That’s all that matters…

My missus and I stopped by here for lunch after the church service on Sunday. I did not feel like having noodles so I did not order the usual kampua and stuff or the Sarawak laksa that day. I’ve always enjoyed liked their nasi ayam Pattaya (Pattaya chicken rice) even way back in those days when I was still teaching at the school across the road but the last time I had it, I thought they were scrimping on the chicken and that put me off somewhat.

Well, I saw that they had something new on the menu – the sambal nasi ayam Pattaya (RM6.80)…

Sambal nasi ayam Pattaya 1

…so I ordered that to give it a try. It was very nice…with the sambal plus the peanuts and cucumber slices but I would think that those extras would not merit the extra RM1.30, considering that ordinarily it would cost RM5.50 a plate. I noticed someone at the next table having that and I was quite sure that there was only the egg-wrapped rice and the chicken. I could not get to see any of the usual pickled cucumber by the side, if there were any.

The rice wrapped inside the egg/omelette was good as usual – fragrant with bits of chicken sausage and raisins…

Sambal nasi ayam Pattaya 2

…but I would think that it had been priced a bit too high. After all, it is more or less a coffee shop kind of place and not one of those classier and more impressive cafes or restaurants. The nasi lemak here costs only 10 sen more and other than being a much nicer air-conditioned place,  there are a lot more things by the side.

My missus had their nasi lemak special (RM5.00)…

Nasi lemak special

– no complaints about that and I also ordered their sotong kangkong (cuttlefish with water spinach)…

Sotong kangkong 1

– a small plate for RM4.50 but I guess cuttlefish is rather expensive these days. I would not say that it is the best in town but it is nice enough, this much I would say. Inside, other than the vegetable, they had the cuttlefish but mostly the deep-fried tau-kua (bean curd cake)…

Sotong kangkong 2

I don’t mind having this anytime but frankly, I’m not really a fan and you would not see me going all out for it and if I’m not mistaken, I think there are better ones, maybe not in Sibu but in Kuching or in the other towns or cities in the peninsula.

But all in all, it was a good lunch that both of us quite enjoyed and I guess that’s all that matters…

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27 thoughts on “That’s all that matters…”

  1. i used to have this nasi goreng pattaya when i was still at bint-ulu last time. that’s the only nice one selling in the cafe :/ and yeah about the pricey part, it’s actually selling 1 buck extra compared to ordinary nasi goreng tambah telur. maybe it’s the technique required to wrapped the rice nicely with egg?

    Ya, all other places that I’ve seen have nasi goreng – fried rice wrapped in egg. This one has chicken rice, something different. Ya…RM1 for an egg was expensive during your time there but I think these days, that is the standard price. Inflation… 😦

  2. Ohhhhh! Sotong kangkung! It’s been awhile since I had that. Mebbe time to get some later. LOL!

    Anyway the nasi lemak special looks more tempting to me than the nasi goreng pattaya… dono why…

    They’re different – one’s chicken rice…and the other is nasi lemak. Both are nice but I wouldn’t say their nasi lemak is the best in town. Wouldn’t mind having it for a change…but it would not be my first choice at that particular place.

  3. That nasi pattaya chicken rice looks very special. Must be fun when u cut through the omelette to see what’s inside. The nasi lemak looks very delicious too.

    Nasi lemak, can get at many places and some may be nicer even. This Pattaya chicken rice, only here – the rest all fried rice. Not the best chicken rice in town either…but the only one served like this, Pattaya-style.

  4. wow, that’s really a good treat to yourself for a sunday lunch huh?? nasi ayam pattaya, that is really something interesting and i would like to try that.. though it just look like normal nasi lemak, but hey the rice inside the omelet looks special!!

    It’s chicken rice with a difference. I like it…and it does go well with the fried chicken.

  5. Alamak…..where did my sotong kangkung comment went?

    Kena sys ate.

    I thought its only sotong kangkung. Didn’t know got tau kua. Here they dont put tau kua. Looks good with loads of kacang but Kuah a bit watery

    Alamak! You posted it in the wrong post! LOL!!! Anyway, as I was saying, the sotong kangkong that we had here when I was small – not drowned with the sauce like that. All served on a plate with sweet potato fritters too and the sauce is given separately in a bowl. We dipped and ate ourselves. This one is like how they do it in Kuching and in the peninsula too, I guess.

  6. My girl and I like the nasi pattaya too! I think I will love the raisins inside the nasi too.. it brings sweetness… I love anything with different tastes.. sour, saltish, sweet.. all blend in one! 🙂

    If nasi pattaya elsewhere, it’s usually fried rice…and so far, I’ve not tasted a really good one. In fact, I only tried at one place and I did not like it… 😦

  7. Nasi pattaya.. long time never have this dish…
    hmm still have not come across any good ones so far…..

    Same here. But this one is nasi ayam pattaya and it is quite nice. I don’t mind eating it sometimes. 🙂

  8. The nasi pattaya sure looks good! Actually, anything with sambal on it would be attractive enough for me. Ahh the good old cuttlefish.. I still remember KL selling it for RM5.50 or more for small. I guess it’s still slightly cheaper over at Sibu..

    Oh? And I thought RM4.50 was pricey… 🙂 I guess if you can get these things over where you are, it would cost a bomb!

  9. I like things wrapped up like the rice in the egg omelette – even if you know what’s inside it’s still somewhat of a surprise.

    LOL!!! You like surprises eh? I love egg rolls too – dunno what they’re called…those with meat like luncheon meat and something like jelly and other things inside!

  10. Both rice combo looks really tempting. Gosh, my favourite, jiew hu eng chai. Nice lunch indeed.

    Yes, we certainly enjoyed that that day… It was a good lunch. 😉

  11. The sambal nasi ayam Pattaya considered very worth it jor… they put lots of ingredients inside 😀

    It’s all right…just that in comparison to the nasi lemak at that other place, RM6.90, this one seems a bit pricey…

  12. Awww..sotong kangkung. Haven’t had this for years. I love the kangkung, and crunchy peanuts to bits! The sambal nasi pattaya is interesting, most of the time we had it with tomato sauce.

    Years??? I’m sure you have this in Ipoh? Guess it’s just not one of your regular snacks. Yeah, nasi goreng inside and outside, tomato or chili sauce squiggles all over the egg… Seen that at some Malay stalls here.

    1. Haha yes, it’s years since i have it, probably since jumping into the marriage bandwagon. My wifey is a health freak, and forbids foods that is high in cholestrol. Restaurants that serves sotong kangkung is also hard to come by at Ipoh. Probably I don’t know as my time is very limited at Ipoh (only weekends), most of my time is spent at Penang or outstations. 😦

      Oh? You can get that in Penang. All over, I think… Wah!!! Kena queen-control, I see… Hehehehehehe!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  13. The sambal nasi ayam Pattaya looks like Nasi Lemak ^_^
    But the price of sotong kangkung is quite okay. Here can’t get that price anymore…

    Oh? I hardly ever eat it so I don’t know the current prices. Ya…they use the same nasi lemak sambal for everything… 😦

  14. I love nasi pattaya, but not everyone can cook it with right taste. On your 1st picture, before i read, i thought it is nasi lemak with egg on top. kekekek.. I thought nasi pattaya, the egg that wrap with the rice it suppose to be like rectangle shape?

    I like mine with a bit darker color on the rice and with some anchovies and some kangkung, it will taste a lot nicer. 🙂

    kangkung sotong!! So long never had, last year i went back i try, but the taste no more the same.

    This place, not like what we used to know…even though it is quite nice. Dunno where the old ones have gone to. You went to the Sibu market hawker centre, also not the same kah? Maybe the old folks already died, never taught the children and nobody to take over…so no more lah! All gone now.

    Anchovies and kangkong on the rice? This one is chicken rice lah, not nasi goreng….different from other places. The only thing Pattaya about it is that it is wrapped in egg omelette…

  15. I agree the charges for a plate of fried rice is a bit too expensive….but nothing are cheap nowadays. But love the combination of fried rice with raisins.

    The sotong kangkung are my mum’s favourite. I don’t really fancy them…. prefer deep fried squid. haha

    My daughter too. Deep fried sotong with mayo, her favourite! Ya…it is expensive, isn’t it? Especially considering that it’s just some kind of coffee shop kind of place… The only consolation was that it was quite nice…so it wasn’t too bad.

  16. I am wondering why it is called pattaya or maybe it has nothing to do with a certain place here in Thailand called Pattaya. Just wondering… Yummy food!

    I haven’t the slightest idea either – dunno how it started or where the name come from. It’s just rice, fried or chicken rice wrapped in egg…and it does not taste like anything Thai to me either. Ah well, what’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…(Shakespeare) 🙂

  17. Wow..looking at the nasi pattaya with sambal…Gee..I am hungry now. Haiz..go hide in the blanket and drool la

    Hungry? Quick, take out your HCP pan, cook something… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Everything look awesome. I love the sotong kangkong. Wish I can have some now!!!

    Have a nice week ahead.

    Looks ok…tastes ok too! 😉

  19. I am not a big fan of nasi goreng pattaya, normal fried rice taste better for me. I LOVE kangkung sotong especially those in Ipoh. I had that twice when I was there last weekend.

    Never had any in the peninsula – seen some stalls with all the huge sotong hanging…. I would always choose to go for things that I cannot get easily here or can’t get at all. Fried rice, my own is the best! This one is their own version of chicken rice, not the best in town but ok, not too bad.

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