Nowadays, a lot of people are very health-conscious. They will refrain from eating a lot of stuff that is too fat or oily. Well, they may be interested in getting one of these…

Healthy cup 1

I don’t know whether it is still available in the shops or not or where one can get hold of one. If I remember correctly, my parents bought it for me a long long time ago on one of their trips to Singapore.

Sometimes, when you cook something, there may be a lot of oil in the dish. For one thing, this may put a health-conscious person off and for another, it may affect the taste adversely. This may happen even when you use only a little bit of oil like when cooking chicken, for instance. Despite all the effort to remove the skin (and end up with one miserable-looking totally naked chicken) and trimming off the fat, after cooking, there may still be too much oil for one’s liking. Β So how do you get rid of the excess oil or fat?

What one could do would be to put the whole thing into the fridge and after it is cold enough, you will find that the oil or fat would have solidified on the surface and you can remove that quite easily. Another way is to pour the soup or gravy into this thing. As we all know, fat floats on water and after letting it stand for a while, this will become pretty obvious. Pour the soup or Β gravy out slowly via the spout through the outlet at the bottom…

Healthy cup 2

Once you’ve reached the oily part, stop…and throw the rest away. Your soup or gravy would be quite oil-free after this.

This thing also doubles as a measuring cup. Very often, I would see cooking instructions asking me to add how many cups of water and I would be quite baffled. Cups? What cups? There are big cups and small cups. With this, I have no problem at all getting the correct measurement…

Healthy cup 3

…be it in cups or ml.

Β Pretty handy item to have in the kitchen, don’t you think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Conscious…”

  1. That’s a nifty gadget you have there. I have not seen anything like that before. I usually skim off the fat after cooking or use the fridge method. But my grandma says, sometimes the red oil in some dishes make the dish look better.

    Yes, and often, without the oil, it is not so nice or fragrant.

  2. Pretty handy gadget. Never seen it before. Maybe those pandai masak would have seen.

    Anyway, now in pasar got a type of senduk to take out the oil. No need to wait the sou to cool down. Just senduk out the oil. But i didn’t buy la. I just use spoon to takeout the oil.

    Use spoon – some of the soup or gravy would be scooped out too – sayang, wasted. I would use the fridge method if there is time e.g. before opening a can of stewed pork, put in fridge first and when opened, remove the top layer of oil.

  3. lol wow. i remember those curry or what, we would just stir it away. perhaps this is a good tool. but wait, im too lazy to do that! @@ LOL

    Yes, sometimes, it looks early when served…but when stirred, the oil is not so obvious, and when eating, it does not feel oily at all. I would only use if it is too oily – most of the time, my missus would be the one to do all that. I’m also lazy…like you! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. I have something similiar but not for this purpose. It is to pour inside my kitchen hood for cleaning

    LOL!!! You have a hood? Nice! I don’t…but not so bad, my kitchen – very open and airy.

  5. Big cup le .. make it D cup .. hahahaha…
    I got a BIG cup that measure all the sizes ..

    Ahhh!!! I see you’re an expert in cups! You’ve got BIG sups, lucky man? @.@!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. no thank you.. so not practical, meaning everything has to be dumped into the water to get the oil stained away?? i think it will also make a mess to the dish also..

    No, no…no water involved. The one in the photo is just for illustration purposes. You just pour in the soup or gravy and when the oil has floated to the top, you pour the soup or gravy back into the dish separating it from the oil. Healthy, mah! People go through great lengths to stay healthy…

  7. I’m not very health conscious but I do know the solidify and wait and scrape method. Heh.

    Nice and nifty multi purpose measuring device! I like the measurement units, too often recipe calls for cups.

    Yup! I think I use it more as a measuring cup than a fat separator – ml or cups. Yunno I’m like you, not health conscious either. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. Ohh..I got a measuring cup that reads (mL) and cups too. (Not that ‘cup’ of cos! LOL) More accurate rite..Do you have spoons reader too??

    No, I don’t…but I’ve seen them before. That’s why I can’t bake – my agak2 way of cooking will prove disastrous. LOL!!!

  9. Never saw this thing before..what I have is a ladle to scoop out those oily stuffs…..can buy in supermarket.

    Oh? Wouldn’t scoop out the soup or gravy as well. Wouldn’t want to waste any of that…

    1. …heh heh, it is πŸ™‚

      For you too? I thought men only, people like the not-so-simple Simple Person? LOL!!!

  10. Never see this handy gadget before. Wonder they are sold in supermarket or not. Normally I used the fridge method which is quiet convenient and easy to scoop out the excess oil.

    Dunno, don’t think I’ve seen it around. The fridge method is good but if you’ve just cooked something and you see the fat or oil floating on top, it is not so practical to put in the fridge then. Better to use this to get rid of the excess oil and sit down to eat right away.

  11. Cool tips coming from you STP. πŸ™‚

    Being health conscious is the trend nowadays. Many try to follow this trend but fail. The reason for this is that oily food is still delicious. ^_^

    Ya…the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…and there are people who may religiously refuse to eat something but they are unaware of the fact of the existence of many other hidden evils in their food. Best to be moderate…nothing in excess and we’ll be fine.

  12. I’d just seen it recently …. can’t remember now where. (Senior moment).
    It is useful. I don’t have one. I usually just refrigerate the gravy and then scoop out the solidified fat. Cavewoman method except maybe they can only do that during the ice age πŸ˜€

    See my reply to Irene – not practical if you’ve just cooked something and you would want to eat it right away, the fridge method. Oh? That means it’s available some place where you are then?

  13. I have one at home but without the cover.. is yours made of plastic or glass? Yes, very convenient for those who cook and bakes…

    I guess yours is just a measuring cup. I think the cover has a purpose – with the little hole in it. When tilting the cup to pour out the soup or gravy, the oil and whatever is inside will not escape through the top into the dish.

  14. Oh this is pretty handy! Very good for the health conscious. But I’ve never seen anything like it. When we cook the Ayam Pongteh it can be pretty oily. Would be great if we have this to remove the oil. Must go find dy πŸ™‚

    Ya…nyonya and Malay cooking uses a lot of oil to fry all the pounded ingredients and when cooked, the oil will float up on the gravy. Chicken, even worse – plus the fat from the chicken some more.

  15. I thought it is one of those baking utensils. haha…never seen this before. What we are using is those laddle type with a net. Have to be real patience in order to get rid of the oil.

    I wonder how that works. Don’t think I’ve seen it before.

  16. New gadget, never see this thing before. Aiya, me a lazy person, usually i blow blow the soup..then the oil will go to the side then i scoop it off with spoon, this is how my grandma and my mum will do. hahahahhahahahaha

    Hahahahaha!!! Your grandma and your mum and you are all very clever people. Just blow, is it? Must try that sometime? I usually stir and mix well with the soup and then take out a spoonful – then there will not be so much oil.

  17. aiya…it is not the oil that make one fat. it is the carbohydrate. there is this cheap china stuff: a ladle with very fine mesh that we can scoop out the excess oil. my mum does that all the time and i am very fascinated by that.

    You’re not the first person to mention this thing – I must look out for it and see how it works. Ya…carbs! Kampua has lots of it! LOL!!!

  18. Give me this thing? It’ll sit and gather dust in the cabinet. No use wan la… i cook agak agak… ask me to measure here and there, straight no mood to cook. 😦 Dono why… all the while oredi like that. But this stuff will be useful for those who cooks using recipe.

    I use when there are instructions to follow on the packet – like in tomorrow’s post…

  19. *and also for the health conscious.

    Ya…such people will religiously use for everything they cook before eating,I’m sure…

  20. I don’t remember seeing this gadget around; I think it’s only available in the villages and small towns now. We’ll normally strain the fat/oil or leave it in the fridge if we cook oily food like pig’s trotter but on normal occasions, my Mom uses so little oil when she cooks that it’s been absorbed by the food.

    I think I’m having the same item – the simple mesh – that sibu food diva has mentioned…

    No leh, my parents bought this in Singapore… Not available here in this little small town or at least, I’ve never seen it around these parts. As for the mesh, I will look out for it. Since sibu food diva has it, I guess it is available here. I wonder how it works… I’m so jakun!!! 😦

  21. Wow, a brilliant idea. My wife and mum is those health conscious people in my house. My mum will usually ask my dad to blow off the top layer…He rather blow rather than spoon it out. For me, when my mum told me to do this, I will use a spoon to stir the soup, and just drink it. No eyes see, I’m just too lazy to remove the oil.

    Does blowing help? I’ve never done that. Will only blow when the soup is too hot.

  22. At first I thought it was just for measuring liquid! But wow It has other important use too! I ‘d like to get one. hahaha!

    Yes, 2-in-1, indeed! πŸ˜‰

  23. You really love to cook don’t you?!
    Wish I can taste some… oh kidding πŸ™‚
    Have a good one.

    I most certainly do! Sure, if you make a trip here – would love to cook for you and take you around to eat the best in town…anytime! It’s all about food… πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by and a very warm welcome to you. I will link you in my blogroll – do come again, wouldn’t you?

  24. but this is quite troublesome. I have big pots of soup and usually I just scoop the oily part from the top with a ladle.

    I try that too most of the time. My missus would use this mostly – she’s more patient and doesn’t mind the chore.

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