Not really good…

…but it was o.k.

We dropped by here for lunch that Sunday when Melissa was still home for the holidays and she had their grilled chicken chop with homemade brown sauce (RM18.90)…

Enjoy grilled chicken chop

The chicken was very nicely done – very tender and juicy and it tasted great and the brown sauce was nice, just a little bit too salty. The fries were very salty too.

My missus had their mee mamak (RM9.90)…

Enjoy mee mamak

…and she liked it. Melissa liked it too but I thought it had a little bit too much msg.

I had their tomato kway teowΒ (RM8.90)…

Enjoy tomato kway teow

…which was pretty good but at that price, I would expect more than just a few miserable shrimps – boiled and places on top for presentation. Other than those, there were some very thin strips of carrot, some tomato wedges and bits of green veg. Β  Maybe they would not consider fish fillet slices or sotong but I’m sure a few thin pieces of fish cake would give a much better impression and one would not feel that he or she has been shortchanged.

Yes, it was all right, just all right…

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26 thoughts on “Not really good…”

  1. Ok, once I glanced at your pics, I fell in love it’s the mee mamak immediately ! What? Tomato kway teow? This is really new to me!

    Very popular in Kuching, I think that’s the place of origin. Used to eat that there way back in the 70’s. This did not taste like the ones in Kuching but it tasted good. Only thing, hardly any ingredient…so at that price, I think it wasn’t really worth it.

  2. pictures looking good! upgraded camera or is it the skill? or maybe the natural lightings πŸ™‚

    Same camera…so I would say natural lighting and of course, the skill! Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Normally comfortable places do not serve good quality food.. my sister used to say this.. the dirtier the tastier.. hahahaa.. what she meant is that those selling food at roadside offers better and tastier food.. πŸ™‚

    But I get quite put off by such places – seems people there take pride in how dirty the places are and how nice the food is. Here, the town council will grade all the shops. If I’m not mistaken, A = pass, B = watch out, do something, C = danger, danger…if you don’t do something, we will close you down. Anything below C, close down right away. I’m glad they’re doing that – the shops are certainly a lot cleaner than before… For all the money those people earn, they would be able to afford to make their shops a whole lot nicer…

    1. Anyway, now with those chain outlets, the food quality is not there anymore.. i still prefer those authentic type of food… call me old fashioned.. hahaha

      None of those food franchises for me too – food is at best just so-so, more expensive…but even ordinary coffee shops and eating places, I think with a bit of effort, they can keep those places relatively clean…and with the big profits they make, they can spend a little to make the place a bit more presentable. Not going in all the time, never going out. Some of those places that I’ve seen, even the ancient metal stools are no longer strong and steady – they should give some thought to the safety of their customers at least, if not their comfort.

  4. I have never tasted tomato kuey tiaw… Hehehehe, so Jakun I πŸ™‚ I would probably order that or even the mee goreng mamak but not the chicken chop lar. Next time I’m around ur place, remind me to try the tomato kuey tiaw, okay.

    I like the ones in Kuching…with pork, prawns, sotong, fish cake slices but that was in the 70’s, dunno now – have not eaten for a long time. Here, we do have some places, pretty good…but somehow, they’re not the same and this one, nothing much in it, I wouldn’t want to have it again…not at that price.

  5. Too much msg is not good for the body and its not halal, right?
    but I guess it’s typical for a chinese foods…

    Ya…Chinese food makes use of a lot of msg and I think many are so used to it that they do not even notice. I don’t like at all. I will always tell them to reduce if I know they usually use a lot – not good. This place is not certified but it is one of those “serve no pork” places.

    1. that’s why I rarely eat Chinese foods, but hey, I love some chinese foods, only those that don’t have lots of msg.

      When I dine out, I always make it a point to tell them when placing my orders to reduce the amount of msg used and when I cook myself, I will either not use at all or if I must, just a pinch… Most of the time, because of the sweetness of the ingredients used, there is really no need for it.

  6. Enjoy Cafe! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been there twice, the impression I got was that the place has really bad lighting, it looked slightly dodgy when I first went.

    It seems to have improved a lot coz the chicken chop looks great! πŸ˜€

    Place still looks pretty much the same…like some girly bar! πŸ˜‰ The chick chop’s not as great as it looks – I would still go for the pork at Noodle House anytime. That one’s really nice. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Haha! Yeah, that would be how I would describe it too. πŸ™‚

      Okay, I shall go try the pork someday, and also the roti canai you recommended! πŸ˜€

      The pork, you shouldn’t miss. As for the roti canai…it’s like roti canai except for the size so you wouldn’t see me lining up for that.

  7. hmmm yeah nowadays a lot of msg.
    and i hate it taking dinner, because I would ended up with a thirsty night. TT

    Yup…and feeling unwell too! Can’t understand why they must add so much… 😦

  8. but the food presentation does look very good! I’m sure in the end the taste is the most important.

    Presentation o.k. but I would rather have something that does not look great but tastes like heaven…

  9. Aiyo….is Sibu makan places going to follow KL prices …..:(.

    Been to a few places here. Food was just ok. Not much ingredient but the price would make you wish eat Mee Daddy instead

    Precisely. Not everyone can whip up something good, I’m afraid…or at least, not to the likes of us. Others may think it’s so good, I wouldn’t know.

  10. Mahalnya mee mamak! sigh …

    Yup…and portion not that big. There’s another nicer place – a bit more expensive (RM10.00) but enough for 2-3 persons to share.

  11. Being a noodle lover, my first love is the mee mamak. The tomato kway teow looks nice too except there were no meat or greens, may be they are buried under the kway teow. Yum!!!..Yum!!!!

    No, there wasn’t anything drowned in all that sauce. I miss the nice ones in Kuching – those that I had before were so very nice.

  12. I don’t like places that use a lot of salt or MSG in their food. Makes me very thirsty!

    Another one! So many of us do not like and it really makes me wonder why these Chinese restaurants dump so much into their food. Maybe there are people who actually like it like that and do not feel it at all?

  13. Wah! The mee mamak cost RM9.90. Not cheap the food in Sibu nowadays.

    At the coffee shops and Malay food stalls, you can get the same for half the price or less. I know another cafe – nice and only RM8.50…and another one, very nice…and even though it’s RM10 there, the serving is so huge, it can be shared by two or three persons…so it’s not really that expensive.

  14. Enjoy Cafe…ok..never been there before.
    That chicken chop look very good, love the way they do the food presentation.

    I like that tomato keow teow, yummy! You should go to Twin Corner coffee shop that i told you, to try their Mee Hong Kong, to me it taste like tomato keow teow, but they use different noodles, i think if add keow teow it will taste super good!!

    Well, I would say that you’re not missing out on anything. Not enough time, better go to all the much nicer (and cheaper) places. I tried Mee Hongkong once but not at that place…and I did not like it. Never feel like ordering it again. Yet to go and check out Twin Corner…

  15. Kueh Teow in tomato sauce….haven’t tried that before

    Been around all this while in Kuching…and I still think theirs is the nicest. So far, what I’ve had here…not up to that standard. Nice at some places but none that got me jumping with delight.

  16. different management now lah…used to be good. maybe different owner as well. for that kind of price, i suggest you go to Anson. A tad too steep for Sibu price.

    Anson no longer opens in the daytime, I hear…only at night. 😦 Yup…new management now – I hear it’s owned by the owner of the nursing school…and he’s letting some new people run the place. Wasn’t that great before either…

  17. I think the chicken chop looks very good..
    The presentation also very nice..
    Their best seller?

    Not too sure. Didn’t ask what it was – probably nothing…as all the same. Just ok, nothing great…and expensive. 😦

  18. ya, anson no longer opens during day time. the owner said he couldn’t cope, as he was running the show alone in the kitchen. regarding the former enjoy cafe, the western food was almost untouchable, but the thai style fish with rice was superb, so was char pek kueh. really miss those.

    That is why I have not been to Anson – my daughter wanted to go when she was home but we seldom/hardly ever go out at night. I wish he would open mornings on weekends…or on Sundays, at least. Ya…my missus had some fish with rice dish at Enjoy once and it was good – one of the few that we’ve tried that is worth eating again.

  19. hmmm, now i realised you tend to have longer posts for nice food.. as for not really good or just OK food, the post tends to be a lot shorter.. hahaha!! πŸ˜€

    Yakah? I never realised that… You are really very observant! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  20. The mee mamak looks good but no good if with msg lah.

    Yalor…have to cut down on that. Dunno why they like to use so much – in Chinese cooking especially.

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