Seeing you again…

It certainly was nice to see Ryan again – he’s currently home for the summer holidays before he goes back again to Russia for his final year and we met for breakfast here. He had the sizzling beef kampua and he loved it a lot and he enjoyed the vanilla mille crepe a great deal too. Of course, we had the kompia as well…and I also tried this meatball noodle soup (RM5.50)…

Meatball noodle soup

It was nice and I was glad that those fishball-like meatballs did not have that peculiar kind of smell that would put me off everytime I had those. I wonder which brand they used. Of course I would very much prefer the freshly-rolled minced meatballs but being a lover of clear soup noodles, I must say that I enjoyed it – not the best I have had around but it was good enough.

Thanks very much, Ryan, for this –

Ritter Sport limited edition

– their limited edition no less. At the time of writing, I had not tried it yet so I’m afraid I cannot give any comment in it. As a matter of fact, I have seen different varieties of this at a local supermart but I have never bought any to try mostly because for one thing, they do not come cheap, these imported stuff. So deprived, don’t you think? Hehehehehehehe!!!

We certainly had a great time catching up with things in our lives – it has been a year since we last met and there were lots to talk about. Then these two ladies joined us…

With doctors & doctor-to-be

– both doctors, friends of a blogger-friend of mine from the time when he was still struggling with his studies and living in Russia…like what Ryan is doing at this point in time. One of the ladies has been posted to a hospital in Sarawak and the other is based in the peninsula. They managed to get in touch with me through my blog and  Facebook and it certainly was my pleasure to meet them in person.

They had had their breakfast before they came so they just had drinks and tried the kompia…but we did manage to go out for dinner that same night and for that, you will have to wait till the next post. Stay tuned!!!