We were getting into our car, about to leave town, when a vehicle with a Sibu license plate pulled up right behind ours and out stepped a group of young guys and girls. Now why would anybody want to come to this little town where nothing much seems to be going on? Well, they were there for the same reason why we went that morning – for the Bintangor rojak

Bintangor rojak

Well, I had a post on it here so I would not go into the details again but if you’re dropping by the town, the stall…

Bintangor rojak stall

…is to the right of a row of around 6 hawker stalls to the extreme left of the town if you are driving into town from say, Sibu or Kuching. All this while, people kept telling me that it was at the market in the town but read my lips – it is NOT at the market unless you consider that little row of hawker stalls to be a market – like what they call the Open Air Market in Kuching.

These are some of the articles that have appeared in the local Chinese tabloids…

Newspaper reviews

…which certainly prove beyond all uncertainties that the rojak here is very widely known and undoubtedly, very popular.

We ordered a plate for 3 persons to share and were charged RM10.00 for that and we also had this plate of sotong kangkong (cuttlefish with water spinach) at also RM10.00 for a serving for 3…

Bintangor sotong kangkong

It was all right, not bad…and had quite a bit of cuttlefish in it and a whole lot of kangkong. I would certainly much prefer it if they had less of the vegetable and included some cut slices of fried tau kua (bean curd cake) instead.

A walk around town took us to this kompia (Foochow bagel) shop…

Bintangor kompia

and even though the taste wasn’t better nor in any way, worse than the ones in Sibu, these were a whole lot thicker and cheaper too – 5 for RM1.00 compared to 4 for RM1.00 in Sibu.

At another shop, we were overwhelmed by the smell of the lung ngor or kay nerng kor in Hokkien…

Bintangor lung ngor

They were 30 sen each and my missus bought some but I would say that they were quite a disappointment. I would very much prefer those from Sarikei or the ones from some places in Sibu.

The udang galah (freshwater prawns)…

Udang galah 1

were definitely a lot cheaper than in Sibu. These not-so-very-big ones cost RM20 a kilo while these medium-sized ones…

Udang galah 2

were selling for only RM25.00 a kilo. At the market in Sibu, they are no less than RM30-35 a kilo, mind you…so if you’re buying a lot, it can really make a big difference.

Well, I certainly enjoyed the drive to Bintangor that day…and I’m looking forward to my next trip there – for the rojak. Yummmm!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Famous…”

  1. This is definitely the best rojak I have tried. Even bought a bottle of the sauce the last time I was there. I think that is what makes the rojak so good.

    Yup, it’s the sauce that makes it stand out from the rest. I am not usually a fan of rojak – will eat if there’s any in the house and would not go and order any at the shops…and will definitely not drive to a nearby town to eat. This one’s worth the drive… πŸ˜‰

  2. Ohhhhhhh! Wow! The rojak looks really nice, very generous with kacang as well. The one that I usually buy very kedekut with kacang, so not enough kick!

    It certainly is – a head above the rest. Wouldn’t mind having it again…and again… πŸ˜‰

    1. Kacang Mahal u know. LOL. Wei, cleff u don’t eat so much kacang la. Layer bloated again.

      High uric acid too…and they say it is very “tok” (poisonous) – some people are allergic to it.

      1. *blush blush* Kat knows me very well… she knows I cannot take too much or my tummy will be bloated… 😦 but i really cannot resist sometimes. What can do? Makan dulu, den suffer lorr… 😦

        I’m glad I’m o.k. with it but still I would not eat it too often – will hardly eat it on its own but great with rojak and Thai salads.

    2. Wow, I’m hooked on your blog! I’m coming to Sibu to eat as much as I can!

      Oh? Much flattered… Most welcome, drop by anytime. When are you coming? I’ll be away this weekend…but you can always browse through my posts to see if there’s any place that is of interest to you. Like every place else, you need to know where to go…for the best in town.

      1. Hi, I’ll be coming in Sept, just next month, will browse thru your posts, do some research, haha! So I noticed you went to my blog as well. Much like you, when I travel, food is 1st priority, then beer.. haha! Can you get cheap beer in Sibu like Bintulu’s beer?

        Yes, Tiger…but I think it has gone up. Used to be 3 cans for RM10 – I think it’s RM12 now. September, I probably will hop over to Penang and Sg Petani to see my daughter but nothing’s confirmed at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be around when you come. I usually will check out new commentors first before approving – by visiting their blog or via Facebook… πŸ˜‰

  3. My favorite!!!!!I memang hantu rojak and would have it every other day when I was still living in Malaysia…makan sampai gigi pun patah..lol!No cravings until I read your post.. Haish!!!

    Oh? You never told me that you like it so much. I could have arranged to get this for you…or we could have driven there. Wouldn’t take long – faster and easier than getting from one place to another in KL. πŸ˜‰

  4. a plate for 3 person.. did you mean one portion shared by 3, or it’s a 3-person portion?? cos it’s RM10 that’s why i’m asking to find out whether it’s something expensive, hehe..

    Big plate, big serving, enough for 3 persons to share. If you look at the signs on the stall, one portion is RM2.50 or RM3.50, dunno which is whcih – can’t read.

    1. haiyoh, kangkung is cheap mah, that’s why they would give you more vege so that to make the portion looks bigger.. but do they add in taukua inside this sotong kangkung?? then add another RM3 lah, haha.. BTW, over here, both are sold separately..

      Oh? So that’s how they do it there. Well, we had tofu in the rojak so no point asking for that. If we were having sotong kangkong alone, then I would want to request for a piece or two…and maybe the sweet potato too.

  5. That rojak has me wanting to eat rojak again and I just had my own version last week. LOL! If only I can taste their sauce, perhaps I can figure out what is in there that makes it so special. Can never resist a good rojak. Also love sotong kangkong and that reminds me I have a recipe somewhere in my dungeon. Must look for it.

    It is extra fragrant and tasty. I think they add a lot of calamansi lime…plus our local nipah sugar (attap th’ng) to balance the sour taste – plus the otak udang and whatever else. The combination is really very nice.

  6. The sotong kangkung is the one like in kl punya la.

    When I was young, here, they would serve the sotong, kangkong, tau kua in a plate and everyone would be given an individual bowl of the special sauce. We would take and dip ourselves and eat. I think I prefer it that way. Old habits die hard.

  7. wah RM20 for those big prawns… I want!! And i like those rojak with a generous amount of peanuts

    Ya, really very cheap…compared to Sibu and dirt-cheap, I guess if compared to KL. Imagine if I were to buy 10 kg and sell in Sibu at RM30, I would have made RM100 profit. Dunno if the supply is regular or not though…

  8. Yum! I surely would want to visit Bintangor someday. Never been there yet

    So near, yet so far…but I would say that many young people today – they may have been to many places in the world or country but they have never been to a whole lot of places in their own state. Been to Bau, Serian, Lundu – all those nearby places?

  9. hey Arthur, so you went driving..jalan-jalan cari makan too!! I like to taste all mentioned above…if given an opportunity one day..this time we must drive outskirt to the places you mentioned.. πŸ™‚

    Ya…we must do that! Another half an hour, can get to Sarikei already…and the other side, straight ahead along the road to the airport, around one hour, can reach Kanowit.

  10. Yippie…the only famous rojak stall in Bintangor. Sometimes will purposely take a drive from Sarikei to Bintangor just for the rojak. I dislike kompiah..I find it quite dry. But still acceptable if its with char siew filling. hehe…
    The prawns are big and cheap!! But why people selling the prawn noodle so expensive?? 1 bowl for RM1X to RM2X.

    Many people love kompia! I’m like you – not really crazy about it but if it’s deep fried or toasted and has filling… Stewed pork belly! Yum! Yum!

    The prawns are heavy – like if I buy a kg of the medium ones – will only get around 10-15…so if they put 4-5 in the noodles, already RM10 cost. Of course, they make a lot of profit – that’s how they can be so rich even though they may not flaunt their wealth and look like it. I fried mihun – enough for at least 10 servings, at least…and my cost price RM10…and the one my missus had the other day, RM4!!! And not much ingredients, not as tasty…. If I sell mine, can make RM40, profit RM30, just imagine that!

    1. I truly agreed with this sentence “even though they may not flaunt their wealth and look like it.” !!

      Your hubby/in-laws also in the same category lah? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Nolah…they din sell prawns pun…. LOL!

        No need to sell prawns. Even the kampua mee seller, kompia seller…all very rich one. Each owns a few houses, no less….

  11. The rojak sure looks good! But quite pricey at RM10 considering it’s just.. fruits? I guess fame does come with a price πŸ™‚ I’m actually more attracted to the kompia! LOL!

    I think it’s RM2.50 a plate. No sure of the usual price as I never eat rojak elsewhere. Sotong kangkong’s more expensive as sotong is expensive…but it’s cheaper than what I had in Sibu.

  12. Gosh!!!..my favourite rojak & sotong kangkung. RM10 for the rojak is too expensive. The kay nerng kor looks nice too.

    Dunno the market price, never eat rojak outside. Would usually make my own. Cheaper in Kuching kah? Big plate for 3 persons to share. The kay nerng kor looks nice, smells nice…but not that nice. LOL!!!

  13. Looks like they’ve raised the price eh? :p

    What’s new? Prices of everything is going up. The kompia in Sibu, they maintain the price but they’re getting smaller and thinner – so thin that it is so hard to cut into halves to stuff things inside. 😦

  14. AHHHH!!! Now you make me want to have rojak!!!! Arrggg!!! How la how la, lazy to drive out to get. 😦

    Wow..the prawns are cheap!

    Yalor, so very cheap! You want to buy a lot back, they help you to pack with a lot of ice cubes to keep them fresh. Lazy to drive out? Food panda, got send or not? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. In Ipoh we use satay sauce for the cuttle fish and kangkung..
    RM25/kilo for those big prawns is really cheap…

    It is! Even cheaper than in Sibu! Satay sauce? Then it becomes something like gado gado lor… In the past, sotong kangkong here had its own special sauce – not the same as rojak…but now it seems that it’s the same. 😦

  16. (Oh boy, my comment didn’t go through)

    Anyway, I think the sotong kangkung might be the first item I’d go for if and when I’m ever in Sibu. It looks so delicious that I’m hungry just by looking at it!

    By any chance, is the lung ngor the Chinese version of kuih bahulu? Any idea if it’s made from margarine or butter?

    It is the Chinese version of the bahulu. At 30 sen each, don’t dream of having butter used…but if I’m not wrong, lung ngor (lung = egg in Foochow) or kay nerng kor (kay nerng = egg in Hokkien) is mostly egg, not so much fat, be it butter or margarine, unlike cakes…so it is not as oily. Well, you’ll have to drive out of Sibu to Bintangor if you want this sotong kangkong…

  17. Aiyo, I have rojak at least once a week, especially those days when i want something meatless. Klang valley rojak has always been pretty good. It’ll be great if someday, I could compare the taste with Bintangor’s. Your post has gotten me drooling; Imma gonna go get a pack now! lolz

    Most welcome to hop over and you can give it a try. πŸ˜‰

  18. Everything looks delicious as normal, what type of sauce is included with the sotong kangkong? Is it sweet or savory?

    Sweet, sour, salty, spicy – all in one. The sauce comprises prawn paste, palm sugar, calamasi lime juice and pounded chili. This and rojak are two of the local Malaysian “salads”.

  19. It’s been a long time since I last had rojak. I prefer the Indian type rather than the Chinese version (the one with fruits) although I wouldn’t have them once in a while. Oh… I like Sotong Kangkung but they are pricey in Klang Valley (not worth the money).

    Me too. Indian rojak or pasembur… Just ok with sotong kangkong and not really a fan of rojak, except this one.

  20. Nice follow up post! πŸ™‚

    I remember this place! It’s where I went for Bintangor rojak (best one in town) and Bintangor Orange Juice too.

    It’s worth a drive up if you want to do something different during the weekend.

    Yes, it is pretty near, isn’t it? Very short drive…and the road is pretty ok these days.

  21. I am not so crazy of the kind of paste for kangkung sotong. I still like the Ipoh style one better πŸ˜€

    Sigh!!! Been to KL already… When can I get to go to Ipoh? When? When? When? 😦

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