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Way back in 1986, when I was undergoing my in-service course in KL, I used to go to Marks & Spencer’s, then located at Bukit Bintang Plaza. They used to sell those Scottish shortbread that I loved a lot. Of course, they were not very affordable but when the expiry dates drew near, the prices would drop to around RM2.00 a tube and I would grab a whole lot to enjoy.

Here in Sibu, we also have a supermarket that will stock up on imported goods. When my friend came to town from New Zealand, she was dismayed to find that all/most of the things that she had lugged all the way were available here and after conversion, they were of about the same prices or maybe just a few ringgit more.

We used to buy the fresh milk from Australia for less than RM2.00 a carton when the Malaysian-manufactured ones cost over RM3.00 and ours are reconstituted, not fresh. Now, the price has gone up to over RM3.00 but between the two, we would still buy those imported ones from Down Under or New Zealand if we need to get hold of some fresh milk for whatever reason – pure and straight from the sourceΒ or so they claim. LOL!!!

A good time to buy the stuff there would be when the expiry date draws near, like these really nice chocolate coated biscuits from Poland, for instance…

Imported cookies 1

…which would expire sometime next month…

Expiry date

I don’t know the exact original price but at RM2.50, it certainly is a bargain, never mind that the chocolate has melted…

Imported cookies 2

…and if kept in the fridge for it to harden, the biscuits would all stick together.

These custard creams from the UK…

Custard creams from the UK 1

…were going for RM2.50 as well that day and they taste great too…

Custard creams from the UK 2

– richer and tastier than our local made ones and those definitely do not come that cheap, not at all.

Of course, I will not be buying those very often – just once in a while when there’s a special offer and I guess everyone will agree that it is perfectly all right to indulge a bit and pamper ourselves occasionally. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

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22 thoughts on “Price tag…”

  1. Imported biscuits/cookies and with that offer, I definitely will grab it. But when I see that cheap, occasionally I’ll check the expiry date first before paying at the counter.

    When they’re that cheap, of course, they’ll be expiring soon… I’ll choose to buy or not depending on what it is and then I’ll eat it up quickly.

  2. I suppose it is alright to get those near expired biscuits or other foodstuff but usually I don’t.We have many reduced to clear shop here in NZ and apparently the foodstuff with expired dates is still good / edible even after 6 months.No harm really and at the most pun perut sakit saja.. Hikhikhik.Good morning, Arthur. Have a wonderful Monday ( although the weather here is super depressing today… cold, very windy and gloomy!!!)

    Ooooo…..winter!!! I love winter weather. Perfect for steaming hot herbal chicken soups!!! Yummmm!!!! Ya…I did hear that they may eaten well after their expiry dates…but not too sure how long. I guess with biscuits, as long as they have not gone limp and do not have a smell, that should be fine.

    1. LOL…shereen hit hint to you dah….next time must buy more kekekeke…..

      Arthur-Can still eat after expired. Like Shereen said…the most will sakit perut only. Did you notice some of the label would read “Best Before : ” and not “Expired on : “?

      Nah!!! I don;t think she wants those – lots over there, so many you dunno what to buy. Mee Daddy, she wants lah…maybe I can ask factory, got cheap sale the expired ones or not. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. wow i still havent try M&S’s biscuit or chocolate even though i always heard good comment about it. and yeah one of the reasons is un-affordable. LOL and i didn’t know they will cut down the price when expiry date is coming soon?

    Well, you’ve started working…big-shot, drawing graduate’s pay – would be able to afford those things very easily. Coming to Sibu anytime soon? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Marks & Spencer shortbread must be around RM15-20 now… in UK also not that cheap, but can wait for Buy 1 Free 1 offer.

    No idea… No M&S here… Things at such places are always cheapest when on offer – otherwise, they’re not very affordable. I wouldn’t spend that kind on money on those things. 😦

  5. I once talked to a tawkay of a supermarket. He told me that products from down under will not “cheat” on expiry date. It means it’s still very safe to consume these products when it’s near expiry date. So, go ahead to buy those 2.50 biscuits.

    Manufacturers from a certain country can compromise with buyers on expiry dates. “You tell me how long you want the expiry date of your ordered goods to be, we can accommodate.” Don’t ask me who is the tawkay, don’t ask me which country… But I can PM (see I learn this word now) you the reliable manufacturers of canned goods from that certain country if you want.

    Oh? No, thanks. I don’t usually buy those things…but sometimes, when it is really cheap, I may get a few…if there is an offer on some of the nicer stuff like imported cookies. Lots actually…on offer but they do not interest me much. Never seen an offer on SPAM, corned beef and the like though – maybe they sell very well, none left when the expiry dates draw near.

  6. It’s incredible how much is available world wide now. It kind of takes some of the fun out of traveling. One of our favourite things use to be to bring back a bag full of treats from the country we visited to remind us of our travels. Now it’s more or less pointless if you can find the same things in the grocery store.

    It certainly does. Like when I went to NZ, I saw Arnotts everywhere. We have those here…a lot and I certainly would not buy and pay the excess baggage to carry them home…and they’re not very much cheaper there! 😦

  7. Hah! Sir Arthur loves to frequent BB area eh? Hehehhehehe.. wink wink!

    At one time it was a very nice place…when there were none of those “health centres” and the pimps stayed in the back lanes (Jalan Alur)…and in the mid-80’s, there weren’t many places to go…not crazy about Tunku Abdul Rahman or Jalan Petaling, not at all.

  8. I am like you too, birds of the same feather flock together. When there is an offer, I would first take note on the expiry date. Sometimes some may last for another 1 month or so. For that I get just enough and eat up quickly before the expiry date.

    Usually will last till 2 weeks or a month before expiring. Ample time to finish them off, no worries…

  9. Yes, Sibu now can find a lot imported goods! The other day when i am back, i bought some chocolate from the airport, those hardly find in town, and you know what, my mum saw it at Farley and with lots cheaper price!!! tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk!!! Next time i will just stick to my Butterscotch as buah tangan. hahahhahahha

    Hahahahaha!!!! Some of the things at this place may be cheaper than at the so-called duty-free airport shops. Everything expensive, makan also… 😦

  10. Whenever I stepped into Marks and Spencer, I think of you! hahaha!

    Gosh!!! They should change the name to Marks, Spencer & Arthur then… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. I miss those days when I worked part time in UK. Earning British pounds and spending pounds was enjoyable. Now I can only salivate when I see those luxury biscuits and titbits from Europe. Have to convert as we are earning RM now.

    Watch out for those offers. If you’re in luck, you may pick up some when you’re home in Sibu again. Cheaper than the local made ones and more often than not, nicer too.

  12. even though those biscuits were imported, somehow i feel they are cheaper than those locals LOL, rm2.50 for a packet of biscuits is seriously damn cheap, too bad i can’t find these in Penang πŸ˜₯

    Ya…cheaper and they’re a lot nicer too. But have to wait till almost expire lah… Otherwise, I can’t afford. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Wow mark n Spenser is already here since 1986….
    I love those imported biscuit n jams……
    Very nice…

    Couldn’t afford then…unless on offer…and can’t afford now… Sobssss!!!! 😦 Ummmm…poslaju? Dijamin sampai hari esok? Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. There is no M & S here in IPOH..but AA carries a few packets back each time he comes home… πŸ™‚

    Lucky mum! And how sweet of your son… Would make a great son-in-law hor? Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Mark and Spencer give very good deal when the expiry date draws near….but have to eat all the stuff up fast…….reason to eat more daily…

    I remember back in 1986, one month to go, one price…two weeks, a lower price…and one week, even lower…but by then, hard to get liao. All sold out! 😦

  16. eee… I’m not a shortbread person. Are you sure it’s that nice?!!

    Both of these are not shortbread – biscuits and both are nice…and at RM2.50, I’m not complaining. πŸ˜‰

  17. Wahhh…..i love those biscuits la. What a good steal!!!

    You do! Ah!!! Hope there is a special offer when I happen to be hopping over to KL. πŸ˜‰

  18. At RM2.50 for the biscuits, it’s definitely a steal!!! πŸ™‚ How lucky you are!

    Yes, considering that they’re imported stuff, they’re really a bargain. Very cheap…and nice too! Ummm…your first time her, I see. Welcome and do drop by again. Thanks for commenting.

  19. Hhmm, never saw those Poland biscuits and UK custard creams in M&S before. The rich chocolate coated biscuits do look yummy!. At M&S, they have a similar type – dark chocolate coated digestive…and they’re heavenly!
    Imagine that, imported biscuits cost less than local ones….never mind they’re near expiry…still another month to go, mah… πŸ™‚

    Yalor…and would be gone in one or two sittings. Hehehehehehe!!!! I guess they do not come as cheap at M&S…

  20. i really do not mind those “expiring soon” products selling at cheaper price.. in fact, the expiry date doesn’t really mean a big deal for me, it’s “best before” but after that date, it’s not best but still good right?? hahaha~~

    Usually the same…if the colour has not changed and there is no unwarranted smell and it has not gone all limp… No problem even after the expiry date.

  21. Biscuits are okay within six months from expiry date. We eat them all the time. Still alive and kicking? hehe

    Ya…and if limp, heat it in the oven and let it cool – will be ok after a while… πŸ˜‰

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