The tie that binds…

It was the day before Melissa left home to go back to Sungai Petani…and seeing how she would grumble about the sushis at the place there where she and her friends would go whenever they felt like having some Japanese food, I decided to take her here…

SushiTie, Sibu

…that day for lunch.

I had the teriyaki chicken bento set (RM13.90)…

Teriyaki chciken bento set

…which came with this very nice plate of chicken…

Teriyaki chicken

…a piece of tofu, done Japanese style and miso soup, other than the rice and the fruit – two miserably-thin slices of not-very-nice honeydew melon. I enjoyed the chicken very much and the sauce went well with the rice but it is quite obvious that the bento sets that we had at this other place in town were much nicer and cheaper too.

Melissa had their teriyaki salmon bento set (RM13.90)…

Teriyaki salmon

…and she said that the salmon she had at that other place was nicer but of course, that one was a lot more expensive and was a dish by itself, not a bento set…so it would not be very fair to make a comparison between the two.

My missus had the yakitori bento set (RM13.90)…

Yakitori chicken

…and if you ask me, I would say that they’re chicken kebabs. LOL!!! They were nice though so due credit must be given for that.

Other than those sets that we had, I also ordered these that were served on red dishes (RM4.30 each), their unagi baby fish sushi

Unagi baby fish sushi

…and their soft shell crab…

Softshell crab sushi

…and this one on an orange dish (RM4.90)…

Inari sushi

I liked the one with the soft shell crab…but the baby fish one was extremely salty and what they called baby fish turned out to be fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…or at least, that was what we thought they were.

Green tea was RM1.30 a glass, hot or cold – it came free with the bento sets that we had the other day…and I was quite put off by the fact that they have been in business for years and their business has always been very good but they still do not accept credit cards – cash terms only. If eating there is cheap and the total is not that substantial, I can jolly well understand but that unfortunately is not the case.

It did not help one bit either that they actually collect 5% service charge on the total in your bill. Service? Given a choice, I certainly would not want to give a sen to that short and fat rolly-polly sour puss of a cashier – Miss Congeniality, she definitely isn’t! Tsk! Tsk! Where friendly and polite service and everything else is concerned, I would definitely say that the other place wins hands down…and I certainly would not consider it good service when they opened for business at around 11.40-11.45 a.m. when it is stated very clearly outside that business hours begin at 11.30 a.m. every day.

Besides, I do feel that they should think about having more spacious cubicles for plus-sized people like me (who usually would eat more)…

SushiTie cuibicle

…and if they want people to order what is on their menu, they would have to think twice about calling it “kanasai” (like shit)…


I, for one, would get quite put off by that somewhat peculiar sense of humour.

Well, never mind the more expensive tab and the grouchy faces and all, at least the food was good enough and Melissa enjoyed the lunch – that was all that mattered…but we certainly would think twice about going there again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “The tie that binds…”

  1. kanasai looks like ka-na-sai really… btw, if the seat is not comfy, will think twice the next time then… makan is meant to be enjoyed, not to be rushed thru… and as for the cashier… maybe bad day, sakit gigi kot…

    The seats are ok – not uncomfortable…except that people like us will find it a tight squeeze. Not too sure whether you can get in even or not. The cashier? She should be great for a part in Snow White – as one of the 7 dwarfs…Grumpy! 😦

    1. maybe if i lift my tummy and put on the table… hahaha…

      …and the table will come crashing down. LOL!!! 😀

  2. I tried sushi tie once. Never again. Will go to Zen tomorrow for lunch!

    Oh? Should have taken you there for lunch…when you were picking up the tab. Wink! Wink!

    P.S. Not too sure whether they have set lunches on weekends or not. Maybe only on weekdays to draw the office crowd on their lunch breaks. I do know Garden Hotel’s Monday to Friday only.

    1. Zen was good. Definitely better than Tie. Set lunch only for weekdays.

      Exactly what I’ve been telling everybody! Somebody even wanted to pick up a ‘fight’ with me on Facebook. Probably has some vested interests in the place… 😦

  3. Lol! I probably won’t name anything on my menu like that no matter how funny it’d be! It’s like selling a car and naming it the ‘jipbaiseeliao’

    That’s why I said they seem to have a peculiar sense of humour…and for an eatery, that certainly is in bad taste. Not as bad as that place in Taiwan or where…and they have outlets in KL or in Penang, I think, where they have “toilet” as their theme. You can imagine the shape and appearance of things they serve there. Eyewwwwww….

  4. Adei…sour puss really spoil mood for eating.

    They don’t accept cards coz they need to pay the bank a percentage of the bill …forgotten how much already…depend on what bank they are using. Then they will pass the buck to diners. Just like electrical and furniture cash they will charge cheaper.

    Not much mah! 1 or 2% only, I think…and people can eat more and charge, no need to bring along so much cash to pay the bill. Obviously they do not want to part with that bit of money to pay the bank…never mind even if it’s at the customers’ inconvenience. Even a small and simple eatery like Ruby will accept credit cards. Tsk! Tsk! This one kopi tiam class or what!!! 😦

  5. Aiyor, piss off with that word “KANASAI”. Can’t they think of a better word if they want some humour. Anyway, your chicken bento set looks nice.

    The chicken was good… Nothing much else, other than that in the bento set. At least the other place has nice potato salad…and only RM10 plus free Japanese green tea.

  6. STP .. you are such a wonderful father..
    I know that you not a big fan of japs food and you brought your daughter for japs food..
    my dad will never like japs food, western food..
    he is a very traditional chinese man and only eat chinese food..
    have a good sunday ya…

    My dad’s like your dad and no spicy food too…and all our lives, we had to follow him and eat what he liked. I’m not going to put my girl through all that misery – anything for her to make her feel happy and much loved. You, have a great Sunday too…

  7. Looks good!! really looks good! I love Japanese food! Where are the sashimi?

    Not into sashimi… In fact, I’m not really into Japanese food – my daughter loves it, that’s why we went. Would rather go for our very own umai anytime…

  8. Are you serious that ‘kanasai’ is not a Japanese word but Chinese and it means like shit? WTH.. no class at all!!! It’s not funny!!!! Anyway, I think their food is more fusion than authentic and I’m not a fan of that.

    A reflection on their mentality, that’s for sure…and funny is the last word to describe that. Old people would certainly frown if anyone mentions such disgusting things during mealtimes – “Eat!” they would say, “No manners! Don’t talk about such things while eating!”

  9. hahahaa…Kanasai! cos of the word sai, it really dampens one’s appetite.. it would be great if the boss reads your review here, the next time you visit, there might be no more “kanasai” wordings there, they accept credit cards and bigger seats! LOL…


  10. I know Sushi Tie. Tried it when i was back last year. Where is Zen?

    Old Street…now Jalan Chew Geok Lin, a few doors away from Cafe2…from temple/pagoda side, first the bank and next to it is Zen.

  11. Heard of Sushi Tei before but not Sushi Tie, prices certainly look cheap for bentos

    Nothing to do with that franchise chain – this one’s named after the boss surnamed Tie. The other place is cheaper…and nicer too.

  12. hahaha kanasai! >< .. Sushi Tie eh, thats weird, coz the ones I've been to were Sushi Tei. haha.

    "Miss Congeniality, she definitely isn’t" – i like this phrase, full of sarcasm.. lol.

    But seriously, I feel establishment like these (japanese restaurants) must have the option to use credit cards. Come on, it's so pricey!

    ps. regarding my malones post, I have no idea too on the german food. Haha, but to me I guess any food is good food for me. I have soooo many more pending food reviews to write. Serves Isaac right for procastinating, always eat eat eat and don't want to write. lol!

    Not the same – not one of the franchise chain. See my reply to Ken. I would agree with you regarding the credit cards – if there are a lot of nice things to eat, the amount would total up to quite a lot…and it would be easier to pay via credit card. Ya…you have a string of posts today – all at one go!!! Had to hop over to comment so many times… 😉

  13. Haiyorr…so bad service? I tink I will tink twice too…

    …and more expensive too plus not so nice. 😦

  14. at the first glance, i thought it was sushi tei.. but definitely sushi tei wouldnt have bad service like the tie here..

    Latest: Pretty Whitesoot

    It used to be very good. Business is good all this while perhaps so they do not bother about providing good service…or maybe the former employees have left and they can only manage to get these not-so-good ones.

  15. the bento at RM13.90 each is kind of cheap, and they have everything it’s supposed to have.. over here, i think even the foodcourt bento is costing us more than RM13.90..

    KL, where got the same? All you people there so rich mah! Here, if too expensive, not long after that sure to close shop liao!

  16. this located at Wisma Sanyan?

    Nope. The original outlet behind the Rejang Medical Centre. They have one at Wisma Sanyan but they say the one there isn’t as nice. If it’s worse than this one, I certainly would not want to go there… 😦

    1. wonder. Bcos I rmbr passing by once. I sort of rmbr the name bcos I merely read it as ‘sushi tei’ (Jap rest. in KL)..then I noticed its so empty =(

      Ya…business not so good at that outlet.

  17. I enjoy eating Japanese Bento sets – I like all of the small dishes of different things.

    Not that many actually…the rice and the main, plus the tofu and the miso soup and the fruit… I guess it saves the trouble of thinking what to order – just grab a set and be done with it! 😉

  18. When we want Japanese food, we go back to our regular place near our home. The food there is a little pricey but authentic and service is good. I think it is because the owner is a Japanese chef and he prepares the food himself and he is there all the time. You come KL next time, I take you there.

    Ya, when Melissa is with me – she loves Japanese food. Pricey, I don’t mind…but quality must be there so people will not feel shortchanged or cheated.

  19. I am a japanese food fans too, but when i am back in Sibu i won’t go for japanese food, as i know i can had a better one here, i want to save my stomach for other food. 🙂

    Yup…so many nice things to eat here…but Melissa has different tastes and when she’s home, we would go for all that she loves. Sayang mah!!! 😉

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