Get together tonight…

It all started when Quay Po posted photos of her meeting with some of the bloggers in Ipoh and it certainly looked like they had a really great time so I asked her when they would be having one in KL for I would like to have a share of the fun too. The next thing I knew the date was fixed and everyone was very keen and expressing their interest in being a part of the little bloggers’ get-together.

I checked the airfares and it was quite cheap – RM81 one way (all in, food and 20kg baggage but exclusive of airport tax) so I quickly made my bookings. Someone must be looking down at me from above and felt that I could do with a bit of extra cash…and that Sunday, I won something – enough to pay for the air tickets. Then, I started to look for a hotel and when I finally settled on one, I called them and made the reservations and believe it or not, that very Saturday the following weekend, the same number came out for the same prize…so I won the same amount of money that would come in handy in paying for the hotel rooms. Ain’t that simply great? A weekend trip, sponsored by Vincent Tan! LOL!!!

I went over on Friday and on Saturday night, we all met here…


…for the famous curry fish head. It seems that it is very popular among the folks around…

Curry fish head

…but I was not too impressed by it. I think we have a couple of places in Sibu where the curry fish head is a lot nicer.

But I really really loved the prawns though…


If I’m not mistaken, they were supposed to be assam prawns but they did not come across like what I had imagined. It did not matter though for the prawns were HUGE and very sweet and fresh and the gravy was simply superb.

Everyone loved the sotong (squid)…


…which was probably fried with curry powder and lots of curry leaves. They were ok to me – it did not get me coming back for more but I definitely had more than just one helping of the very nice salt-baked chicken…

Salted baked chicken

I thought that was pretty good and had quite a lot of it. My missus tried cooking it once but both my daughter and I did not quite enjoy it – I think she used the more nutritious kampung chicken and we were somewhat put off by the taste…and maybe the packet of ready-mixed herbs that she used wasn’t really the best around either.

These were supposed to be some kind of lor bak or what we call ngor hiang over here…

ngor hiang

…but they were not long and cylindrical and they were soft. But what was most important was that they were very nice and everybody obviously shared the same sentiments for they were all gone in no time at all!

I was not too keen on the egg omelette though…


– I can cook that myself at home anytime and perhaps I am a bit biased but I think mine is nicer. LOL!!!

The fried kangkong with prawns and belacan (dried prawn paste)…


…was absolutely superb indeed, much better than many that I have had elsewhere.

Personally, I feel that this restaurant is not exactly like most of the others as the dishes served here seem like home-cooked stuff and probably that is the special appeal that makes it so alluring to many people over there…and that would explain why the place was fully packed with so many people, mostly in big groups…and for each one that left, there would be another group coming in to take over the table. Business was that good!

Well, the food was good but what made the evening so great was the delightful company of all my blogger-friends who took their time off and made an effort to attend and make the event a real successful one. Thank you so much, smallkucing, Yee Ling, little sprout & mum, Ping, Shannon, Jocel, Abbygail and her hubby and my good friend, Mandy…and Peng as well, whom I had met when she came over to Sibu with Quay Po…and of course, I must extend a very big and special thank you to Quay Po for going through all the hassle to get everyone together and for organising the event. Too bad that my friend, Isaac Tan, had some problems with his car and he and his missus had to give it a miss.

I must not forget also to give special mention to those who made those irresistable superbly mouth-watering desserts and brought them along to share with everybody at the dinner but I am saving those for the next post…and there was also an exchange of gifts – thanks to whom it may concern for the ones I received. Those would be in the next post too.

All too soon, it was time to call it a day but before we left and went our separate ways, we had a group photograph for remembrance of this wonderful evening that we had together…

One for the album

To those that I was meeting for the first time, it certainly was my pleasure to make the acquaintance and I hope the feeling was mutual…and to those friends of mine whom I have known for quite sometime now, I certainly was glad to see you all again. Thank you, one and all, once more for everything.

Sometime halfway through the dinner, I went out of the restaurant for a bit of fresh air and while I was outside, I saw a man who looked kinda familiar. I kept looking at him hoping that he would show some kind of recognition but seeing that there was no response, I quickly finished what I was doing and went back inside. Who knows? That guy might be thinking that I was some kind of pervert trying to hit on him. Eyewwwwwww!!!! I would like to think that I have much better taste than that! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Then, as we were leaving, it turned out that it was indeed my blogger friend, Twilight Man!!! Good grief! KL and the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya is so very big and to think that I would bump into him at this restaurant in the middle of nowhere in some housing area there! Our lives are truly pre-destined and who we would meet and when and where are all fated – I’m sure everyone would agree with me on this and it certainly was nice meeting you, Twilight Man, even though it was some kind of a hello-goodbye thing…but there will be other occasions after this, I’m sure.