When I arrived in KL that day…or Petaling Jaya, PJ for short, to be exact, I checked into the hotel and waited for smallkucing to drop by to collect the box of “goodies” that I had brought over all the way from Sibu. The moment she and her hubby and little J arrived, they insisted on taking me out for tea and would not take no for an answer.

The next thing I knew, I was here

Food Foundry

As far as I know, Annie-Q frequents this place for their mille crepes but I noticed that they had cakes as well…

Food Foundry cake & crepe counter

…and also pasta and those kinds of stuff.

We just had some drinks and shared the mango mille crepe…

FF mango mille crepe

…and the vanilla one too…

FF vanilla mille crepe

Now, would I say they were better than the ones in Sibu? Well, for one thing, their layers of crepe were definitely thinner…but their crepes were shorter and the slices were smaller too. Β Tastewise, I liked the mango fragrance in the former but it was a bit sweet but I guess that could be attributed to the sweetness of the fruit used in the making. The vanilla one was not as creamy and rich as the ones that we have here but the bottom line would be the prices. I would feel that at around RM9 to over RM10.00, they were really too expensive or at least, I would think so.

Little J had an ice-cream potong

FF icecream potong

…and can you guess how much that cost?

Incidentally, credit goes to my friend, Mandy, for the photographs in this post. I was bringing the box down to the car so I had left my camera in my room and did not bring it with me…and before I knew it, I was whisked off to this place. Thus, I could not take any snaps of my own but luckily, Mandy had her iphone with her and could take a few shots and email them to me. Thanks, Mandy.

That, ladies & gentlemen, was the beginning of a whole lot to come and I do mean a whole lot! Stay tuned!!! LOL!!!

Thank you so much, papakucing, for the “gold bar” and the Rossa’s karaoke dvd and to you all for being so thoughtful in getting me the big bottle of mineral water and the packet of walnut cookies to make sure that I would not go hungry in the middle of the night in the hotel during my stay there…and to Little J for the Oreos.

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29 thoughts on “Better…”

  1. Love the mille crepe.. is hard to find it here… yummy! my favourite. the last i had it was in Queensbay, Penang

    They have it at Queensbay? Hope to get to try theirs someday then. I’ve tried two places outside of Sibu now – here and one in KL. The KL one, just forget about it…not nice and even more expensive.

  2. Like that I get commission or not? πŸ˜›

    Commission for his getting to meet me in person. Wah! Like mamasan like that kah… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. A bit expensive but lucky the crepe were good la.

    Thank you to Mandy too as she was really super fast like what yee ling said.

    Ok, but one serving is enough for one only. The ones in Sibu, one can easily be shared by two and they’re cheaper. Mandy’s always like that – have to deposit money with the cashier upon arrival if you want to beat her to it. LOL!!!

  4. I’ve had this before too but I prefer the one in Nadeje in Melaka. The Sibu one isn’t bad too – but as you mentioned, this has much thinner crepes, as does Nadeje. πŸ™‚

    I was in Melaka on a day trip, Sunday…but I was too full from the heavy breakfast in Seremban and an even heavier lunch at Makko in Melaka so I could not possibly go for the Nadeje mille crepes – would not do justice to it, I’m sure…eating it on an almost-bursting tummy. That will have to wait till another time then…

  5. Oh you were here? Didn’t know. Where is that Food Foundry place? The cakes do look good. Things certainly aren’t cheap in these parts. That’s why I hardly buy cakes and the Mille Crepes cost a fortune. Looking forward to your next post to see what you were up to.

    Somewhere in the middle of nowhere… If you ask me to take you there, I would not have a clue. In the midst of an area with some flats or something… You can google and find out – it’s all over the www. Ya…they’re definitely not cheap there – ours RM6.60 – RM8.80, the most expensive…and ours are at least 30% or more bigger and taller too…and probably nicer too. I reserve my comment in case some may say I’m biased.

  6. you are so lucky!! i haven’t even been to this place even i’m staying in klang valley!! hahaha, heard so much about the mille crepes in this place, but of course like you said RM10 a piece is really expensive.. i always think that food and drinks are sometimes too overpriced in KL..

    There! Yee Ling hasn’t been there either. Go, invite her to come along… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. anxiously looking forward to what you’ve done in KL.. took you so long to start posting them?? thought i’d be reading them once you’re back to Sibu, hahaha~~

    Old man mah… Enjoy two days, will take two weeks to recuperate and revitalise… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Then I also should go down to KL for the looks so refined… πŸ™‚ When you come over, I know you will not be lost cos there are so many friends here to take you here and there… such wonderful people around you.. :))

    Lost? Yes, head spinning kind of lost…dunno who gave what…old man really! So confused!!! Watch out for the post – coming soon!LOL!!!

  9. Tried their Vanilla Mille Crepe last weekend. Didn’t really like it as I found it to be heavy on cream / milky taste rather than Vanilla. Or maybe it’s just my tastebuds…

    Then maybe you will not like the Sibu ones then – creamier and richer…but not so sweet.

  10. Ohh no….even you have been there…tsk tsk..Still waiting for someone to bring me…ahhahahah

    Poor thing! So near yet so far! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. You’re so blessed to be so very well taken care of. You’re very popular indeed!
    I’ve had those mille crepes. Bought and brought home and added to the vanilla one an Orange Grand Marnier sauce ….. heaven! … kind of like a Crepe Suzette on steroids!
    I guess the prices are justified by the amount of time and work taken to make the layers. I really must attempt at making it one day …. one day … just to know. Boy, that’s one expensive ice lolly. What’s so special about it? Some exotic flavor?
    Actually, I thought the cakes were only ok for those prices but unfortunately their food is terrible!

    Watermelon flavoured ice lolly! RM5!!! @.@!!!! Oh? Interesting! I must try that with our mille crepes here too then…and ours are bigger and MUCH cheaper (and nicer too…perhaps). Yes, I am truly blessed indeed, praise the Lord.

  12. I have not tried yet.. and it looks good and delicious

    Come to Sibu and try the ones here – very much cheaper, bigger and just as nice…or even nicer – just that the layers of crepe not as thin, that’s all.

  13. Hahaha you come all the way from Sibu and have tried this mille crepe. I stay so near also haven’t been here. Did you try the one in Melaka? (Nadeje)

    Nope, was too full after eating…eating…eating all the way! Didn’t think of it at that point in time (too engrossed – went round and round in search of nyonya changs) but I could have tapaoed for later in the evening… Have to wait till another time then. 😦

  14. mille crepe, i like mine from Nadeje too! yummy! coming to Penang mou stp!

    You can try the ones here when you come over. Come, make it soon! No plans to go over to Penang right now, hope to do so some day.

  15. Haiyah, I miss tea with you because I have to send my mum to her best friend’s place and then get back home to do the Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes to bring with me to the dinner. So now I see your review on the the mille crepe at food foundry, I don’t have to go check it out. Can’t wait to see your posts on the whole trip.

    Slowly but surely…will have to go one step at a time and I think the posts will overflow into next week even. Lots to share! Nope, you do not need to go – more or less like Sibu ones but smaller and and more expensive – you’ve had the ones in Sibu, good enough! πŸ˜‰

  16. Heard a lot about their mille crepe. Yet to go or try pun. *sigh…
    BTW…u came to PJ alone?

    Yup! Vincent Tan sponsored enough for one return air ticket only! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. I got a feeling your poor tummy suffered throughout your trip recently… Lol! The Mille crepe and the cakes look so nice but nice does not mean very sedap kan?

    Didn’t try the cakes. The mille crepes were good but all things considered, I would rather go for the ones in Sibu.

    No, my tummy handled it all very well…except for the petai I had at Makko in Melaka – my goodness, was farting all night and VERY loudly too!!! And when I went to the toilet, eyewwwww….the stench! The smell of the petai! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  18. yalor, so blessed to be so well taken care of πŸ™‚ Mille crepes is difficult to make oh.. i made a 20 layer one, don’t have the patience to continue to 30 layer.. haha. and labour, rent is more expensive here wor.. how to make money if sell cheaper? kesian the owner, might as well don’t be in business if cannot make money πŸ™‚

    That’s what people always comment when they came here – things so cheap, how to make money…and yet all the houses so VERY big… How on earth did they manage? Well, don’t ask me, I don’t know…I’m poor, house very small… Sobsssss!!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    Not bad – at least you made it up to 20 – my missus used to make steamed layer cakes, thick layers…5 or 6 only and even then, the next time she made, ONE layer only! Could not be bothered anymore, just mixed it all together. Muahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  19. I have never been to this eatery! Had tried mille crepes in Nadeje, Melaka & it was irresistable.

    That good eh? Come, come to Sibu and try ours… Will sweep you off your feet, I’m sure…seeing that you love chocolate a lot!!! RM8.80 only! Vanilla, RM6.60 only! Yummmm!!!!!

  20. Looking good, this pursuit of (food) happiness! And I like that cheeky look on SmallKuching’s face πŸ™‚ Oh, did you see that small poster on the pin-up board – “The Potong is Back and Fresher”…hahaha!

    He’s a natural…but hard to take nice photos of him now – will make pig snout when posing for photos. Naughty boy!!!

  21. WAH!!! Not bad, first stop already at Food Foundry, very terror.

    I found their mille crepe not as nice as when i first time have it, that time really addicted, but went there twice to ta pow, taste a bit different. And now you can see Mille Crepe everywhere, too famous.

    Love the pictures’s colour, very sharp and love small kucing picture, nice nice.

    Ice cream potong – RM5?? Wah!! I can do that at home.

    Yalor…I can too! Oh? Everywhere now? They’ve tried in Kuching – one famous cake shop – disastrous…not nice at all. Actually I was not planning on going there since we have in Sibu but they insisted so I thought I could just go and compare.

  22. You are one lucky ….or shall I say very blessed guy! I can just imagine how YUM that mille crepe was!! How about dropping over here too…one day with missus? with or without the goodie box! We don’t have those Malaysian treats that I drool about everytime I read your post….but it’s also nice to try some Slavic cuisine.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I can afford the airfare – not unless I strike another lottery. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Besides, I don;t even know how to get to where you are – Bulgaria, right? Plus I am not into long flights abroad – I can’t sleep while flying so it can be areal torture. Yes, I am indeed really blessed, there can be no denying that. πŸ˜‰

  23. Amazing how we can meet good friends via blogging. Hope you do enjoyed your stay in KL/PJ and are waiting for more post to come.

    True, very very true. I don’t blog for money so my greatest reward would be the friends that I’ve made through blogging and that is definitely worth its weight in gold. πŸ˜‰

  24. I’ve been to this place once when Panda Foong belanja me the crepe but I don’t quite really like it. I thought they were rather dry..

    That’s why I said the vanilla ones here in Sibu are creamier…and bigger and RM6.60 only.

  25. Loved these crepes. Kind of hard to find at Penang and Ipoh. Asked around today, and found an online store that sell this. Gonna order some next week for a try with my colleagues.

    Somebody said they have them at Queensbay? Austin Chase…but from the photos I’ve seen, they look quite miserable.

  26. The mille crepe look excellent but a bit costly, but never mind sometimes we must pamper our self too. The mango mille is still the best.

    I’ll stick to our Sibu ones – definitely bigger, taller and cheaper. Tastes, also as good…if not better.

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