First night…

The first night I was in Petaling Jaya, a friend of mine dropped by the hotel to see me and insisted on taking me out for dinner. I was still very full from the late afternoon tea of mille crepes so I agreed to just go to some place nearby and whatever my friend ordered, I would just take a bit of everything.

Eventually, we ended up at this Thai restaurant in Kelana Jaya, to be more precise…

BRT restaurant

…located in one of the blocks behind the one where my hotel was located.

We had the pad thai

BRT pad Thai

…which was quite nice – not sensational but it was good and something I would not mind having again.

The mango salad…

BRT mango salad

…was great too but I was wondering how come it did not have the usual sprinkling of crushed peanuts that I would normally see in Thai salads.

I loved the tom yam

BRT tom yam

…but my friend, who had this preference for the clear soup variety, did not really like it. For one thing, it had santan (coconut milk) in it which I don’t recall seeing in the tom yams I have had before…but I would think that it complemented the dish well and I did enjoy it like this.

And of course, I MUST have this at any Thai restaurant that I go to – my favourite mango pulut (glutinous rice) dessert…

BRT mango pulut dessert

Durian would have been nice too but they did not have that.

It wasn’t some fancy cafe or restaurant, just a nice little place, not air-conditioned, nothing very impressive. Service was great, all of them Thais…and I don’t think it was expensive. My friend picked up the tab but if I heard correctly, I think the total was around RM26.00, inclusive of drinks.

If anyone is wondering about the location, he or she can click this link and look at the map that shows the hotel where I stayed. The Thai restaurant is located around where the bubble with the name of the hotel is on the map.

And incidentally, if anyone of you is in the vicinity, you may want to check out this place…

7th Mile Kitchen

It is located right next to the Thai restaurant – a small and simple eating place, nothing fancy or at least from what I could see from a distance. It was closed when we went next door that night and I only noticed it when I went for a stroll early the next morning. I think there were two stalls, probably one for making the drinks and the other for preparing the food.

I’ve been to one place at the actual 7th Mile Bazaar in Kuching where the Sarawak laksa and the Kuching kolo mee were pretty good but I don’t know about this one as I did not get to go and try. The tomato kway teow or mee would be the uniquely Kuching-style of cooking – I used to love it a lot but I have not had it for quite a while now. Kacang ma is another Kuching specialty that you should try…or if you do not want anything, just have a Sundrop, formerly known as Green Spot, which is a non-aerated orange drink that is a great (and cheap) alternative to those expensive canned orange juice.

Come, go and give it a try one of these days and let me know if it’s any good…

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27 thoughts on “First night…”

  1. My kind of food those Thai dishes! Look so nice. Too bad most of Thai restaurants here cater to mostly westerners palate.. Everything is too sweet.

    Oh? Tom yam and Thai salads are all sour leh? Not over there? I love Thai too…

  2. Everything looks so colorful. THe mango salad looks delicious, and I have some at the house, so I’ll have to make my own mango salad. I haven’t made pad thai in ages. I think I’ll make some soon, but first I need sprouts. It’s a good thing it only takes a few days for beans to sprout. I’ll need to do a search to see what’s in tom yam, sort of reminds me of a dish I’d get when I worked downtown. It was my favorite Thai restaurant, and it received rave reviews since they offered authentic food.

    Here in the United States it seems that lot of foreign restaurants, water down their dishes to appeal to those within the USA, and so the rare occasion I did eat at a restaurant (I love preparing my own food) I’d hunt for those that didn’t “Americanize” their cuisine.

    Tom yam is sour and spicy, lots of lemon grass and stuff – I think one can cook vegetable tom yam with cabbage, carrot…like vegetable curry. Yes, it’s the same everywhere…like how they say our western restaurants or even those Japanese, Korean ones and the rest are not the same as in their places of origin. For one thing, they may not be able to get the ingredients they need so they have to substitute or make do without…or they have to cater to the local tastes. This one should be authentic enough, I guess – they’re all Thais there…

    1. Tom yam, definitely sounds similar to the soup I had at the restaurant. I love lemon grass, and have plenty of that and many other herbs growing in our yard.

      I think I’ll plan a lunch date with my daughter at that restaurant, before she returns to school at the end of this month. Even though I prepared food, when I worked out of the home (in downtown Baltimore) I kept going back because the food was good, and the people who worked their were friendly.

      You do make a great point about availability of food items. Some restaurants might not have access to certain items, although the internet makes getting numerous items that aren’t local much easier. However, price could be a factor.

      I guess I’m spoiled, I have friends/acquaintances that scale a variety of cultures. Because of them, I’ve been introduced to foods I never would have had before. So I could say, eating at their house is like eating at a good restaurant. Whatever they serve is delicious.

      Yes, definitely…the price! Asian things are very very expensive abroad – like how my friend was so tickled to see that carrots were so expensive here – they’re imported, we do not grow them locally. Our climate’s not suitable, I guess.

      Yes, of course, nothing beats own home-cooked food. I do think that many of the things that I cook can be better (and cheaper) than what we can get at the shops…just that it can be tedious and quite a hassle – easier to eat out and when one has visitors, one would like to spend time with them instead of getting cooped up in the kitchen.

  3. Hmmmmm was wondering why that kerabu mango no kacang too.

    I don’t like tom yam with santan. Each time eat that will rasa pening. Maybe too oily.

    First time I tried and I love it. Will try cooking it myself.

  4. The Thai food all looked very tasty. Mango kerabu is my top pick at any Thai restaurant. Yah, there should be kacang on the kerabu. As for Tom Yam, I like both styles. Are you sure you heard correctly only RM26.00?

    Yes…and I thought to myself – hey, that’s cheap!

  5. I can’t believe you had food the whole afternoon before you came for dinner. I wonder how many kilograms you have gained that weekend. muahaha

    This was Friday – wait till you see Saturday and all that I had before dinner! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Ya, I forgot you came to KL on Friday. You know I frequently mix up the days now. I baked the macarons on Thursday night thinking it was Friday night, if not, they would have tasted even better. AIYAH, I am really losing it.

      You need a personal secretary… Attractive salary, food and lodging provided – I will apply! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Yahor…the missing crushed peanuts on mango salad!
    I see they gave generous amount of Mangos for the Mango Sticky rice.

    Maybe peanuts getting a bit too expensive these days? Ya…my favourite! I simply love this Thai dessert so much… Yummmmm!!!!!

  7. Wah…I like pad thai above anything. It’s a must have for me when I visit Bangkok. I agree with you, durian with glutinous rice is equally good too πŸ™‚

    Better! Nicer! But most of the time, it’s not available – they usually have mango only. 😦 Not crazy about pad thai – it’s something like fried kway teow, more or less.

  8. OMG….what is the highest record of meal for a day…LOL!!

    This was just the tip of the iceberg – just those crepes we shared for tea…and I also shared these Thai delights with my friend. Not really in full swing…yet! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Hey Arthur, my comment is missing~~ I remember i was the 4th one to comment… i was saying..
    Anything Thai, I am IN! I love their dishes.. kerabu, tomyam (minus santan), pandan chicken, their fabulous desserts… etc…
    Ok, now looking forward to what you have taken during the last weekend!

    No worries – you will get to see lots!!! Spilling over till next week, I tell you. Ate…and ate…and ate…. You like Thai? I thought you’re not really into spicy stuff, more into Chinese? Don’t miss this coming Saturday’s post!!! Comment missing? Dunno? Nothing in spam… Happened to me a few times also in your blog…

  10. I regretted coming into your blog at this hour. You makes me sooooo hungry ! haha…. I have to nimble on some biscuits while reading to sooth my growling stomach.

    Almost lunchtime… Go and have something, quick! LOL!!!

  11. The mango salad looks so juicy and nice. Ya….with some crushed peanuts will be better. Maybe they ran out of crushed peanuts ?

    Maybe, or they forgot… LOL!!!

  12. Maybe you missed out the “1” in front of the “26.00”. But, nah, can’t be that much for a no-frills place. Very good deal indeed by KL standards! There’s a no frills but air-conditioned Thai place in Subang that I like to frequent. Very simple street food, reasonable and good. Will take you there next time you’re here.
    I’ll need to check out that 7th mile place. The 1st and last time I had Sarawak laksa was at KLCC. Cost me an arm and the rest of my limbs and totally turned me off the dish. I can’t believe it tastes that bad when so many people are raving about it. Must pluck up courage and go for a 2nd opinion. I must admit I’m not to familiar with Sarawakian food.

    Try Auntie Christina’s at Bangsar too. I hear her laksa is pretty good…

  13. Ahh miss Thai food! We get plenty of authentic Thai restaurants opened by Thais here too, but definitely at a much more expensive price! RM26 for the whole meal of yours is probably equivalent to the price of some spring rolls here! :O

    Developed advanced country, where got the same? We, still Third World…so kesian. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. RM26 ?? Cheap! Pad Thai look good, lucky i got my CKT this morning. kekeke

    Ah! The other day you was at Section 17 for food foundry, actually nearby that area, got one very nice thai food, ” I am spicy” It is really good and another good one thai food “Elephant” also round the corner too. When you come again? Should bring you to either one of the place for thai cuisine, you will love it.

    I think I’ve heard of Elephant…or I’ve seen it somewhere. Was such a short trip. Hopefully, I would be able to stay longer the next time around… πŸ˜‰

  15. so it was just ONE friend that dined with you together?? just a little bit of whatever he ordered?? hmmm, seems like he’s ordered enough “little bits” for you as a proper meal!! haha, no wonder SP said you eat a lot!! wakakakaaka..

    what?? all that for just RM26?? cannot be, you must have heard wrongly, perhaps RM26 per person would be more reasonable in PJ..

    No leh! That was exactly what I heard. Cheap hor!!! Ya…one friend…and it wasn’t you! 😦 Muahahahahaha!!!!

  16. My friends from Manila also crave for the mango with sticky rice. You could actually get one at the Thailand airport before boarding.

    Oh? I guess we’ll have to eat it all there and then? Durians and mangoes are not allowed on board any flights here…

  17. Oooo the mango salad does look good. You put KL bloggers to shame la.. come here for a few days edi can discover a nice Thai restaurant LOL!!

    Actually I would prefer going to try places that people have not blogged about before…so I can feature them instead.

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t pad thai resemble a little of our char koay teow? Ah, mango salad. I would love to hop into a Thai store and have the whole plate of this salad to myself. =D

    I’m sure your friend must have been glad that you were there to willingly sample a little of the dishes that he ordered. =)

    The one and the same thing – maybe a bit of difference in the ingredients, but basically the same. The salad was good but I loved the mango pulut most of all – must be my sweet tooth. Oh? I love sharing…it shows caring, I think.

  19. The mango salad look appetizing, tom yam look delicious too.
    You really had a good time enjoying all the makan mania with your friends. So blogging is great, we get to meet friends from everywhere.

    Yes, I think that I have gained so much through blogging, made so many great friends everywhere. πŸ™‚

  20. woohoo! our friend simple person would be delighted to know there is kueh chap in KL. πŸ™‚ btw. going to 7th mile bazaar in kuching is more terrifying than going to carpenter street! kolo mee in 7th mile is good but i think the one behind 360 hotel is even better.

    Can’t wait to try that one when I get to go to Kuching again. Will always stay at 360, like the place and very affordable some more.

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