First night…

The first night I was in Petaling Jaya, a friend of mine dropped by the hotel to see me and insisted on taking me out for dinner. I was still very full from the late afternoon tea of mille crepes so I agreed to just go to some place nearby and whatever my friend ordered, I would just take a bit of everything.

Eventually, we ended up at this Thai restaurant in Kelana Jaya, to be more precise…

BRT restaurant

…located in one of the blocks behind the one where my hotel was located.

We had the pad thai

BRT pad Thai

…which was quite nice – not sensational but it was good and something I would not mind having again.

The mango salad…

BRT mango salad

…was great too but I was wondering how come it did not have the usual sprinkling of crushed peanuts that I would normally see in Thai salads.

I loved the tom yam

BRT tom yam

…but my friend, who had this preference for the clear soup variety, did not really like it. For one thing, it had santan (coconut milk) in it which I don’t recall seeing in the tom yams I have had before…but I would think that it complemented the dish well and I did enjoy it like this.

And of course, I MUST have this at any Thai restaurant that I go to – my favourite mango pulut (glutinous rice) dessert…

BRT mango pulut dessert

Durian would have been nice too but they did not have that.

It wasn’t some fancy cafe or restaurant, just a nice little place, not air-conditioned, nothing very impressive. Service was great, all of them Thais…and I don’t think it was expensive. My friend picked up the tab but if I heard correctly, I think the total was around RM26.00, inclusive of drinks.

If anyone is wondering about the location, he or she can click this link and look at the map that shows the hotel where I stayed. The Thai restaurant is located around where the bubble with the name of the hotel is on the map.

And incidentally, if anyone of you is in the vicinity, you may want to check out this place…

7th Mile Kitchen

It is located right next to the Thai restaurant – a small and simple eating place, nothing fancy or at least from what I could see from a distance. It was closed when we went next door that night and I only noticed it when I went for a stroll early the next morning. I think there were two stalls, probably one for making the drinks and the other for preparing the food.

I’ve been to one place at the actual 7th Mile Bazaar in Kuching where the Sarawak laksa and the Kuching kolo mee were pretty good but I don’t know about this one as I did not get to go and try. The tomato kway teow or mee would be the uniquely Kuching-style of cooking – I used to love it a lot but I have not had it for quite a while now. Kacang ma is another Kuching specialty that you should try…or if you do not want anything, just have a Sundrop, formerly known as Green Spot, which is a non-aerated orange drink that is a great (and cheap) alternative to those expensive canned orange juice.

Come, go and give it a try one of these days and let me know if it’s any good…