Mix it up…

Gee! How time flies! It has been way over a week since Father’s Day and since Melissa left home after her holidays ended. She insisted on celebrating the occasion two days earlier as she would be flying off the next day, Saturday and since she wanted shabu-shabu for  a change, we went to this place…

Mitsu Shabu-shabu

…where I would usually go in the morning for the dim sum.

I don’t know if there are any options as they never asked and just gave us a pot of broth which they probably had brewed using this combination of herbs…

Mitsu - herbs

We ordered the mixed meat set…

Mixed meat set

…and the seafood set…

Seafood set

…as well as the vegetable set…

Vegetable set

…and as soon as the soup had started boiling, we put everything in and mixed it all up…

Mitsu Shabu-shabu 1

I must say that it was very nice, the soup especially – after everything had cooked…

Mitsu Shabu-shabu 2

It became very much sweeter and I enjoyed it a lot. I must add here also that the blended chili sauce was simply out of this world and I dipped everything so very generously in it that I had to get a second helping and then, a third – it was that good, I tell you.

However, despite the fact that there was quite a lot  to eat and everybody was very full after we had finished everything, I did feel that there could be much more than what came in the sets especially in view of the fact that the bill came up to over RM60 for three persons. With that kind of money, we could have much nicer stuff and a lot more too if we were to have our own steamboat at home…or if we were to go to this eat-all-you-can BBQ steamboat place instead…but of course the latter isn’t air-conditioned (and the place isn’t very nice) and for this reason alone, I certainly would think twice about going there as the weather had not been very kind lately – so dry and so very hot that my fat was melting in the heat… LOL!!!

Anyway, at least it was a nice enough dinner for everybody and most of all, we had the chance to spend some family time together while celebrating the auspicious day that comes only once a year.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Mix it up…”

  1. Eh….you been eating lots of Japanese stuffs lately and you mentioned you don’t know Japanese food yet!
    Btw, I’m a big fan of shabu-shabu too! Looks good! Healthy and delicious!

    I do know – just that I may not like or enjoy as much as other cuisines. I would love this shabu-shabu if they had better ingredients…especially for that price.

  2. haven’t had shabu shabu in a loooooong time. it’s like steamboat eh? just that it’s in japanese :/

    A rose by any other name – to me, it’s steamboat and for that kind of money, we have a whole lot better at home. Not hard to prepare…

  3. I’m not really into shabu-shabu or steamboat but don’t mind it once in a while.After seeing this post, I got cravings pulak and I think it’ll be great for this very cold winter.However, you are right.. The price is a little bit on the higher side looking at the ingredients.Might as well makan kat Ruby kan?.. Definitely cheaper .. Hehehe and sedap sehingga menjilat pinggan.

    Yes, it’s best for cold winter nights…with herbal soup and you buy your own better ingredients. Not so suitable for the hot weather here unless in aircon places…

  4. hey Arthur, is it the one we went the morning before I left Sibu? So far, I have not been to any shabu shabu here in Ipoh though there is one existing somewhere… but I have tried it in Japan.. everything throw in one… and it is a healthy meal.. 🙂

    Yes, this was where we went. Only place in town where they use the herbal soup, nice…just a bit expensive for me and the ingredients not really special. They say can order, but of course, will have to pay even more. 😦

  5. oh shabu-shabu, a nice option for father’s day celebration huh.. because you can sit around the table and have more time to chit chat.. that plate of meat looks good, but why is there the crab stick in the vegetable set?? :p

    Search me! I would think that should be in the seafood set… My daughter ate all of them – I don’t those. Can’t stand the smell.

  6. I like herbal soup for steamboat. Not bad leh the soup gets sweeter coz some that I’d had, the soup became salty after a few rounds of boiling. Rm60 is a bit mahal. Rm20 per person.

    They should advertise buy one set steamboat free sauna…lol.

    Well, the place was airconditioned…so it was ok – no free sauna…but true, it was expensive. Thankfully, the soup was good and we enjoyed it to the last drop. 😉

  7. Lately you have changed your taste to Japanese food.Getting a Japanese son-in-law, Wink!!!…Wink!!!! Me, not a fan of shabu shabu but after you have dumped everything in, It looks nice. That’s a whole lot of combination.

    I thought you’re going to introduce one? My prospective son-in-law…who’s not a Japanese? Here, where to find one…. Anyway, local one much better. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  8. Steamboat – it’s such a fun dish – everybody sharing and getting better as the night goes on. 🙂

    Yes, it was good, tasted good too… I just wished there were some better ingredients… 😦

  9. Japanese steamboat is very healthy. I should try making the at home.

    Yup, easy to prepare, nice to eat…and healthy too! But on hot days, better in aircon room…

  10. We love steamboat too. Most of the time we had it at home, when we don’t know what to cook, we just had steamboat, easy and yummy and not so fattening too. kekekekke

    I love it if there’s aircon… Otherwise, too hot…my sweat more than the soup. LOL!!! 😀

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