Nice change…

I dropped by the Aroma Bakery here the other day to get their very nice chicken pies and the lady told me that those with the black toasted sesame seeds…

Aroma curry chicken pie 1

…were the curry ones. They did not have those before and at first, I thought of not buying, but she said that they were very nice and there was cheese inside as well. Cheese? With curry? Hmmmm…pretty strange combination, don’t you think?

In the end, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Inside, there were a lot of meat and potatoes…

Aroma curry chicken pie 2

The curry flavour was very light and putting all that together, it did indeed taste very very nice and I loved it a lot! I would say it was nicer than their plain chicken pies which everyone who had tried fell in love with at first bite. They’re RM3.00 each now though – for either plain or curry chicken. The pies used to cost RM2.60 – 2.80 each…but considering that they do taste really great, I would say it is value for money and worth buying once in a while.

Moving on from the pies, I received an sms on my handphone one fine day from my satellite tv provider asking me to drop by their office to collect this voucher…

Astro food voucher 1

Usually I would not bother about such promotional stuff that I get frequently on my handphone. Furthermore, it said in the text message that the offer would expire in a few days so I decided to just ignore it.

Around the middle of the year, one petrol station was giving out a lot of these vouchers. I think for every RM20 of petrol that you pumped, you would be entitled to get 1, so for every time I went to fill up at a station, I would get at least 2 or 3. I thought I could collect all of them and then give them to my daughter to use in Sungai Petani to go and eat and enjoy with her friends.  Unfortunately, when I read the fine print, it was in conjunction with the Gawai Dayak Festival and would be valid for use only in Sarawak and the vouchers were due to expire in a week or two or so. Eventually, it left me no choice but to throw them all away. Anyway, they were discount vouchers that would entitle you to buy certain set meals at reduced prices and they were not really that cheap, actually – maybe just a few ringgit less, that was all.

Now, in this particular case, it was different. It so happened that I was passing by the office two days before the expiry date so I just popped in to see what it was all about.. The sweet and friendly girl at the counter asked to see the sms. Good grief! I have this habit of deleting every message that I have read but somehow, this one was still in my inbox and I could show it to her. So she promptly did what she had to do and gave me the voucher. The best part was the voucher was given in conjunction with the current “sports season” aka the London Olympics and I don’t even subscribe to any sports channel! Hehehehehehe!!!

When I got home, I looked at the terms and conditions at the back…

Astro food voucher 2

Hey! It is valid till 31st July next year. Now, that’s more like it! Frankly, I do think that if they want to give people such things, it should stay valid for at least 3 months…or 6 perhaps. This certainly was a nice change from the ones that I got from the petrol station, I must say.

And talking about vouchers, I am expecting one in the mail soon but that will have to wait till another post. Has any of you been getting any lately…like me? Wink! Wink!

I bought a few of those chicken pies for my friend, Mandy, in KL and she ate one of the curry ones for dinner…and she loved it so much that she could not resist having another one for supper! That, I must say, certainly speaks volumes and was indeed a compliment, coming from someone who insists she’s not really a “foodie” and would eat everything and anything and most of the time, nothing’s good or bad to her as long as it is edible.