When I said I would…

…I would, and I did!

A cousin of mine came to town and I took her to this place. I had their sizzling roast pork spare ribs with honey the other day and I liked it a  great deal and I said then that I would go back for their sizzling pork chop with creamy sauce (RM18.80)…

Sizzling pork chop with creamy sauce 1

I found that it was also very nice though I wished they had given a bit more of the very tasty creamy sauce to eat the pork with…

Sizzling pork chop with creamy sauce 2

…and though this is a little bit cheaper, the sizzling roast pork spare ribs with honey has two big slabs of meat whereas this one has only one. Personally, I prefer the former but this one is very nice too.

My cousin had the mee sua or long life noodles and we shared the kompia with three-layer pork as well as minced pork. She loved the vanilla mille crepe and even bought a few pieces to take home.

It certainly seems like the accepted practice these days that when anyone comes to town, he or she would bring a whole lot of goodies for me…and my cousin was no exception. She brought me these char siew pao

Char siew pao

…from this bakery…

Shao Bao Bakery

They were pretty good, a whole lot better than the Seremban ones, I must say. I was never a fan of those, I’m afraid.

She also gave me the butterscotch bread that I enjoy a lot. She somehow managed to get somebody to pick that up at the LCCT in Sepang en route back to where they live and other than that, there were these imported snacks as well – the pretzels, tortillas, chips and all…

Imported snacks

My goodness! They really cost a bomb! I would think twice or more than that before buying them to eat…and anyhow, I would not be eating those myself. I am very sure that my daughter would love those very much so I am saving all of them for her when I get to see her next – probably during the August holidays.

Then, my cousin also gave me these fridge magnets that she got from Dubai…

Fridge magnets

I particularly love the ‘diamond’-studded camel – it’s so pretty!

Thanks so much, dear cousin of mine – you shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble and that goes to the rest of you too if you’re planning to come to town. Just come – and let’s enjoy one another’s company and together, we will go jalan-jalan-cari-makan!