The other morning, I peeped into the fridge and saw that my missus had bought some mee pok (flat noodles) and I decided to do it a little bit differently from the usual – which would be to toss it kampua mee style and sometimes, with Bovril added.

I boiled the mee pok and rinsed it in cold water to remove all the excess starch. Then, I melted a tablespoon of garlic butter in a pan and threw in the Bombay onion, sliced…

STP's fusion pasta 1

After frying that a bit to loosen it up, I added the Spam that I had cut into little cubes. I also put in some Thai basil/mint leaves from my garden. Having done that, I turned off the heat and added the mee pok….

STP's fusion pasta 2

I added a teaspoon of garlic salt and a couple of dashes of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce and tossed everything together thoroughly. I tried a bit but unfortunately, I thought it was just all right – not really that great…so I added a pinch of msg. Aha!!! Now, that certainly made it taste a whole lot better!

Satisfied with the end result, I dished everything out and served…

STP's fusion pasta 3

It was good but it probably would be nicer with some cheese – my missus doesn’t like stuff that’s rich and creamy though… or perhaps I can add some tomatoes or green peppers and sprinkle it with pepper…or maybe Parmesan cheese, just before serving. I think I would try that next time. Any suggestions as to what else I could do, anybody?

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21 thoughts on “Differently…”

  1. this is SUPER DELICIOUS!! i want to try that, next time you come to KL, you must bring this for me, hahahaha!! and i think this will be so much more tasty than the kampua noodles.. :p

    BTW, rinsed it in cold water to remove all the excess starch?? thanks for the tips, i didn’t know this trick, i always thought rinse in cold water just to make it more springy…

    That too. Soaking it in cold water will remove the heat and stop the cooking so the noodles will not be overcooked, soft and soggy. We do that for vegetables too. You want? But then you will have to come and meet me in person…but for some reason known only to yourself, you seem to be avoiding me like a plague? Sobsss!!!! They have the dried version too – can keep for a long time!

  2. Looks soso delicious πŸ˜€ I wanna cook this soon ! Thanks for the tip :p


    Give it a try. I quite like it this way – certainly is a nice change from our usual kampua mee-style.

  3. Ummmm…so this is a Chinese style or western or fusion?..lol!!! Interesting although I don’t think I’ll cook it anytime soon..hehe. Garlic butter and bovril?…euwwww…lol!

    No lah! You’re still half asleep or what? Didn’t read properly – where got garlic butter AND Bovril in the same recipe? Tsk! Tsk!

  4. It looks good! A friend of mine I hang out with also doesn’t like creamy stuff.

    Good for me coz I can eat her good. Haha.

    I like it if it’s nice and creamy but usually I would not eat too much. Will get put off by the over-richness in the taste.

  5. That already sounds pretty good to me …. not the part about Bovril tho, not a great fan of the stuff. But it is a great idea using it as a beef stock. Haven’t had spam for awhile … need to go get some now.

    No, the Bovril is for another dish – homecooked kampua noodles. Actually, dark soy sauce will suffice but we add Bovril for the added taste and fragrance…but if you do not like it, then you can always leave it out.

  6. Despite traveling, you still do your daily posting?? Or you have already drafted many post before hand? hehehe…
    BTW…you really fully utilize your ‘SPAM’ hor… =)

    Ya, scheduled to keep things going… Another one tomorrow and after that one, you can see what mischief I had been up to…including going to Seremban. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. ooo arthur, now you’re spamming my head! so many seduction from spam. hmm…it is hard not to ogle at Spam when I passed by one in the supermarket. The other day I cooked gu bak mee soup with mee pok.

    I prefer yellow noodles for that. Otherwise, I would have kampua mee pok dry…with the beef soup.

  8. This look like fried spaghetti to me, nice! East meet west?

    No frying, just tossed the noodles in the fried ingredients. Ya…fusion, my own original recipe!

  9. looks like fettucini to me..
    but you could put more olive oil.. seems a bit dry..

    Less oily better…and I’m not a fan of olive oil plus it is very expensive. Never buy it anymore, can’t afford. Garlic butter’s oily and fragrant enough.

  10. You seem to like Spam a lot πŸ™‚ I think a nice meat sauce would go quiet well with this noodle. Add finely sliced cucumbers, spring onions and carrots on top and lots of pepper πŸ™‚

    Yes. Can do so much with noodles… πŸ˜‰

  11. The spam just makes the noodle more delicious. Yup, I think an extra cheese would make it better.

    I would think so too but unfortunately, there wasn’t any in the fridge. Have not been buying – too expensive, so we would just have to do without it.

  12. I think it looks good as it, but I msot likely would have added red onions, oven roasted pepper, for the garlic I would have oven roasted those. I would have added carrots too… But as stated, your meal already looks great! I haven’t had spam since I was a child, and even then I only had it a few times since I didn’t like it too much.

    We planted a lot of garlic in our garden this year, and so I have plenty. The cloves are huge, when I get some time I’ll take pictures. They most likely will last for several months.

    I finally managed to included some on my site. I usually take photos, and send them off to family/friends. Some photos I print out and make into a variety of things. I have a Digital darkroom at home. With that printer in my digital darkroom, I only use it for photos. I use a standard printer for everything else. So, I have no need to have photos developed.

    Oooo…so nice to be able to plant your own garlic. I don;t think we can do it here – mostly imported…from China, I guess and it’s getting more and more expensive. Sighhhh!!!!!

    Wow!!! Amazing! What is it that you can’t do? I never print my photos anymore. Have not done that for a long time. Just upload and save in flickr or Facebook.

  13. I can’t imagine bovril or marmite with noodles, eeww.. sorry but never liked the taste.. haha. This mee pok looks like pan mee or fettucini. on lazy days, I like simple pasta toss – saute garlic with lots of olive oil, then toss in cooked pasta, olives, bacon bits (optional), salt & pepper. simple yet very satisfying meal.

    Had something like that for breakfast at the hotel yesterday morning…but you’ll have to wait till the post to see. May take a while as I’ve a whole lot of things to blog about, one thing at a time – been such a busy weekend. Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰ Nice meeting you, Shannon. I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

  14. Yum! I swear I could have it for lunch. Can I substitute SPAM with bacon or minced pork and drizzle it with sesame oil?

    Carrot. Carrot is what you could add the next time you cook this dish again. Onions might be a good choice too.

    I’ve onions in it already. Sesame oil? Normally people would use olive oil for pastas…

  15. Oh that reminds me.. must ask my son to bring back some SPAM from SG… among a few varieties, I still prefer the turkey than the others… Like your wife, I dont like rich and creamy sauce.. fattening.. πŸ™‚

    Wah!!! You so the jaga badan one kah? No wonder so slim… πŸ˜‰

  16. wah fusion! Next time you should shave some truffles on it and charge a fine-dining price. hehehe

    LOL!!! Doesn’t look far different from those that they serve in the classy joints eh? πŸ˜‰

  17. Ooo..never like mee pok. There was onc hub bought for me as lunch and I asked him why he buy me this cos I never like it. He told me the only type of noodle available…still I did not touch it although I am damn hungry..LOL. I just don’t like the texture.

    I like! Maybe more than the round ones – when having kampua, I would order kampua mee pok. Dunno if ours the same or not… Maybe different.

  18. I like mee pok but have not have it for a long time. Must ask mum to get some. SPAM AGAIN??? (smack forehead) LOL!

    You buy often? Expensive lah… I never buy – only wait for people to give. Hint! Hint! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

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