So close, yet so far…

Bintangor is a small town that is quite close to Sibu. To get there, one would need to cross the mighty Rejang River and in the past, there used to be a ferry service and at times, the queues could be a bit too long and might prove to be test on the commuters’ patience but ever since the bridge had been completed, such problems have become a thing of the past. It probably would take around 40-45 minutes to drive there but despite the close proximity, I cannot remember the last time I was there – it was that long ago.

I don’t know now but I remember when we last stopped there for lunch, the food was very good and cheap…and servings were huge. The town is famous for its very green and very sour oranges – my missus’ favourite! She would go for these instead of Mandarin oranges anytime, believe it or not. Other than that, lately, it had become well-known owing to the popularity of its rojak.

Many have blogged about it and it was even featured in an article in a local newspaper. I have heard of people stopping by the town while driving between Kuching or the other towns along the way and Sibu just to enjoy it and there have been others as well who would drive there all the way from Sibu for this same purpose. I have long wanted to do the same but somehow or other, I never got round to doing it. As they say, I’m so near…and yet so far.

Imagine my delight when Melissa’s friend/coursemate, Christina, went through the trouble of getting some and bringing it all the way to Sibu for me to try. There was a bag…

Bintangor rojak 1

…full of fried sweet potato fritters, bean curd or tofu cake as well as tofu pok with a generous sprinkling of crushed peanut and toasted sesame seeds.

In another bag, there were cut cucumber and pineapples…

Bintangor rojak 2

…and they came with two bags of the rojak sauce…

Bintangor rojak 3

I was wondering why there were two bags of the sauce so I asked Christina about it. According to her, the sauce would be pre-packed as their business is always so good so to speed things up, they are forced to get bags and bags of the sauce ready well beforehand for the people who stop by to buy the rojak or sometimes, just the sauce and take home. I don’t know how true this is but according to Christina, the secret to that so very awesoms tasting rojak is in the stone bowl that they have used all these years to mix everything together.

I put all of that in a bowl and tossed thoroughly – the same as what people would do when preparing salad…and then, I served it in a plate…

Bintangor rojak 4

Was it good? Well, I must say that it certainly was simply out of this world. The rich prawn paste taste with the sweetness, probably from the use of gula apong, plus the sour fragrance of calamansi lime and whatever else all blend it to make this the best rojak I’ve ever tasted anywhere in the country…but if I were to order it for myself,  I would ask for it to be a little bit spicier.

I don’t know if it is still there or not but towards the end of last year, when I went to one of the megamalls in town, I saw a stall selling what they claimed to be Bintangor rojak.  I’m not too sure if there is any connection between the two but I ordered a plate then and somehow or other, I did not think it was anything great – I did not even bother to take photographs and blog about it at the time…but this one is certainly worth special mention.

It is so good that I am contemplating on driving to Bintangor one of these days with the sole intention of having some more of that. Anybody keen on joining me?

Author: suituapui

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27 thoughts on “So close, yet so far…”

  1. Yummy! perfect for the hot weather! of course to be accompanied with sweet ABC…

    Yes…and it has been so very very hot these days. I wonder when it will ever cool down… 😦

  2. Woah…… Rojak! Long long never eat already!

    Actually I’m not a fan of rojak. You wouldn’t see me eating that outside – just eat at home with the bottled rojak sauce…but this one, I really really like. So very nice!

  3. Me!me!me!.. wait for me!!!! I love love love rojak and I got my first chipped molar eating rojak in 2007 and it cost me more than 2k to repair it..hehehe but still tak serik-serik. Even here, one of the first thing I crave for is rojak and I’ve resorted to making my own but of course not as nice as bought ones. I make the kuah petis from scratch and keep in the fridge for emergency!

    Ok! Ok! So when are you coming? Sure beats going all the way and eating…alone. Hmmmm….how does anyone chip a tooth from eating rojak, I wonder? LOL!!! 😀

  4. Come on! How can you not be in Bintangor for that long! If you can’t be bothered to drive there maybe I should give you a ride there for the rojak in a few week’s time! I’m serious! 🙂

    Oooooooo!!!! You’re a heaven-sent, my prayers have been answered. I would like that very much! Come, let’s go… 😉

    1. Sure! I’ll be home by next weekend. Shall get in touch with you! 😉

      Can’t wait! Be seeing you real soon… 😉

  5. hey..we should be there if we stay longer, right? where there is good food, we don’t mind traveling all the way!! 🙂

    We can drive there easily, very near… No problem at all…and we can drop by Sarikei too, not far away either. Just a day trip to go to these two towns, more than enough…and Kanowit too,
    …but it is not along the way – will have to go on another day.

  6. lol i would prefer the beancurd add in with sweet sour sauce! yummy!!! i love that combo very much! hehe! =D
    with the mixture of fruit and make it rojak… hmmmm. im not a big fan of rojak! haha
    but u willing to drive to there just for that, must be something really nice! haha

    Ya…I’m not either. People go for the Penang fruit rojak – I saw long queues at Gurney…but I never bothered…but this one is really nice. Look forward to eating it again…

  7. Dont worry. I think you’ll be going there to attend a wedding pretty soon. :).

    Then can ask our friend to bring you to this famous rojak stall 🙂

    Oh? You’ve heard the good news? Confirmed? I got some wind of it…but nothing definite. Dunno if she will invite me or not…

  8. Friends near Bintagor likes this rojak very much. I myself have tried erm…maybe twice..
    Hmm…not bad lar..but I prefered Penang Rojak..which has stronger taste. 😉

    Oh? Where’s a good one in Penang? Not the one at Gurney, I’m sure. When we were there, my cousins bought the sambal rojak home to Kuching and they were not impressed – just so-so, they said, nothing special…and they would not want to queue to eat that. I used to make my own using otak udang paste…but these days, too lazy to bother – just buy the ready-mixed sambal rojak in the plastic bottles at the supermarts – Agromas brand, I think. All, more or less the same… This Bintangor one, I like the strong calamansi fragrance, the blend of sweetness and sourish taste…and I love the fried sweet potatoes in the rojak.

    1. Sorry…do not have particular area. I buy them randomly actually. Sometimes at food court or pasar malam…hehehe…
      Yalor…these days everything is convenient. Can buy those pre-packed sauce from supermarket. Add more ingredients to make it taste even better. I like my rojak to have more ‘keropok udang’! =)

      Yes…add extra calamansi lime juice, crushed peanut…very nice already.

  9. I love tofu. there’s this delicacy here that we call “tokwa’t baboy” or tofu w/ pork. but I don’t eat it. lol

    Ahhhh!!! We have that here too – stuffed with minced pork and deep fried. I like cooking those in soup. 🙂

  10. Wahh salivating just reading and looking at the pictures of the rojak!! So nice of Christina to buy them for you. Can she mail some over to me ah? LOL! I don’t mind rojak but not the sour oranges, thank you! I have goosebumps just thinking about super sour oranges.. haha

    When my missus enjoys those oranges, I would have this sensation like cramps in the side of my face below the ears…just from the sourish smell. Shudders!!!! LOL!!! 😀 Hah!!! You can make your own rojak there – sure they have the ready mix rojak sauce in the supermarts or Asian shops. They have everything there. 😉

  11. Mmmmm…drooling here! Arthur, you are lucky man to get this from a friend all the way from Bintangor! 😀 When it comes to good food, people are willing to drive far and wide for it….how interesting huh…haha.

    Yes, I have friends who would drive all the way to Selangau, halfway to Bintulu, to eat the exotic meats…and Kuching folks would drive to Damai or one place called Green Mountain for the seafood. I would not do it…not on a regular basis, that’s for sure.

  12. Bintangor!! It is also a place that i have not been for more than 20 years!! Last time i went there very often for church.

    I love rojak, over here i only eat rojak from one of the stall at Jalan Batai @ Damansara, a lot people blog about it, always long queue, now i smart..i go on Saturday and pack back, and can imagine, sometime on Saturday i also have to queue quite a while.

    I want my rojak, no sour fruit, no papaya, mango and pineapple, only sengkuang, cucumber, jambu, yau char kwai and keropok! I like mine a little spicy too.

    Oh yes, i heard people telling me too, about the stone bowl they are using, even already look old and a bit crack, they won’t change to a new one, it won’t taste that good if they change to a new bowl.

    Hahahaha!!! The stone bowl is really famous. I don’t like sengkuang in rojak…so I was quite happy there wasn’t any in what I got. Here, they do not put all those papaya, mango, yew char koi, keropok and what not. Same as the rojak I had since young except that they do not have sengkuang and they have fried sweet potatoes. Next time you come back to Sibu, we can drive there to eat this and also enjoy the cheap and nice small town food there – huge servings still, I hear! 😉

  13. I would drive there for the rojak and Bintangor orange juice.

    Coincidentally, my last ex was from Bintangor. 😡

    Ya! I remember that one. LOL!!! Hmmm…seems that Bintangor has some pretty ladies too eh? 😉

  14. The rojak looks so delicious! Yes, I like rojak, too. But so difficult to find good rojak and I don’t mean the Indian rojak type….don’t quite fancy that 😦

    Pasembur’s ok sometime for a change…and actually, I’m not really a fan of this rojak either except that this one, I really like a lot!

  15. The rojak look so good, very refreshing for the hot and humid weather. Thanks for sharing and let all of us drool ….. LOL

    I was…and I think because I put the cucumber and pineapples and the sauce in the fridge to keep till dinner time before taking them out and tossing it all together made it extra refreshing – very very nice…

  16. ME! I’d fly over for rojak! I super love rojak and william will make sure he has to tapau for me rojak each time we go back to his parent’s place. I eat the rojak in the car and no matter how smelly it is, he’ll just keep quiet as long as that can keep me quiet! haha…

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I bet he’d do anything to keep the little lady quiet! ROTFLMAO!!!! 😀

  17. Hmmm I would like to try rojak with gula apong..
    My wife loves rojak… I like to tah pau back n then keep some sauce for next day…
    We usually cut some apples for the left over sauces…

    We would have pineapples or cucumber…to eat with rojak sauce for our meals. Saves the trouble of having to cook a veg dish and it’s healthier this way! 😉

  18. Super duper yummy rojak. With really good rojak paste, it simply taste awesome. The pineapple looks nice, Sarikei pineapple kah? But I know some rojak paste, they mixed with flour which melts and becomes watery very fast.

    Oh? I see… Not this one – had a bit left over, keep for supper, still ok…

  19. I used to drop by that rojak place in Bintangor after i finish when court case there. i also tapao to bring home. its definitely the best around. so STP, when are we going there? hehehehe

    Never tapao for me pun? First time I’ve tried after hearing so much about it. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  20. wow, all the way to Sibu just for you!! how nice.. and i can’t remember when was the last time i had rojak.. hmmm, maybe it’s a good idea for a snack during weekends.. 🙂

    I usually have it during lunch or dinner like a salad – good for a vegetable dish, no need to go through the trouble of cooking another dish.

  21. I’m not a big fan of rojak but I do like it every once in a while. The fresh fruits are nice, especially the pineapple. Was just briefly in Bintangor on the way from Sarikei to Sibu, but only stopped to pick up some steamed pau. Maybe on our next trip out there we will stop for rojak.

    Nice paos there? Quite hard to find really great ones in Sibu… 😦

    1. There’s a bakery there that sells amazing steamed pao, especially the one with fresh shredded coconut. I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the place.

      Ok, will check it out should I happen to drive over, thanks. Not a fan of shredded coconut though. I’m a meat person… 😉

  22. Melissa’s friend is very thoughtful. Rojak is my mum’s favorite. We have one near her best friend’s house that is super delicious.

    Yes, aren’t we all blessed to have such nice friends? 😉

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