For the first time in my life…

Reana Claire loves this so much. I’ve seen a number of her posts on it and it seems that every opportunity she gets, she would want to have this which gave me the impression that it must be really very good.

So when I hopped over to the peninsula, smallkucing insisted on taking me to one place there

MSH Restaurant

to try.

Oooo…they have porcelain crockery there…

Porcelain crockery

That certainly puts it a class above the rest that use all those melamine ones or worse – plastic!

One must be careful though for if you happen to break anything…


…you will have to pay for it. Hehehehehe!!!

Hey! What’s this?

Celebrity calls...

Famous Hong Kong movie star, Eric Tsang, was here before, it seems and I must say that he and the lady boss of this restaurant look like siblings – brother and sister. What do you think? LOL!!!

And finally, after all this while…for the first time of my life…(*trumpet fanfare*), the Poon Choi!!!

MSH Poon Choi 1

It was served placed on a mobile mini-gas cooker and once the boiling started…

MSH Poon Choi 2

…we could start eating already.

So was it good? Of course it was good! How could anything with prawns, scallops, sea cucumber, mussels, roast duck, stewed pork…and goodness knows what else not be good? But I would think that at over RM160++, it was extremely pricey…and this was supposedly the small serving. I really wonder how HUGE the big one would be. Well, it is cheap if you consider all the expensive stuff that they have inside but I thought that the taste was not anything special that would make it stand out as something that everyone must have at least once in a lifetime.

If you want to talk about special, now THIS is really special – the salt baked tilapia…

MSH salt-baked tilapia 1

They stuff the fish with salt, garlic and everything else…and they cake it with more salt under the skin (Don’t ask me how to do that! I wouldn’t know!)…and then bake it. I loved it a lot especially the part close to the middle…

MSH salt-baked tilapia 2

…which was slightly oily, fish oil, I guess –  and a lot tastier with the fragrance of all the stuffing.

We also had their asparagus with nuts, including macadamia nuts…

MSH asparagus with nuts

…and like the Poon Choi, it was very nice but not exceptional.

We had this jelly platter as well for dessert…

MSH jelly platter

…by which time, I was already bursting at the seams. Thank you so very much, mama & papakucing and little kucing, for the delightful lunch. I would feel that it’s a bit too expensive for a casual lunch treat though – it would not be so bad having that to celebrate some special occasion…but I did bring you some ong or good fortune, sitting in your car the first time the previous afternoon – your license plate number came out 2nd prize!!! Hmmmmm…unfortunately, you did not buy. That lunch could have been paid for by Vincent Tan! Sigh!!!!! LOL!!!

Oh ya!!! Thanks also for these very very nice nyonya kuihs…

Nyonya kuihs

I loved them all!!! Nom…nom…nom!!!

And in case you’re wondering what the little kucing was doing here…

Little kucing

…he was demonstrating to me how the kindy teachers punished the kids, making them pull the ears and squat. Good grief! I thought they get naked female inmates to do that in lockups and prison cells though I’m not too sure about the legality of the practice…and they do that to the poor little kids in kindergartens too? Lord have mercy, may He forgive those torturers… Tsk! Tsk!