Last one…

One morning when my daughter was home for the holidays, I took her here for breakfast. It was still early, around 10.00 a.m. but the lady said that we were lucky as they were down to their last plate of kway teow (flat rice noodles) already and they would be closing for the day.

Since there was only one plate left, I let Melissa have that – with sambal (RM4.00)…

KopitiamFantasy sambal kway teow
*recycled pic*

…and I ordered something else from the chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back of the coffee shop.

My friend, Philip, told me once that their wan tan hor (fun) was very nice but all this time, I never got down to trying that so I decided to order a plate for myself (RM3.50)…

KopitiamFantasy wan tan hor 1

For the uninitiated, it is actually fried kway teow

KopitiamFantasy wan tan hor 2

…with the egg sauce/gravy.

It was indeed very nice but of course, our kway teow isn’t as soft and smooth as the hor fun in the peninsula but on the whole, it still tasted great. I certainly would not mind going for that again.

I had the coffee that morning – they have the best in town…sometimes but it wasn’t so great that day. There was no sign of the guy, the barista, so I guess somebody else must have brewed the cup and it simply was not the same. Ah well…like they always say, better luck next time!

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22 thoughts on “Last one…”

  1. Wat tan hor looks good with wok hei aroma…..

    VERY good, just that I have this thing against kway teow in Sibu – the texture’s not as nice as Ipoh hor fun or kwayteow in Penang or KL even.

  2. The best coffee in town!
    I’ve got to try that sometime. You mean local coffee or those fancy new foreign brands that has been invading our peaceful little town? 😉

    You really are a nice dad, small gesture, but remembered your post about your daughter. Cheers! 🙂

    Local coffee, fragrantly roasted with butter/margarine. Anytime better than those franchise coffees. Many loved Choon Seng in Sg Merah…but my last few trips there have been disappointing. This one’s better, provided the guy’s the one brewing…

    I try my best to be, Huai Bin – she’s the only one I’ve got and as her parent, I do the best I can. Your parents would do the same as well for you.

  3. What!!!! RM3.50 for that plate of wa tan hor????.. so cheap!!! Look so nice some more. Here, without seafood and without the wok hei( most important, cheapest that you can get is NZ10.50 and the price goes up if u want seafood. Untung nyer orang Sibu. No wonder so many mansions and huge cars around… Tsk! tsk! tsk!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Can save a lot of money living here hor? Too bad I’m an exception to the rule. 😦 Ya…it is cheap if you don’t go to those fancy cafes…and more often than not, the food is a whole lot nicer as well. Should just go to those expensive places for things we can’t get in the coffee shops… Smart spending.

  4. hey Arthur, they look really great!! Seriously…wow.. I wish I could go for a plate of this now.. but then I have a lunch appointment with a few ladies… so I better reserve space for that meal… hahaha….

    I’m saving tummy space too. My friend got APC, treating me to dinner tonight. Watch out for the blogpost… 😉

  5. yuppp better luck next time! and why your hor fun is koay teow? from the photo i can’t really judge the size of the koay teow. haha

    Ours is kway teow, not the smooth, soft and translucent hor fun – white and thick. Some people do prefer this type though, not me… Ummmm…how big would you like it to be? Muahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  6. Slurppppp!!!!…..Both looks simply delicious. Ermm, so early already closing for the day. Must be really nice and business was good. Next time better luck for you so that you can try the kway teow with sambal.

    See my reply to Jocel below… I’ve tried before, very nice…nicer than the so-called Penang char kway teow (guy from Penang) at Central Road in Kuching.

  7. Both are my favourite but looks like CKT worth the money…got few fresh prawns!

    The best thing is it is very nice. My missus prefers this to the ckt in Penang. Actually the lady used to run her business in KL – old now so she has come back. I think she’s just doing it to stay active and to pass the time and earn a bit of spending money. That’s why by 10 already closing shop…

  8. The noodles look so silky.

    Not our local kway teow, thick and white. The ones in KL, Penang and the Ipoh hor fun – a lot silkier, smoother. softer…very translucent – I prefer those but some people here may not agree with me.

  9. MMmm…i like. Apart from the CKT in brickfields, I found one nice CKT near my home. But too bad no pork lard 😦

    Oh? That makes a world of difference. Don’t mind no crusts though – don’t like those.

  10. Ohh..I like this type of kuey teow. Look at the gravy oso drooling edi! This one is without ‘tomato’ sauce hor?
    Over here they call it as ‘wat tan hor’.

    Yup…I first had that over in KL and I loved it and I also had it in Penang…and now, people here are also frying the kway teow the same way.

  11. the hor fun looks good, especially the gravy with the just nicely-done egg white, certainly looks promising to me

    Not bad…but between the two, I prefer the one my daughter had.

  12. wow your daughter is back? 😀 the wat tan hor looks quite salty there, coz the noodle itself looks so dark in color. haha

    Latest: BBQ with Wine

    She was back, left last Saturday…one week liao. You must have missed quite a number of posts… 😦 Not salty…just nice, and no need to add soy sauce when eating…

  13. wow … at 10am and is the last plate..
    seems very delicious like that….
    sighh .. i miss the wat tan hor .. (keow teow with gravy)…

    That one, KL a lot…no problem getting to eat it. Ya…many times we went hoping to eat for brunch, already closed. 😦

  14. should try the coffee there next time.

    Ive been meaning to ask, what kinda camera are you using? ur pictures look awesome. sharp and detailed.

    Just a simple digicam – Canon iXus115HS…cheap now, around RM6-700 as they have other newer and better models out already.

  15. wow.. looks so YUM!!! too bad there isn’t one in PJ/KL.

    No? I thought they would be all over the place there? You’re in Melbourne, aren’t you? Well, you can get these there too – there’s Pappa Rich and Old Town…but of course, you will have to pay more.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Welcome. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  16. i am reading this during lunch time!! OMG, makes me even more hungry, and that “wat dan hor” sure is nice for my lunch later, hahaha~~

    Go ahead! Lot sof that in KL, any coffee shop…and the kway teow is nicer than the ones here too!

  17. I saw the dim sum and I want, now I see this wat tan hor, I WANT also!! Okay, breakfast – dim sum, lunch – wat tan hor.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Take one today, another tomorrow… No hurry! LOL!!! 😀

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