Dollars and sense…

I went to my regular car wash shop the other day and while I was waiting at the coffee shop beside it, I decided to have something to eat.

If I’m not mistaken, that place has changed hands several times since the first time I ate there and I remember somebody telling me that the people running the place now used to operate at a place about 100 metres from the Sibu prison and they have moved here. The kampua noodle stall is no longer there and it is now a completely halal place selling nasi campur, roti canai and all kinds of fried stuff. I ordered the mee goreng special (fried noodles special) and this was what I got…

Mee goreng special 1

The noodles tasted good and the normal ones would probably come with a fried egg, sunny side up…

Mee goreng special 2

I do wish people would not use those metal rings for their eggs and fry them in a wok instead so that there would be that nice golden fringe that I love a lot. This egg is somewhat miserably overdone, I’m afraid and I must say that I can do a whole lot better if I were to fry my own. Tsk! Tsk!

For the special, you will get a huge chunk of fried chicken…

Mee goreng special 3

…that has been marinated with kunyit (tumeric). I wished they had not given me breast meat as that served to substantially reduce my enjoyment of it.

One point in their favour is that the special with all those extras cost only RM7.00 compared to the mee mamak at the cafes around here like this oneΒ or this one…but then of course, this is at a coffee shop and I would think RM7.00 is relatively pricey as well…compared to other places like the RM3.50 ones that I used to have at that old lady’s stall in Sungai Antu. I haven’t been there for quite a while so perhaps I should drop by one of these days to see if the price has gone up or not. For one thing, I loved her mee goreng…and she would give a bit of her very niceΒ masak hitam (beef) which is anytime better than any fried chicken.

Well, stay tuned, folks! I’ll get back to you soon on this…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Dollars and sense…”

  1. I’ll be in Sibu tomorrow! Let’s go to that Antu ahmah place for dinner!

    You’re coming again? Thought you said you would have something on in the jungle? Well, I’m afraid she opens for breakfast…and probably lunch as well only… 😦

  2. i sometimes do have lunchy at the cafe opposite of my school. i don’t know why their fried chicken is always so hard in texture and chewy. =.= tsk tsk tsk

    congratulation-ed! πŸ˜‰ all the best!

    Thanks, Annant… Now that you mentioned it, ya…their chicken is often dry and hard…tasty, yes…but dry and hard. Over-fried perhaps…

  3. The mamak Mee looks delicious
    I like the Ayam goreng to b ready just in time….
    Crispy n hot .. Nice..
    I voted for u again….

    Thanks, SP…keep voting. I’m dropping already – No. 4 and No. 5 right now. Sobssssss!!!!! It tasted good – just the egg and the chicken, not to my satisfaction. 😦

  4. RM 7 for that very mahal lar. I so agree with you about the eggs and I prefer mine without the chicken so that I can truly enjoy the taste of the noodle fully.

    …and the noodle is not the best in town. Wouldn’t want to eat that again or there, if I had the choice. More because it was convenient – the car wash is right next door and can keep an eye on them washing.

  5. I love the mee but RM7.00 is too expensive. I prefer drumstick to breast meat.So generous with the lime.

    …and I did not bother to use. Would only squeeze when the food is not that great and needs a boost. Will certainly think twice about eating there/that again… 😦

    1. Done with the voting. You are now 3rd and 5th. Will continue to vote!!!…vote!!!…vote!!!!.. Very exciting.

      Hah!!! It’s quite fun, isn’t it? At least, it keeps us occupied…something to do. πŸ˜‰

  6. Yeah, I also like to eat the “fringe” at the edge of the egg, they taste nicer with the crispiness… I dont have this metal ring, never bought them before and I prefer my eggs cooked.. hey, I wanna have pan mee this morning… thought of it when brushing my teeth.. hahaha…

    Hah!!! I just came back from breakfast with a friend back from the US. Watch out for the post, coming soon. πŸ˜‰

  7. Wah, mee goreng expensive….lol

    Ok, already clicked on both photos……good luck!

    Thanks, Pete. Ya…expensive. The chicken is probably RM2, deduct that…RM5.00, still expensive. 😦

  8. Arthur, you are right now in 3rd place. Hopefully you can win. I voted twice for you today!

    I’ve gone up? That’s great! Was 3rd yesterday but went down to 4th last night. Thanks for your clicks…

  9. I love noodles specially canton and I love it so much when it was toasted fried. yum.

    cast my votes today

    Thanks, Lawrence. Toasted fried? You mean it’s crispy and then they pour the gravy all over it. Ya…that’s Cantonese fried noodles all right. Not very common here, Foochow town…but you get a lot of this in Kuala Lumpur.

    1. yes, its something like that. but not totally crispy that it become like chips. lol

      When they have poured the hot gravy on the crispy noodles, after a while , they will become soft…especially takeaway and you take home – will not be crispy anymore when you eat it. I just had something like that this morning… Watch out for the post. πŸ˜‰

  10. I think they cooked the egg in the microwave first, then fried it again the buttom side before serve it.

    Yakah? But they cannot put the metal ring in the microwave, I think. The oven will explode… Usually they put the metal rings on an iron grill and break the egg into the ring – can fry a lot one go.

    1. Use a round bowl. That is fast, easy and simple. I do it for my supper or when i lazy to cook (you don’t have to use any oil). The only thing is you can only heat up the raw egg for 5 seconds then you have to stop it. Repeat that 3 to 4 times.

      My missus will use the microwave…and to cook instant noodles too and warm up food. I’m old school. I would stick to the good ol’ ways… πŸ˜‰

  11. alaaa…make me want to have mee goreng now. Must tahan!!!! Since I am not fully recover yet. Got to go hide first.

    Oh dear! Must take care, not easy becoming mum and working and all. Need to be extra strong…

  12. The mee goreng look good ! But RM7, very expensive as in Sibu standard. I also don’t like my egg cooking in this way ( using the egg ring) , i think many people still prefer normal fried egg in the wok, it taste a lot nicer.

    Now you mention it, where is Sibu prison? hahhaha..i really don’t know where is it.

    Opposite the Sibu mosque…on the way to St Mary’s church. Ya…I like it best fried in a wok but sometimes lazy, just use a pan.

  13. looks normal aje the noodle….

    click ady for today

    Yes, leading now… Hope to stay at the top, fingers crossed! Yup…nothing great, just ok…and not cheap. 😦

  14. Thks for dropping by Shirley’s Luxury Haven! I like food marinated with kunyit as it gives that extra punch to the flavour. Great pricing πŸ™‚ Looking fwd to sharing & come back for more Giveaways happening soon!

    Most welcome, and thanks for the return visit. I love kunyit too…but the chicken was probably overfried – rather dry and being breast meat, it did not help to make things any better. I would not say that I enjoyed the chicken…nor the egg., The noodles were all right…

    P.S. Will link you in my blogroll. Do drop by again.

  15. I love mee goreng! But cant find any good ones near my place… so I settle for meehoon goreng nowadays.

    I prefer mee…and not all the Malay stalls here are good. I feel my own would be nicer but too lazy plus have to buy one kg – too much for two persons to finish and I do not have the habit of stuffing things in the fridge. 😦

  16. how special is the mee goreng special actually?? haha, the egg and fried chicken make it special?? i’m fine with the overdone egg, cos i am quite worry about gulping runny egg yolks.. and i’m totally different, i would want to be given breast rather than thigh.. breast is healthier and less greasy and less fat mah~~ πŸ˜€

    Oooooo….I love runny egg yolks! Slurpsssss!!! And I love thighs. Looks like the two of us are the exact opposite then. You can have all the breasts you want… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  17. Ditto! Clicked on the photos for your Sharp. wuah Arthur, Sharp and stylo milo you plus err…the Playboy sticker? πŸ™‚

    Thanks. Didn’t look too bad when I was younger hor? But no, always a gentleman, never a playboy… πŸ˜‰

  18. RM7.00 is too expensive for a meal like this. Just add another RM3.00 and you will get a KFC complete meal. Plus you can opt not to choose breast meat. πŸ™‚

    Yup…and much as I’m not a fan of KFC (and all fast food joints), I would think the chicken is a whole lot nicer than this one… 😦

  19. haha just like you, I also love those golden fried and crispy rings of an egg. I love the crispy bits.

    …which makes me wonder, who on earth came up with the idea of those metal rings? Not for me definitely, thank you very much!

  20. i had my lunch at Sri Pelita quite often (the name Sri Pelita is better than World Cafe hehehe). the food is not bad. i like their curry and the ayam goreng. i was told that their ayam madu is not bad. their Tom Yam have also been recommended but i have not had it yet. i saw the tom yam the other day and it was like a clear soup instead of the normal reddish colour. you can ask for sambal belacan and its not bad.

    the owner is an indian from semenanjung and the lady (whom i believe is his wife) is an iban from Song. some of the workers are from Song. maybe Ah Kam Koko knows them.

    i agree that the price is a bit high there but since they open the
    number of customers are on the rise so they must be serving good food. Cheers STP!

    Tom Yam should be clear actually, clear and sour and spicy…but ours here is not…or maybe there are two different versions. The kopi-o peng’s not nice, typical Malay coffee shop’s and that alone would mean that I would not be there very often – maybe only I get my car washed…once in a blue moon.

  21. Both mee mamak and fried chicken looks good. Next time I visit you, remember to take me there.

    This one’s a bit expensive… We’ll go some place cheaper and nicer… πŸ™‚

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