Caught in the act…

Ooops!!! Obviously  the boss at this place…

SriPelita Sibu

…to the right of the Paramount Hotel here in Sibu reads my blog. I certainly was caught by surprise when he told me that next time, I could make a special request for my egg to be fried the conventional way and they would not use the metal ring. I guess he must have read this post and was responding to my remarks in it.

Well, I dropped by again the other day with my missus as I saw from a banner hanging there that they have nasi bryani

SriPelita nasi bryani

…and I wanted to give it a try. The rice was good and we loved the very thin and crispy papadums a lot.

My missus wanted hers with mutton curry (RM7.00)…

Mutton curry

…and she loved it very much. I tried a bit and I must say that it wasn’t too bad at all – I wouldn’t mind having that myself but since she already had lamb and curry, I opted for something different, the chicken (RM6.00)…

Ayam madu

I was given a choice of curry, fried, sambal and I chose this one – their honey chicken. It turned out somewhat watery and different from what I had here in KL when I went out for dinner with Annie-Q and the rest but it was nice. I found it to my liking, sweet and not spicy at all but I think I would rather have that with plain rice – perhaps I am more accustomed to pairing bryani rice with curry.

While talking to the boss, I found that he actually comes from Taiping, Perak and as one can see from the meat counter…

Meat counter

…what he has to offer would be something like those Indian mamaks’ nasi kandar shops over in the peninsula. If I’m not mistaken, he is one himself. Of course, the range of selections available is not as wide but one would have to remember that Sibu is a small town and if he prepares so much, there would be a lot left over by the end of the day.

For one thing, I must compliment the chef for the vegetables…

Vegetable counter

…for they actually look so very nice which is one thing that I would not say about some of the nasi kandar shops that I have patronised in the past. Just look at the fried paku (wild fern) and ladies’ fingers on the left – I would say that I was impressed, very impressed. I did not get to taste them though so I will reserve my comments on that.

The deep-fried bitter gourd is also different from what we had in KL…

Deep-fried bitter gourd

My missus tried a bit and said that it was different but would have been all right if not for the fact that the vegetable was very bitter – unlike what I fried myself the other day and featured in yesterday’s post.

It did not cross my mind at that point in time but I should have tapaoed the tandoori chicken…

Deep-fried tandoori chicken

…and taken it home for dinner. I have always loved the very nice exotic flavours but usually, those cooked in the tandoori or the stone oven, or at least those that I had before, have the tendency to be somewhat dry. I wonder if I would like these deep-fried ones more but I guess that will have to wait till the next opportunity to drop by the shop again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Caught in the act…”

  1. the veggies here look more appetizing than those here. normally they would have cabbage cooked with tamarind or some other spices hence the yellowish color which is unappetizing at all!

    Yes, the veg at the nasi kandar or mamak shops and even at the Malay shops usually do not look good…and they use kunyit a lot. Even their French beans would look yellowish….but the one here looked really good.

  2. hahahaaha~~~ Eventually someone is going to find your post no matter how hard you try to mask that it’s their shop you’re writing about.
    The shop looks good. It’s way beyond walking distance so I might not try it out without transport. But at least now I know where it is & I can mark it on the google maps in my brain.

    p/s: I tried Expressense for lunch today & found some incredible bargains at RM10 per set. You should check it out!

    Well, it’s Ramadhan, so I guess they will not be open for business. One of the previous proprietors would open late afternoon or evening to sell the lauk for buka puasa, dunno this one.

    P.S. One or two friends have been there, not very good reviews. I’ve been wanting to drop by myself though but never got round to doing that. Parking can be such a pain…and if I have to pay, I don’t intend to walk a mile, no way. Oh? You were in town and you did not call me? Tsk! Tsk! Never mind, it’s my turn to treat, anyway so…hehehehehe!!!! 😀

    1. I was in Kuching & called Clement out for lunch & transport. Don’t worry. Plenty of time to see you again. =)

      Driver, eh? Hehehehehehehe!!!! ROTFL!!! 😀

  3. I cannot resist nasi biryani. Your are right, the veges do look good. Most of the time they are overcooked until soggy.

    …and yellow! Yellow cabbage, yellow everything. Usually, when I eat at the nasi kandar shops, I would skip the veg…which isn’t very good for digestion.

  4. wow…we never know who is reading our blogs.. so we got to be careful.. 🙂 never want to get sued like one blogger in the papers previously… anyway, we are not food reviewers so I guess we are on the safe side… 🙂

    Must say nice things and if not nice, do it subtly and be constructive…give suggestions, we’ll be fine. 😉 People in the food business must be more open to criticisms and must try to improve…but of course, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I’ve seen people/friends praising some things to the skies…but I think they’re not really that good. So everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

  5. how different is their deep-fried bittergourd?? i actually like this dish a lot.. yeah, those grilled/ roast/ deep fried, especially tandoori, style chicken tends to be dry, especially that I would usually have chicken breast.. anyway, guess they have to go with some curry gravy to be nicer..

    I did not taste. My missus said it was different and she actually prefers what we had at one place in Bangsar with Annie-Q. Will go and try the tandoori chicken one of these days…and will blog about it.

  6. awwww those food are tempting me! but gotta control!! to avoid cholesterol level! LOL

    Ya…and didn’t I read somewhere that your uric acid is high? Bad bad boy…must watch what you eat! Cut down on the sea food, steaks, lamb chops and all… Gout attacks, no laughing matter one! 😦

  7. All the food looks good and tempting. The meat dishes looks hot and spicy.
    Have been missing your post for the past few days cos my streamxy was down.

    Ya…I was wondering where you went to. Not on Facebook either. Wah!!! Kuching so terrible, blackout…and no water…rain and flood and jam!

  8. LOL famous now I think maybe most makan shop in Sibu will watch out for you.

    I guess each state cook honey chicken differently. Just like when we go for salted egg crab. Some restaurant cook it very dry, some with flour and etc

    The vege is still green . I like it this way. Don’t like those overcooked vege.

    Yes, not like those at the Malay stalls, even here, and the nasi kandar or mamak shops over your side. I think I prefer the dry ones that I had with Annie – this one’s watery, nice but not as nice. Me, famous? Aiyor!!! Shy lah like that…must go and hide liao! 😉

  9. Hah! U see! The boss oso read your post! That’s the thing about blogging right? You’ll never know who reads it. But good writing must be shared. Love your PINK blog arthur. It makes me think that this is a girl’s blog 😛

    Aiyor!!! So looooong already and only now, you notice kah? How long have you NOT been visiting my blog? Or perhaps, just hit and run…no time to hang around, eh? So very busy, you!

    Wah!!! You so old fashioned kah? Pink is the in-thing these days lah – the guy’s guy colour and they say that it takes a real guy to wear it and carry it well. Like ladies, the way they dress up, make up and conduct themselves in public – some can carry themselves with class, others try…and come across like sluts…or worse, whores. Anyway, I’ve said this many times and I say it again -it’s maroon – maybe the right column looks pinkish – it’s light maroon. Hehehehehehe!!!

    P.S. Btw, I’m thinking of painting my house PINK inside. They say it makes the lizards pening so they would all stay away…and no more tahi cicak here, there and everywhere in the house. But then again, it may make me pening too… LOL!!!

  10. I saw so many types of curry. And they looks good. I like my briyani rice flooded with curry. hahaha….

    Me too!!! That’s why I should have ordered curry even though I wanted chicken as my missus already asked for the lamb…but I thought I would give the honey chicken a try.

  11. i love nasi kandar 🙂 but a normal plate at cyberjaya costs me almost RM10! crazy expensive, and definitely doesnt taste as good as yours here


    I know. I’ve heard many horror stories about the nasi kandar shops over at your side. They say the moment they hear my spoken Malay, they would sharpen their knives already – they would know instantly that I’m not local. Usually I would have to pay much more, well over RM10.00. At one place in SP, papadum RM1.00 a piece! Don’t play-play! 😦

  12. You don’t like your egg fried with the metal ring? That reminds me of my childhood when dad would try to squeeze as many eggs into the as he could each separated by the metal rings. 🙂

    That’s what they do at hotels, fast food restaurants and roadside burger stalls…on those wide hot metal plate using the metal rings…and they can fry many eggs at one go. I prefer it fried in a wok with a lot of oil so that there is that very nice golden fibrous crispy edge. In fact, that is a main attraction on the menu at Muar Restaurant, Tengkat Tong Shin in KL. I was wondering what the hoo-haa was all about – I would do that at home all the time – fry eggs that way. Nothing special at all, to me…

  13. I love to eat briyani rice.. and the briyani certainly looks good…
    I know a shop that they fried the chicken Just In time.. and it is very delicious coz it is still hot…

    That would be nice, piping hot…but may cause sore throat especially if you take a cold drink with it.

  14. it would be my favourite joint

    I would be going there more often after this – lots more to try. 😉

  15. I scrolled down n see RED…then GREEN..then YELLOW..LOL!!! I will enjoy the RED and GREEN most..

    LOL!!! Like traffic lights hor! I like the yellow too – love curries, spicy hot curries. Yummm!!!!

  16. Sri Pelita? Ok, noted, will tell my mum, they serve nasi briyani here.

    Food look good, although i am not really a curry fans, that is why usually i pair my nasi briyani with honey chicken. I love the green section, so many choice and most are my favourite!! yum!!

    Fried bitter gourd, the one i had last week it was really nice, cannot imagine i finish all!!! tsk tsk tsk..

    Ya… She can try new Nur Islamic (next to Academy Book Centre) and Balkis too. These two places also have very nice nasi bryani.

  17. U are so famous! haha…..

    I love my nasi beryani with ayam merah and prickles cucmber + pineapple.

    Yahor! This place they do not give the pickled cucumber with pineapples. The other two places that I frequent, they will always have one…but one of them, no papadum.

  18. Oh i would definitely patronize this eatery too if given a chance. I noticed that many of these eateries tend to serve limited veggie dishes. Fried paku is definitely welcomed! 🙂
    Btw, I love the bitter gourd crunchies too 🙂

    I’ve tried the one in KL – so-so, did not get me jumping up and down. Not too crazy about deep fried stuff…and this one, I did not try.

  19. be a good boy next time! 🙂 aiyo…the vege looked really mouth-watering. i’ll share your post at my father’s fb so that he can come here and try. in the meantime, be good! 🙂

    Your father is on Facebook too? Hmmm… 😉

  20. it all looks so red.. whoa, spicy stuff here.. nom nom nom XD

    Like Yee Ling said red, yellow, green… LOL!!! Not really spicy, would prefer it spicier… 😉

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