and probably that is the special appeal that makes it so alluring to many people over there…and that would explain why the place was fully packed with so many people, mostly in big groups…and for each one that left, there would be another group coming in to take over the table. Business was that good!

Well, the food was good but what made the evening so great was the delightful company of all my blogger-friends who took their time off and made an effort to attend and make the event a real successful one. Thank you so much, smallkucing, Yee Ling, little sprout & mum, Ping, Shannon, Jocel, Abbygail and her hubby and my good friend, Mandy…and Peng as well, whom I had met when she came over to Sibu with Quay Po…and of course, I must extend a very big and special thank you to Quay Po for going through all the hassle to get everyone together and for organising the event. Too bad that my friend, Isaac Tan, had some problems with his car and he and his missus had to give it a miss.

I must not forget also to give special mention to those who made those irresistable superbly mouth-watering desserts and brought them along to share with everybody at the dinner but I am saving those for the next post…and there was also an exchange of gifts – thanks to whom it may concern for the ones I received. Those would be in the next post too.

All too soon, it was time to call it a day but before we left and went our separate ways, we had a group photograph for remembrance of this wonderful evening that we had together…

One for the album

To those that I was meeting for the first time, it certainly was my pleasure to make the acquaintance and I hope the feeling was mutual…and to those friends of mine whom I have known for quite sometime now, I certainly was glad to see you all again. Thank you, one and all, once more for everything.

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28 thoughts on “Get together tonight…”

  1. *wave*

    mali mali penang! XD

    the curry fish head looks yummy! haih…i am still whether to have supper or not and it’s a wrong move to click your bloggie! tsk πŸ˜›

    Coming soon, coming soon… Hope you had something nice for supper? πŸ˜‰

  2. curry fish head looks nice, but all the time i’ll just eat the toufu pok and the vege (minus ladies finger) and not the fish.. not that i’m vegetarian lah (you know i’m definitely not), just that i only like fish steamed or pan fried..

    You don’t like ladies’ fingers… Hey! They say it’s good for men wor!!! I love curry fish. I love assam fish…or ikan bakar…..anytime better than steamed or just plain fried. You have really unadventurous tastes, it seems…so boringly unerotic, oops, I mean…exotic.

  3. the squid looks very nice!! but i was immediately turned off when i saw the next photo!! that chicken looks so gross!! it looks like some corpse of animals knocked down by car and exposing under the sun for few days on the road.. yucks!!!!

    The ladies loved it – licked the plates clean…but I loved the chicken. Never judge by appearance – it tasted really nice though I did wonder why it was served like that – all fallen apart! They certainly would need to work on their presentation…

    1. Hahaha…SK, my thoughts exactly!!!…oppss…sorry!

      Never judge by appearance – what looks nice may not be nice at all…and I do know of a number of dishes that are not at all pleasant to the eye but taste heavenly. Like when I cooked masak hitam in the UK in 1994, the West Malaysian friends were scoffing at it and glamourising their masak merah but when they tried it, they all wanted the recipe. Anytime nicer than masak merah, I would say. So there!

      But all things considered, after having had a lot of stuff over that side this time around, now I can understand why all of you came to Sibu and were praising the food here to the skies…

      1. The chicken was good enough la though presentation not that good.

        My sentiments, exactly! Nicer than those what they call – beggar’s chicken or something, wrapped in cling wrap or whatever and steamed one…

  4. so you were there to “entertain” all the ladies huh?? hehehe, feel yourself like a Sibu Gigolo?? wakakakaka.. but very good, you came here sponsored by Vincent Tan, met all the LENG LUI bloggers, wow, best trip to KL ever right?? :p

    Well, at least they were all very sincere and very keen and would like to meet me – old and boring small-time blogger from Sibu…unlike some big-shot blogger, avoiding me like a plague and making all kinds of excuses. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. Fuiyo…very pedas ….sk you better fly to sibu with Chinese tea lo…hahaha or a gold bar πŸ˜›

      Ya, a gold bar or two would be good! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    2. aiyo the problem is the photographer le .. wink wink..
      when all the food come his mind only one word .. EAT..
      so just simply take a few picture le .. kakakakaka

      I do that all the time. Have to take quickly, don’t want to hold everybody up – I’m sure they all would want to dive in already…so just click…click…click lor!

  5. wow… so you were meant to come after all…!! hahahaa… with the winnings, this is a better prize than the US trip… meeting up with so many bloggers at one go, mostly ladies some more, not forgetting the yummylicious food! I have been to KL so many times but never had opportunity to meet up with so many at one go.. πŸ™‚

    You so sombong…ask you to come, you don’t want. Just hop on the train, so easy and so convenient for all you people over there. Wanna drive also no problem…the highway so very nice, not like what we have here. 😦

    1. Claire never sombong la. In fact she is one of the most humble blogger. I bet she was crying her eyes out that night not being able to attend

      Ya, I’m sure she would love so much to join us. Too bad she had to go KL a week before that. I’m thinking of hopping over to Ipoh someday to go and visit her…maybe sometime next month. See how… Hopefully, Vincent Tan will chip in again for the trip. Hehehehehehe!!!!

      1. hey..dont come next month..i m not around but Elin is around..hahahaha… u will lose out on some food… hehehee… but replaced with some desserts! πŸ™‚

        You’re going to the US or where? I heard somebody say you’re going in December? Why so secretive one? Let us know, maybe we want to tag along – more fun! Dunno why people must be so secretive and then suddenly, you see their posts and they’re somewhere else in the world.

  6. Fresh air eh? πŸ˜‰

    Hey, this looks like an awesome gathering. Glad you had fun! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! You caught the drift, buddy? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€ Ya, had a great trip…but too bad, we did not have time to catch up – had a very tight schedule but we’ll get together some other time – either there or back here in Sibu. Cheers, buddy!

  7. Sob sob.. so sad I couldn’t make it to meet u and everyone else 😦

    Yes, too bad we did not get to meet this time around but there will be other times, I’m sure… πŸ˜‰

  8. Fresh air?..yeah, right!! I don’t really fancy all those dishes except the sotong. That really looks so darn good..meleleh air liur! As for fish head curry, I really think that the Mamaks and Malays got it right and the Chinese version is much watered down and taste wise, not sure if curry or asam fish.

    It was curry all right but different people’s curry – some nice, some not as good…so this one, I would say was not as nice as what we have here at one or two places – one, they say the lady boss has her secret recipe all the way from Indonesia (I think she has her roots there). The chef left and went to another restaurant – what he cooked there looked the same but not quite the same!

    Same thing with assam fish – some can do it really well, others not so. The one here would definitely fail based on looks – but it actually tasted very nice! I don’t mind assam fish actually, never mind head or body. Never tried Indian or Malay fish head curry or whatever.

    The ladies loved the sotong – I was just ok with it.

  9. Mmmm … my favorite was the kangkong as well!! And I didn’t even eat the omelet. No big deal la, omelet. Haha! SK is right. The chicken really did look like roadkill but it tasted quite nice … no scrimping on the herbs there. The assam prawns were wetter than how the Penangites do it but it was really good! I believe that was the first to go.
    You really should stay longer for everyone to get to know you better. It was very sweet of you to give out goody bags even to those you were meeting for the first time. Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you.

    Oh? So you’re from the same school as Dato’ Nicol David eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    Most welcome, it certainly was my pleasure… We’ll meet again, I’m sure…and everybody’s most welcome to hop over to Sibu. You will not be disappointed, I am sure. I always thought the food here isn’t much – there would be a whole lot of nicer stuff over there…but having sampled a bit, I can jolly well understand why those who came were praising everything to the skies…and went for second rounds some more! Come, come! Come and try for yourself!

    Ya…the chicken – probably overcooked so when they wanted to chop it up to serve, it all came apart… Tasted good though – I loved it! My idea of assam prawns would be something like the Malays’ – soupy…like their assam fish. First time having it like this – very different, nice too.

  10. Salute! The curry quite pedas wor . Can drink just like that means can tahan pedas

    Not pedas at all leh? Maybe my tastebuds numb already, all the time at home, chili not pedas…tambah cili padi! Baru ada kick!

  11. Kudos to QPC for arranging the dinner and making the lovely macs n cake

    Food ok la. That chic is from your table? Hmmm…like tak cukup masak with reddish meat. Our table was ok
    Omelets was ok for me. Kids can eat. Too bad j tarak follow.

    Post on the desserts coming up tomorrow. Hang on…

  12. The food looks so good. Love the prawns, squid and kangkong. Really have a great time and great company. How was your feeling that night being surrounded by all the leng lui? Feeling on top of the world and in cloud 9, rite? hehehehe!!!!…

    Not really, used to it already… Always the thorn among the roses. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  13. Well I can see you had a great time, being surrounded by friends at times makes everything taste even better. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. πŸ™‚

    Yes, the company was great and that was the most important. Certainly had a wonderful time together. πŸ™‚

  14. Can’t help but envy…envy…envy you!…but I’m also very happy for you! Afterall, I also enjoyed reading your post πŸ™‚

    Let me know if you’re coming by this way. I can hop over and we can have a gathering like this too…with lots of great food to enjoy as well. πŸ˜‰

  15. What can I say here? that curry fish head is so red and so delicious. I just had my dinner, feel like having it with a bowl of white rice. yummy.

    Nice meet up at KL yeah.

    It certainly was great.

  16. I think this restaurant is famous because of its ‘home-cooked’ dishes. We KL ppl seldom get to eat ‘home-cooked’ dishes so the simple food here appeals to lots of us πŸ™‚

    Ya, I guessed as much and my goodness, the crowd! Business was so good!

  17. It has been a great nite meeting you guys again and of course some new bloggers too. I have skipped my lunch cos I know I will be stuffed with all these delicious food. Glad I make it to 1 1/2 plate of rice..ahahhahahha.

    If you are reading this….wana tell you it has been so nice once meeting you again! Thanks for giving me a ride on that nite!

    Mandy’s a great friend, such a wonderful lady. Glad everybody gets to meet her that night. Waht? You had one and half plates of rice, you small thing? Gee!!! Some people have all the luck in the world. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Oh, the salted chicken is definitely delicious! Wow, u hv captured the eccense of the food, beautiful pics!

    Thanks for your kind words… πŸ˜‰

  19. Looks like a fun & “food full” gathering!! Too bad, can’t join you all that night for the dinner. 😦

    Next time if got chance, should bring you to the curry place that i said in Cheras, it is good, even my mum said it taste like the one in Sheraon. I am not really a curry person and not really can go crazy over it, but my hub is a crazy curry fans and diy i said we cook curry very often at home too? Eeeeeeeeeee..

    I think other diners in the restaurant, must be envy you, thorn among roses, surronded by so many pretty ladies!!

    Use A1 Mountain Globe curry paste – seafood for curry fish head. My missus uses that – just as nice as Sheraton. Just add a few stalks of serai, lots of curry leaves…and chopped Bombay onions. All the veg and stuff, those up to you lah… Tastes so good and best part, no hassle at all!!!

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