It slipped my mind…

Sometime ago, I heard from a friend of mine that the kampua noodles and also the stuff from the chu-char (cook-fry) at the back of this particular shop were very nice but I never got around to dropping by to give it a try. So the other morning when I went out for breakfast with my friend, Philip, presently home from the US, we agreed on going there to check it out.

True enough, the kampua mee (noodles) was pretty good…

New Selemo kampua 1

I would not say that it was absolutely great and you must make a beeline there to eat it right away but it is good enough and if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and feel like having kampua, this is an option that you may wish to consider. It may look little but actually, there is quite a lot in that one bowl…

New Selemo kampua 2

The pian sip (meat dumplings) was good too…

New Selemo piansip

Philip tried the dianpianngu

New Selemo dianpianngu

…but did not like the fact that there were meatballs in it.

Dianpiangngu, a Foochow delicacy, is actually a seafood dish with freshly-made fish balls and dried cuttlefish and maybe a bit of black fungus as well. According to Philip, he is rather disappointed with what he had at the highly-acclaimed murky-looking shop in some small alley in town and he did not like the one at the sister-stall as well. He likes the one he had in Kuching but he cannot tell offhand exactly where he had that and believe it or not, they even have it in the US at this Foochow restaurant in Los Angeles that was featured in the Jackie Chan movie, “Rush Hour” with all the nice ingredients such as dried scallops and all, and Philip went and tried that and he loved it…a lot!

But despite the presence of meat in the bowl that he had, Philip thought that it tasted quite good and the white slices of dianpianngu were thin and soft and well done, no complaint whatsoever about that.

Now, what completely slipped my mind while we were there was to take a photograph of the shop or the shop sign…and I cannot for the dear life of me remember its name. Oh dear! It certainly looks like age is catching up with me and my memory is beginning to fail me. Sobs!!!!

But if anybody is interested, it is in the vicinity of Ling Kai Cheng Road around the Selemo area, facing the traffic lights (where there used to be a roundabout) – right next to Kim Soon, a shop selling lights with the big furniture shop in the next block. In a block at the back is the shop selling fried kompia stuffed with meat and there is also this very popular kampua mee stall which unfortunately did not impress me much.

And talking about getting to be very forgetful, I came across some old ang pao packets in my drawer one evening – from the Year of the Rat and that would be 2008, four years ago and look at what I found inside…

Old ang paos

Money!!! Brand new RM5 notes!!! Gee!!! Imagine that the money had been there all this while and it had completely slipped my mind. Luckily I did not throw it all away for when I took all the money out and counted, the total came up to RM80. Now, that is better than winning the consolation prize at 4-Digits, eh? LOL!!!

Hmmm…it looks like I will have to be a lot more careful from now on just in case anything important slips my mind and I certainly would not want that to happen, would I? Sigh!!!