Time runs out…

This has been sitting around in the house for a long time. I’m not too sure whether it was my missus or my daughter who bought it but probably, it was during the March holidays earlier this year or was it in December, I can’t remember exactly now. Anyway, it was due to expire in over a week’s time on the 2nd of August so I decided to cook it before time ran out.

Looking at the name on the packet, Rice Sides – Cheddar Broccoli…

Rice Sides - packet

…I would think that it was supposed to be served as one of the sides along with a main dish but never mind, I reckoned there would not be any harm cooking it and eating it on its own.

The instructions were given on the packet…

Rice sides - instructions

…and as you can see, a tablespoon of margarine could be added but that was optional. Not one to follow rules, I added butter instead as I thought that would be more fragrant and tastier. It also said that it should be simmered COVERED but I did not. I kept opening and stirring to make sure that it did not stick to the bottom of the pot. Golly gee! I am quite disobedient, am I not? LOL!!!

Other than that, I also chopped some bacon and grilled it in a pan till nice and crispy and separating it from the fat that had melted, I added that to the rice while it was still simmering…and I also added a bit of chopped Chinese parsley as well.

It was very easy to cook, really and pretty soon, it was ready to be served…

Rice Sides

Was it good? I must say that it was – something like one of those creamy pasta dishes at the cafes or restaurants but cooked this way, I think I would prefer pasta to rice.

Oops!!! Was this supposed to be healthy?

Rice Sides - healthy

Well, too bad! With the butter and the bacon added, I didn’t think it was anymore but as Rhett Butler would say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” LOL!!!