Here before…

I was here at Paramount Garden in PJ (Petaling Jaya) before in 2009…

Popular in Paramount

…when peteformation took me there for breakfast. I finally got to meet Simple Person in person when he came to see me last Saturday morning and he took me to this very same place. I did not know he was going to take me there or else I would have suggested some other alternative, not that the food here isn’t good – in fact, everything is very nice but I would prefer trying some place else for a change. Anyway, since we were already there, I reckoned I could try some of the other stuff that I did not get the chance to sample on my previous visit.

SP, short for Simple Person, insisted that I tried their prawn mee and lor mee combo…

Prawn & lor mee combo

…which was a combination of the two, from this stall…

Prawn & lor mee stall

I tried a bit and I thought it tasted like prawn mee but actually, they served the two side by side in a bowl and to eat it, one would have to mix it all together before eating and I did not know that. The lor mee part was something like the Hailam lor mee I had here and not really like the usual lor mee that we can get at some places in town.

Even after I had done that, I thought they had mihun only in it…

Mihun in it

…but actually they had some yellow noodles as well…

and yellow noodles too

I guess I did not mix everything thoroughly enough so I tossed it some more and then, went on eating. Was it any good? I would say with no reservations whatsoever that it was and I would not mind having that again…and again.

SP had the curry mee…

Curry mee

…but I would not know how it tasted as he never asked me to sample a bit from his bowl. Hehehehehehe!!!!

He also ordered some popiah which I already had the last time I was there…


…simply because I would love to have that since we cannot get any decent ones in Sibu unless we make our own at home. He wanted to get me the chee cheong fun, Penang style…with prawn paste but I did not want that. I had it before not just here but also in Penang and I am not too crazy about the combination – it is pretty nice really, just that I would prefer trying something else.

Then off he went again and this time, he came back with this yong tofu

Yong tofu

I loved some of the stuff they had in it but I was so very full already and had to force myself to go on.

And as if that was not enough, he took me to this mobile stall…

Hasan's 1

…not too far away from where we were…

Hasan's 2

…and we had the cendol…

Hasan's cendol

Well, any cendol anywhere is better than what we can get in Sibu – I have yet to find one that is really very nice here. He also bought some nyonya kuihs and insisted that I tried but I was already filled to the brim by then. We just shared a piece of the green and white kuih talam which was very nice but unfortunately, that was all I could manage.

Thanks so very much, SP, for the lovely “breakfast”. It certainly was a pleasure meeting you in the flesh…and thanks also for the heong peah (extreme left)…

From SP & smallkucing

– it was so very thoughtful of you to bring me a little something. (Smallkucing went to Marks & Spencer @ Paradigm Mall – without me! Tsk! Tsk! – and got me the rest of the things that you can see in that photograph.)

I certainly look forward to seeing you again sometime – perhaps you can hop over to Sibu in the near future and it will be my turn then to treat you to the best that we have in town. Rest assured that you will not regret it for we do have a lot of goodies in store, we most certainly do!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Here before…”

  1. wow wow wow!! SP is such a nice guy showing all his PJ hospitality huh?? on and on he kept feeding you with food (that you’ve actually tasted before but feel bad to tell him that).. but how can you be stuffed up already with just that bowl of prawn loh mee??

    Me – big only, tangki very small… I do not eat so much, really. No leh? I’m very honest and straightforward one – I told him I was there before…but I did not get to taste the hay mee-lor mee kahwin and I did not mind giving it a try. Yes, SP’s very nice…young chap, very spirited, chatty…and generous – not like me, old man…slow, sluggish and boring. LOL!!! 😀

  2. i have been to that shop before when i was working nearby many years ago.. can’t really remember actually, and not to mention, was there anything that was so nice i would never forget?? hahahaha~~ but you must trust SP, he is the expect in hunting for PLC food in PJ~~

    I liked it the first time and I like it this time around too…and the crowd there would all disagree with you too. Had to grab the seats of some people leaving and sharing with a friendly English-speaking couple…and when they left, a mother and daughter pair grabbed their places. Ooooo…so many people, like they’re all eating for free – and the popiah businesss was so good – the lady (that couple one) said had to go self-service…so very busy, no time to serve. You, I know lah…high class one – where got go kopitiam like this – sekurang2nya go to McD’s. Too bad you did not even bother to take me to one. Sobssssss!!!!!! 😦

  3. wow, you guys like to exchange gifts when meet up huh?? errrr, that’s something i have never thought of doing myself~~ :p

    What exchange gifts? Would not even bother to show up and say hello, so sombong one… 😦

    1. SK .. STP will remember you forever… so better get an air ticket and fly to SIbu..
      kneel down and offer a cup of tea to STP for forgiveness…..

      Not just kneel and offer tea! Have to kowtow three times and the head must touch the ground. LOL!!! 😀

    2. kow tow until the head bleed….
      see whether next time SK dare not to meet STP.. lol

      Ooi!!! That one your fuifui commenting kah? You better behave now, don’t play play! LOL!!! 😀

    3. I thot u will take stone and throw? Got scared of your threat tat’s y I showed up…

      You so big, scared of small stone kah? LOL!!!

  4. Hey, that sounds very interesting! I’ve seen Hokkien mee and curry mee sold side by side by the same stall but I never knew you could order it mixed together!

    It sounds very promising, I shall go check it out. 😀

    I loved it! Very nice…and of course, I’ve a soft spot for nicely stewed fatty pork. LOL!!! You live nearby, Huai Bin? Very familiar with the place, I see?

  5. THAT’s a breakfast?! Good grief! That would have been enough for the whole day for me! I thought your chendol in melaka looked a whole lot better than Hassan’s. I’ve tried Hassan’s and wasn’t that impressed.

    Precisely!!! And don’t forget to drop by tomorrow and see what I had for lunch…before our dinner that night. Muahahahahahaha!!!!! Ya, the cendol wasn’t great – just ok, not bad…and better than anything we can get here. I also had better ones in Penang but Melaka’s the best – RM3.50 for a small bowl wor, don’t play play!!!

    1. Oh! He forgot to take you to a Penang nyonya kuih shop just a road away across from Hassan’s. They make them and supply them to some restaurants and also a small amount to the public. It’s called Ah Han. Tiny little shop. Good stuff.

      I know. He pointed it out to me but we did not drop by to look around…and I was baffled as to why he went back to 0 & S to buy – for his parents, he said…instead of going to that shop.

  6. I say, more good food. I haven’t had curry mee and popiah for quite some time now. Must persuade my better half to take me to perhaps SS2 one of these days. Cendol is always yummy. You didn’t try the Indian rojak?

    No, the stacked-up fritters certainly looked good but I was really too full already by then… Ya, go ahead. The food there is pretty good…

  7. So wonder your programs are full in KL! So many “FANS” to take you out.. do come again, Arthur.. anytime wanted over here one.. popular demand… lol..

    Ipoh kah? No fans there leh…so go over, in the end stuck in hotel only dunno where to go. Hint! Hint! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. No la… dont say like that.. u come IPOH, sure got many bloggers emerging out of nowhere to meet you up… now they are quietly hiding somewhere.. when you come, make sure Mandy comes too..then we go for a big treat…MY TREAT!!

      That one, you will have to discuss with Mandy – see if she will let you pay or not… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. it is very stressful to bring STP for makan..
    since he is a food expert and it is very paiseh if brought him to eat “not nice” food……
    well glad that you enjoy it….

    No lah…I’m not very fussy when eating with friends – it’s always the company that matters more. But if alone, then probably I would be more critical.. The focus will be solely on the food. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. Oh… this is one of my favourite coffee shops. It is usually crowded during peak hours and weekends. I like the prawn mee but I have yet to try the lor mee.

    Yes, sooooo very crowded! Luckily we were able to get seats. If we had to stand around and wait, I would have suggested going some place else.

  10. Curry mee I still loyal to ah loy’s curry mee in OUG. Biasa the taste already coz eat that since young.

    Yes O & S hv a lot of good food. Behind that o & s is the sorn restaurant. Many likes the claypot chicken rice there but for me the standard not constant as it depend on who cook that.

    There also a duck place in that area – both Pete and SP mentioned it but I have not had the chance to try that. OUG? That would be further up from the Pearl International Hotel/Pearl Point area, right? Had some nice food at some of the shops there before…long long ago.

    1. Kathy nothing beat the claypot chicken rice in Segambut. Arthur, next time you come, I must take you there.

      Ah!!! Claypot chicken rice! With salted fish inside? We had a nice place here – pork belly plus salted fish…and everything else. Ooooo….so nice. Unfortunately it’s closed now… Been closed for a long time already, dunno why. 😦

    2. Oh yes, there is a duck place there, very famous, if i remember correctly it is named ” Sunrise”? Been there once for lunch, tsk tsk tsk, so crowded and very hot place.

      Oh? Then that’s not a place for me, thank you very much. LOL!!!

  11. Aiyo, hungry la looking at the Pg Prawn Lor Mee & Popiah. Wish the owner open a stall in KL…sure I go there for my lunch & dinner.

    Too far from where you are? Not at Jalan Alur, I know – nothing much that is nice there… Maybe at Lot 10 Hutong but that would be more expensive, I’m sure. There’s a place behind Lot 10 and Coronade Hotel, behind the back portion of Starhill…if you use the shortcut through from Bukit Bintang to Jalan Imbi – there are some hawker stalls there and I had some nice stuff there – dunno if they are still there or not or whether they are still any good.

  12. What you mean you big only and tank is small? Small tank can take in so much food meh? I have been to this place before but not keen to wait for so long for a table. I am not comfortable waiting beside a table where people are still eating but popular places like this one, there is no other choice.

    Luckily, we did not have to wait…but we did have to share a table with other people that we did not know. I would have left too if I had to stand around and wait.

  13. Woah…SP ordered so much of food for you!
    Guess SP was drooling over the curry mee (which looks good!)..never ask u to try pun! hahahahaha

    Some people are not used to sharing, I guess…especially with people they do not know so well. I’m like that too…

    1. Just in case u r wondering, SP memang doesn’t like to share. Especially when it comes to his favourite chicken rice! His usual remark would be “I want the whole single portion all by myself :P”

      Wahhhh!!!! So greedy one kah? He so proudly declared that they gave him the whole drumstick!!! Didn’t ask if I wanted to try a bit pun! Tsk! Tsk! Not even with you? Hmmmm….then you can refuse to share anything with him too. Ask him to go and get a cold shower. LOL!!! 😀

  14. I never knew that prawn mee and lor mee can kahwin. Ngam kah? I drooling habis looking at the popiah. I very stress now thinking where to bring you makan while you are here since your this KL trip everybody bring you to the best place for everything….I tak mau! Golden churn butter with crumpets every meal can or not?

    No worries…I bring Mee Daddy and we can have that every day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. LOL!!!

    Over there, lots of things to eat lah…but don’t bother bringing me to try those things we can get here…like curry mee, Malaysian food, nyonya food – unless you cook it yourself – that one special, I want!!! LOL!!! Otherwise, if I want to eat those bluff-the-ang-moh ones, I might as well just stay home and eat what we have here.

    Ya! The two kahwin, very nice wor… First time trying!

    1. Shereen, kasi dia itu Geon… ikan mentah mentah, tak masak punya LOL

      Sashimi…or our Sarawak’s own umai, that one? LOL!!!

      1. LCS,
        Lu ingat Arthur tu kucing kah?..hahahaha.He’s a harimau…high class harimau you…will only baham si Angus, no less..LOL!

        Anus? Oops…I mean, Angus only kah? Not Wagyu? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

      2. ohhh sorry….kalau cam tu, kasi a whole spring lamb on the pitt la

        A piglet too? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  15. O & S very famous in Seapark, been there once or twice too. But i am not a fans of Lam mee or prawn mee, shame to said, stayed in KL for so long, i think i only had it once or twice.

    Wah!! Your breakfast is really “heavy”!!! tsk tsk tsk. I was wondering too, how come you didn’t try the indian rojak, which cannot get in Sibu. You must be over eat at O & S.

    You’re so famous, no wonder all time also fully booked!

    Yalor…so very full already…and then had to go for lunch again – wait till you see the lunch! Tomorrow’s post! Sure you will pengsan one! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Hi, I’m back in one piece. Settle my mini war with 5 SILs who to take care of my dementia MIL but not me. Enough is enough, cos I already take care of my stroke FIL previously.

    Lucky you, so many delicious food. Such a nice heavy breakfast, eat like a king. The popiah look excellent.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Yes, I had a great one…looking forward to more of such nice weekends to come. Hmmm….own daughters, don’t want to take care…push to DIL? Tsk! Tsk!

  17. No wonder SP complain you eat a lot lah. Actually, it was him who tried to force feed you like a cattle for the slaughter! hahaha~~

    I just ate my own and a bit of the rest. He ate most of everything himself… Wife not around, no queen control – so buka puasa lah! Hehehehehe!!!

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