You’re not the best…

…but on the whole, I thought you were quite good…

LouChow kueh chap

Well, my missus and I stopped by this place for lunch after the church service on Sunday and I decided to give their kueh chapΒ (RM4.00) a try.

My missus had their claypot noodles (RM4.50)…

LouChow claypot noodles
*recycled pic*

…which I had on my previous visit there and even though I enjoyed it a great deal, I did not want to have that again and would like to try something else for a change.

The kueh chap was good…and I must say that they were very generous with the ingredients – all the innards and stuff. The lagsana-like pieces of flat, broad rice sheets of noodles were nice , soft and chewy, not thick and rubbery…

LouChow kueh chap 2

…and the chili dip was very good too – sourish and spicy. What I found lacking was the soup or broth – even though it wasn’t too bad, I felt that there are a few other places in town with something more fragrant and tastier.

But still, it was good enough and I did think it was worth having…just that personally, I think it fell a bit short of qualifying to be among the best in town.

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20 thoughts on “You’re not the best…”

  1. Why am I not the best?!? Nooooooo.

    πŸ™‚ don’t really take innards as well. My colleagues were just telling me the other day about this eatery selling innards in bah kut Teh like soup. Wonder if it’s similar.

    Go and try and blog about it. Then I will tell you whether it is the same or not… πŸ˜‰

  2. hahaha u changed ur background!
    btw is okay not to be the best in town. cause people will get bored eating the best. =p

    You like or not? Ya…sometimes, it is ok being second or third best as long as it is not bad or worse still, the worst! πŸ˜‰

  3. Until today, I still do not know how to eat the kueh chap… I tried once in Penang, after one try, that was it… hahaha… maybe I am not used to the smell ..

    Hah!!! They did not clean it clean enough – the kidney, the intestines…those would be very smelly and at times even bitter. Not nice lah…FAIL!!! I’ve had before at one or two places in Kuching – so far, the ones here are pretty good, no smell.

  4. the kueh chap looks good!! i’m actually eyeing on the tau pok and the egg, hahaha.. the claypot noodles, it looks very oily and hmmm, i always dislike people using that fake crab stick..

    Not oily…but thumbs down for the crab stick! I don’t like that too!!! 😦 Both are good at this place…and on my part, I have a soft spot for noodles as in “mee” more than kway teow or kway chap.

  5. The soup they pre-boiled like those BKT soup or they boil as and when customers order? If pre boiled , could be boiled not long enough. The rempah taste not there yet.

    U never had lush chap before. Only know about it when my fren order this when we went penang last year..Tat time wanna taste also cannot coz I was having raging sore throat.

    Or maybe they scrimp on the rempah… Usually it is all pre-boiled, everything in…stew and stew…but I did not see this one, not too sure.

  6. I never know that Sibu got sell such a delicious kueh chap..must try it out!!

    Quite a number of places… This one, and at least two or three others – nicer even!

  7. Looks good! I haven’t had proper kueh chap in a long time! πŸ™‚

    When is your next trip home? We could have gone for this and more on your last trip but I could understand that you wanted to spend more time with your mum.

  8. Both are my favourite and yes, they are very generous with the ingredients for the kueh chap. Hmmm, I can see all lean meat, good good, my preference.

    Where’s the best in Kuching now? Used to be a stall at the Padungan market…until rumours went round that they found a rat in the stew…or another one was he accidentally chopped off his finger…and it fell into the stew…and he cooked it along with all the innards. Muahahahahahaha!!!! Loved the let-tau suan at the market too…but that was soooo long ago in the mid-70’s. Can’t remember if I had either in Kuching since… 😦

    1. Don’t know where is the best in Kuching but a lot of people are praising high about Bintawa Kueh Chap. To me it is just so-so only. I prefer the ones at Green Road, or they call Sungai Maong area. You know why I like it. Got chicken claws, hehehehe!!!

      Eyewwwwww…… That Goh Say Lak area. I wonder which shop. I like the kolo mee there – that small, congested, uncomfortable coffee shop in the middle of the shop block. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. I love the pic. Very clear and made me wanna eat the kueh chap too. Doesn’t matter the broth is not the best around, but the pic certainly is!

    Thank you, thank you. It’s as good as it looks…and there are at least 2 or 3 places in town with even nicer kueh chap. Too bad I cannot eat too often – all the innards. Don’t want a gout attack!!! 😦

  10. A quick glance on the kueh chap, it looks like ‘bak kut teh’ =p

    I wouldn’t say it’s the same – not so much on the strong herbal taste but I think 5-spice or selected spices like cinnamon sticks are used. This place probably does not use enough so it is not as fragrant.

  11. wah kueh chap… I don’t really eat everything except the intestines. hehe… the one you had looks really nice and i like your new blog layout too.

    Thanks. Good, those innards aren’t really good for health actually…but I love them! Nom…nom…nom!!! πŸ˜‰

  12. I don’t know what is kueh chap and never try before. During my last trip back, on the last day, when my mum sent me to airport we drop by one of the coffee shop at Pahlawan? Or is it call Pahlawan coffee shop, they serve kueh chap, and i so surprise to see my nephew was eating it!! I am not sure is it good, but it seems he enjoy himself very much, polish the bowl clean!

    The one next to Secret Recipe? Have not been there for a long time. I hear many things to eat there – maybe I should drop by one of these days to check it out… Got kueh chap? Hmmm…must go and try. πŸ˜‰

  13. Wah I love kuey chap. I just love the broad noodles or lasagna they used. Have tried in Penang and Singapore, my preference goes to the latter. Making me hungry now. Sibu also famous for its kuey chap?

    Not really but there are some nice stalls around – initially, I used to eat it in Kuching..but lately, we can get it here as well. Wanna come and try? See better than Singapore or not? πŸ˜‰

  14. *shocked* so pink! I thought I went to the wrong blog! LOL… anyway, this is really refreshing.

    For a moment, I thought the picture is Bak Kut Teh. It really looks like Bak Kut teh from my phone. πŸ˜€

    So gay, is it? No worries…I’m not homophobic – very comfortable with it and guys are wearing pink these days. I used to in my younger days but at the time, no discrimination of colours whatsoever…not like today. Nope…it’s not bak kut teh – even the taste is different.

  15. What’s kueh chap in Cantonese or Mandarin? Just curious :p

    I haven’t the slightest idea – both the language and the dialect are Greek to me! But the “kueh” would be like in “kway” teow…and the “chap” means mixed…so all the innards, meat and everything mixed together in the stew. In KK, they have “ngui chap” – beef mix…

  16. wah .. kueh chap ..
    again.. tempt me with it again.. then somemore Rm4. PLC betul…
    I will have 2 bowls please..

    What’s PLC? Very cheap kah? Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  17. My late hubby love kueh chap. I guess that’s why he got high cholesterol. I used to love this too but now I don’t eat so often. Not that I scared to die young but scared get stroke and cannot die! hahaha

    Ya, me too! I would love it if one fine day, I would just drop dead… Don’t want to be sick and bedridden for years and years… 😦

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