Last Sunday, I cooked some fried mihun for breakfast and there was enough left over for dinner. We had lunch outside after the church service that morning, you see, and other than the mihun, I also cooked this soup to go with it. Then, I thought I might as well fry some vegetables for the roughage but horror of horrors!!! When I opened the fridge, I found that there wasn’t any in it…and I had no intention of driving to the nearby supermarket to buy some.

In the end, I decided to make a salad. There was a bit of tuna left…

Tuna, prawns & shallot

– we had that for sandwiches for breakfast one morning but I cannot remember exactly when now…and I threw in some prawns that I had boiled plus a bit of sliced shallots.

Next, I boiled a potato and cut that into cubes and in it went as well, together with some bacon that I had grilled till crispy in a  non-stick pan…

Boiled potatoes & grilled bacon

I mixed all that together…


…and yes, I did add it some sliced chili as well – more for the colour than anything else as it was absolutely hopeless, not spicy at all and quite tasteless.

Hmmm…I thought it could do with a little bit of green so I added a bit of the Thai basil/mint from  my garden…

Thai basil/mint

…and after that, I added what was left of the thousand island dressing that I had bought a while ago…

Thousand island + condensed milk

There wasn’t really enough so I added a little bit of the condensed milk that my friend brought for me all the way from the US. I guessed that would help counter or balance the sour taste of the salad dressing.

I tossed everything and voila! My salad was ready…

STP's all-in salad

Was it good? Well, I certainly would think so…though I must say it did look quite a mess. Perhaps, if I had served it in a plate with cucumber and tomato slices round the side and some parsley on top, it would appear more presentable. I certainly would do that if I were to serve that at a dinner party at my house, I guess…

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16 thoughts on “Help!…”

  1. that is really “salad”.. no thank you, but for for me, i would prefer to have two separate salad from yours.. i don’t really like my salad to be too complicated, simple one will just do, too many things mixed together, you really don’t taste a thing.. :p

    How very correct you are! Quite hard to tell which was what. Like I always say, simplicity is the best. But I was trying to get rid/use up all the bits and pieces of things in the fridge, you see…

  2. if i were you, i will make them into two
    1. the potato salad with bacon bits, with simple mayonnaise dressing
    2. the tuna and the shrimps salad, with a touch of lime juice

    Yes, that would be just right….

  3. This recipe is definitely so very! Never thought of using condensed milk for any of my salad dressing too… Hmmm!!!

    I’ve a recipe for a salad dressing with evaporated milk and sugar (among other things) so I guess this would be something like that, only thicker perhaps.

  4. waves, been so long since i last blogged, hope to get the spirit to kick start again.. ><.. see you tonight STP !

    You’re stopped? So soon? But you’ve barely started? Hmmm…too bad you did not show up in the end… 😦

  5. Creative and colourful. You are a real chef – when you can throw together what you have available and make it into something delicious – that’s the sign. 🙂

    Not really lah…just a sign that I’m stingy, don’t want to waste. LOL!!!

  6. Wow, just add everything and there you are, a nice & appetising plate of salad. Never know can use condensed milk to balance the sour taste of the salad dressing. Good tip. Thanks!!!…

    Can use, but may be a bit too thick. Normally I use evaporated milk, add sugar. Like when no crushed peanuts, I use peanut butter. Hehehehehehe!

  7. Haha you’re certainly not scared to experiment!

    No problem, if not nice – just throw it. Leftovers, would have got thrown away eventually, anyway.

  8. Wah, Arthur, that was quite a bit of mix and match but it turned out alright. Condensed milk in a salad? That’s certainly something new to me. I would say this is quiet a creation!

    You wanna try this dressing? – My late aunt got the recipe from the Philippines long long ago when she went there for some women’s conference – salad cream, evaporated milk, sugar. crushed peanuts, add raw egg…pour vinegar over egg and blend everything together. You’ll get the best salad dressing ever. My favourite!!!

  9. I bet it was delicious! Sometimes I go a bit overboard with my salads too, and for the same reason to use up items. I also do that with other items I prepare too.The end result is the prepared meal is quite delightful, even my preparation looks sloppy. Bu,t if I was serving for others, I’d make it pretty.

    I’ve never added condensed milk to a salad, but I believe I’ll try it, and see how my daughter likes the taste. 🙂

    Usually I add evaporated milk and sugar to the salad cream but I had some condensed milk in the fridge so I just used that instead of opening up a can of evaporated milk…and ending up with another item lining up in the fridge. 😦

  10. You are very creative…can be full time chef!

    If only I were younger, I think I should…and I would give a lot of places a run for their money. I find that what I can dish out can be better than a lot out there, honestly.

  11. Wah!! So many things in your salad. Next time can keep some lemon in your fridge, it come handy when you want to cook something. Add some lemon juice with tuna, it will never go wrong. 🙂

    Yes, that would be nice. I think there were some in the fridge but I did not use it…but a few days later, my missus used them with some chicken-taugeh kerabu. Very nice Thai-style salad.

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