The other morning, I peeped into the fridge and saw that my missus had bought some mee pok (flat noodles) and I decided to do it a little bit differently from the usual – which would be to toss it kampua mee style and sometimes, with Bovril added.

I boiled the mee pok and rinsed it in cold water to remove all the excess starch. Then, I melted a tablespoon of garlic butter in a pan and threw in the Bombay onion, sliced…

STP's fusion pasta 1

After frying that a bit to loosen it up, I added the Spam that I had cut into little cubes. I also put in some Thai basil/mint leaves from my garden. Having done that, I turned off the heat and added the mee pok….

STP's fusion pasta 2

I added a teaspoon of garlic salt and a couple of dashes of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce and tossed everything together thoroughly. I tried a bit but unfortunately, I thought it was just all right – not really that great…so I added a pinch of msg. Aha!!! Now, that certainly made it taste a whole lot better!

Satisfied with the end result, I dished everything out and served…

STP's fusion pasta 3

It was good but it probably would be nicer with some cheese – my missus doesn’t like stuff that’s rich and creamy though… or perhaps I can add some tomatoes or green peppers and sprinkle it with pepper…or maybe Parmesan cheese, just before serving. I think I would try that next time. Any suggestions as to what else I could do, anybody?