When I arrived in KL that day…or Petaling Jaya, PJ for short, to be exact, I checked into the hotel and waited for smallkucing to drop by to collect the box of “goodies” that I had brought over all the way from Sibu. The moment she and her hubby and little J arrived, they insisted on taking me out for tea and would not take no for an answer.

The next thing I knew, I was here

Food Foundry

As far as I know, Annie-Q frequents this place for their mille crepes but I noticed that they had cakes as well…

Food Foundry cake & crepe counter

…and also pasta and those kinds of stuff.

We just had some drinks and shared the mango mille crepe…

FF mango mille crepe

…and the vanilla one too…

FF vanilla mille crepe

Now, would I say they were better than the ones in Sibu? Well, for one thing, their layers of crepe were definitely thinner…but their crepes were shorter and the slices were smaller too.  Tastewise, I liked the mango fragrance in the former but it was a bit sweet but I guess that could be attributed to the sweetness of the fruit used in the making. The vanilla one was not as creamy and rich as the ones that we have here but the bottom line would be the prices. I would feel that at around RM9 to over RM10.00, they were really too expensive or at least, I would think so.

Little J had an ice-cream potong

FF icecream potong

…and can you guess how much that cost?

Incidentally, credit goes to my friend, Mandy, for the photographs in this post. I was bringing the box down to the car so I had left my camera in my room and did not bring it with me…and before I knew it, I was whisked off to this place. Thus, I could not take any snaps of my own but luckily, Mandy had her iphone with her and could take a few shots and email them to me. Thanks, Mandy.

That, ladies & gentlemen, was the beginning of a whole lot to come and I do mean a whole lot! Stay tuned!!! LOL!!!

Thank you so much, papakucing, for the “gold bar” and the Rossa’s karaoke dvd and to you all for being so thoughtful in getting me the big bottle of mineral water and the packet of walnut cookies to make sure that I would not go hungry in the middle of the night in the hotel during my stay there…and to Little J for the Oreos.