Let’s meet…

I already had my lunch at home that day when one of my ex-students contacted me to ask me if I was free to meet him and a few others from my English language tuition class a few years ago. I thought I could drop by for a drink and say hello to everybody so we promptly agreed on the venue which was actually just round the corner from my house.

It seemed that all of them had brunch earlier and were not hungry but they did order these chicken nuggets to munch…

TT chicken nuggets

One look at them and instantly, the thought ran through my mind that they would pale in comparison to those at the fast food joints even. I don’t think they were all that cheap so the least they could do was to serve them on a plate and garnish with some slices of tomato and cucumber and perhaps, have a bit of coleslaw by the side or something.

There were also these terayaki chicken wings…

TT terayaki chicken wings

…and that convinced me even further that for a high-end dining joint like this, they really need to work on their plating and presentation so that what they serve would look a little bit more impressive than this.

I was too full from my lunch to have anything so I did not get to sample any of the orders…and thus, I’m afraid I do not have any comments on the taste of the food. For one thing, I am glad that they have finally got rid of the tacky plastic flowers that they used to have on all the tables – they still have plastic flowers here and there but at least, they were much nicer than those miserable ones before.

I ordered this soft ice cream for myself (RM3.00)…

TT ice cream

…so this was something like my post-lunch dessert that afternoon. Actually I’ve tried it once before and I did not think it was all that great. I prefer the ones at one small shop at Wisma Sanyan in the town centre – I think theirs would be a lot creamier and nicer probably due to a higher milk content than those here.

Anyway, the main intention was to meet one another and that we did – three of them home from the UK for their summer holidays and one from the Australian university, Miri campus…

My students & I

It certainly was great to see everybody again and I certainly hope to look forward to more occasions like this in the years to come…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Let’s meet…”

  1. Hmmm…nuggets looks like McD nuggets aje.unless the food taste super good, I think the plc won’t last long.

    Surprisingly it has lasted for quite a while! Maybe most people are not as particular about such things…nor about the taste and the prices.

  2. Haha! You really don’t like TT eh? Is it the fake flowers? πŸ˜‰

    However, I agree, for the prices they’re charging and establishing themselves as a higher end dining place, they shouldn’t be serving and plating like that.

    I can’t see properly, but if your soft serve ice cream comes in a plastic cup, that is quite unacceptable.

    Good to hear you managed to meet up with all your ex-students! πŸ™‚

    Hey!!! That’s right!!! It didn’t cross my mind but indeed, the ice cream was served in a miserable plastic cup and it wasn’t even a nice presentable one at that – something like those small Spritzers you get on board a flight!!! Isn’t that simply the pits? I rest my case. 😦

  3. wow..the chicken wings looks good and the ice cream! You told them to twirl higher than the normal ones, right! hahaha… So u were saying in January, there is a long weekend? Must check that out… πŸ™‚

    Yes, do check it out… Chinese New Year, I’ve seen updates on Facebook – seems that it is not so cheap around that time. The ice cream came like that – it was the RM3 special… Actually, I asked for a mix of vanilla and chocolate…but I only got the vanilla. I did not bother to ask why, fed up! Don’t have a good impression of that place, anyway. 😦

  4. well, i think food is not the main thing you’d focus at.. you have your students still remembering you and also bother to invite you out to meet up with you, now that’s something you can put the food aside.. you should have write more about the people than the food!! πŸ˜€

    True, very true… I don’t write much about people as some may prefer to have their own privacy – not too sure how much I can say and how much I cannot say. Safer to stick to the food…

  5. Wahh…the soft ice cream so big cup!
    For soft ice cream, I like the one from McD and also IKEA =)

    Ya…I like McD’s, used to eat the ice cream whenever I brought my daughter for burgers and stuff. Never tried IKEA’s.

    1. Nvm…next time if you pay a visit to KL…then rmbr to drop by IKEA. Their soft ice cream very laku..Only RM1 with crispy and crunchy cone.hehehe….

      I MUST!!! Yet to go and eat their celebrated meatballs…but so far, nobody offered to take me there everytime I went to KL. Sobsssss!!!! 😦

      1. I think this time if STP would come KL…many of his blogger frens dun mind bringing him around and makan =)

        Hopefully. KL, not like Sibu. Sooooo big, so jammed, so hard to get around… People will think twice, I’m sure. Don’t like to kacau people also lah… 😦

    2. hey you forget … the gelato that you and your mum love it so much..

      In Melissa’s blog kah? Can’t remember… Wah! SP, your memory so good kah…can remember everything in everybody’s blog.

      1. *ketuk ur head*
        that one not consider soft ice cream ma…that’s gelato la…hhahah =p

        No kah? The one that comes out of this big machine? My teenage days, we called it American ice cream…as an American man imported the machine and made and sold at a shop here. Wah…business so good! Never had anything like it before… Now very common liao lah!

        P.S. Oops! You’re replying to SP’s comment, I see – talking about something else here.

  6. Well, well, it is the thoughts that counts. Anyway, I love the ice cream and the chicken wings. Yum!!!…

    Indeed, and we were there to meet and chat, anyway…not for the food. The ice cream was just ok… Dunno about the chicken wings, I didn’t try.

  7. It is great to meet up with old students. Dont you feel honor to be remembered and still keep in touch with them? :p

    I would say that I do appreciate the fact that there are a few who appreciate my contribution and take the trouble to meet and say hello whenever they can…but most would not bother, I’m afraid – at best, will just greet when we meet in the road, the hello, hope you are well and goodbye kind of thing… 😦

  8. High end eatery?…doesn’t look high end at all..Nevertheless the good companion that matters.

    I guess you base your opinion on how the food is served…but actually, the place is nice, this much I can say…nice decor, nice design…except for the plastic flowers. Can’t say I feel the same about the food though.

  9. but your camera made the food looks quite ok wor…..Rm3 for one soft ice-cream is a bit on the expensive side eh…

    High class cafe mah…and this one is not known for being cheap, that’s for sure…despite what it looks like! 😦

  10. Yes, I agree with you, place look nice but the food………. no comment. Hhahhaah, I am surprise too it can last so long. Tsk Tsk Tsk

    Yah…you’ve been there so you know what it’s like. πŸ˜‰

  11. You must be a really super nice teacher that many of your ex-students call you out makan. I’m not in touch with any of my teachers oso.. 😦

    Only a few, not all… 😦

  12. ooo a meet the mentor session here πŸ™‚ STP the mentor .. si fu

    You consider me to be your si fu too…when it comes to blogging, no? So you’re my too-tee then? πŸ˜‰

  13. It must be very fun to meet with all the people..
    btw your memory must be very good.. can remember all the people…

    Not really. These would always keep in touch via Facebook or whenever they can when they come home. Some especially those from so long ago, I would have forgotten lah…

  14. I am not in touch with any of my teacher. Met a few of them 5 years ago when our school celebrated 100 yrs. It is heart warming to see that your students still keep in touch with you. It says what kind of a teacher you were.

    Only a sprinkling, only a sprinkling… 😦

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