Chotto matte kudasai…

Chotto matte kudasai…and I’ll tell you all about our lunch the other day at this place…

Zen, Sibu

My daughter said she would like to go for something Japanese and even though I’m not really crazy about the cuisine, I took her and my missus here for lunch.

Melissa and I have been here once before and this time around, we had the set lunches – their salmon fried rice (RM10.00)…

Zen, Sibu - salmon fried rice set

…which came with a generous helping of potato salad, miso soup and slices of watermelon plus Japanese green tea. The fried rice was good and I liked their miso soup as well – it was definitely nicer than the milder, kind-of-bland ones that I had had elsewhere. The potato salad was slightly sourish but on the whole,  it was fine.

I also ordered the curry don (rice) set lunch (RM10.00)…

Zen, Sibu - curry don

…which also came with everything that we had in the previous set. I did not enjoy this as much even though it tasted pretty o.k. I guess we’re used to our own Malaysian curry or the Indian ones – I would think those would be much nicer.

Melissa loved the unagi sushi (RM6.90)…

Zen, Sibu - unagi sushi

…and since there were only two per order, we let her have both of them all to herself.

We shared the makimono – the soft shell crab ones (RM8.90 for six)…

Zen, Sibu - maki 1

…and the other one, some California maki or whatever it was called (RM6.90 for six)…

Zen, Sibu - maki 2

…as well as the salmon mentai yaki (RM19.90)…

Zen, Sibu - salmon mentai yaki

…that Melissa loved a lot. Personally, I thought it was really very nice when eaten with whatever they had on top but  when I just ate the salmon on its own, I did not quite enjoy the taste of the fish.

This place has been around for some 2-3 years now and it still looks sparkling new…

Zen, Sibu - interior

…but it seems they’ve renovated the place a bit and got rid of the partitions that some were not too happy with when they first started. One even commented that it made the space so narrow that if I were to try and squeeze inside, I would not be able to get in.

Melissa loved the traditional Japanese dolls on display…

Zen, Sibu - Japanese dolls

If I’m not mistaken, these are their Kokeshi dolls that have been around for some 150 years, and were originally made as toys for children of farmers. They have no arms or legs, but a large head and cylindrical body, representing little girls. From a simple toy, it has now become a famous Japanese craft, and now an established souvenir for tourists.

On my part, I like how they tastefully use stones and light against a backdrop of pure white as part of the interior decor…

Zen, Sibu - decor

All in all, it was a delightful lunch that Melissa enjoyed a lot and as for me, it was pleasant enough and I would not mind having that again sometime when I’m in the mood for something different for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Chotto matte kudasai…”

  1. Never heard this Chotto Matte Kudasai song before. I love Japanese food, so i like all the above food. Sugoi oyishi desu!

    You must be way too young. I think the cover done by this Malacca guy, Frankie Cheah (Boo Seng) was a hit in the country as well…and Frances Yip sang it too, if you know her. The Japanese food here is quite nice for one like me who doesn’t usually enjoy it very much.

  2. I know a song that has “chotto matte” as the chorus, do you mean that one? You have a unique signature of using song names as your post titles. 😀

    Zen eh? I haven’t been there in a while.

    The chorus goes: Chotto matte kudasai, please excuse me while I cry. Without your love, I would die…and don’t ask me to sing you the Hokkien version. Muahahahaha!!!! Nah! On your short trips back home, you need to set priorities – no need to go and eat things you can get over there…

  3. Somehow Japanese food in Malaysia don’t look and sometimes taste as authentically as the one you get in Japan or those that the proprietor are truly Japanese.Even here, it can be quite difficult to get real good japanese cuisine as many so called Japanese restaurants are owned by Mainland Chinese.I won’t bother with Japanese food unless I know the chef/proprietor is Japanese.

    Beggars can’t be choosers…but for one who doesn’t really like Japanese food, I do like some of the things here. That’s something, at least…and besides, Melissa loves it – what can be more important. Better than the one she and her friends go to in Sungai Petani, she says…but perhaps she prefers the sushi stall by the road in Wellington…because the cute Japanese boy selling it had the most endearing smile – everytime he smiled, her heart smiled too!

    Oops!!! I’d better go and remove my post on my attempt to cook western – scheduled to appear in the next few days. Better don’t disgrace myself...

    1. Hey, don’t like that lar.Must show that you are also human like the rest of us.. Lol! Give me chance a bit to tembak u kaw-kaw sikit and retribution for all the food porn u tayang here and in FB 🙂

      Breaks out in cold sweat… This time, sure die liao!!! 😦 LOL!!!

    2. Shereen, there is one Japanese restaurant near my place which serves authentic Japanese food. The boss is Japanese and he prepares the food. When you are in KL, give me a buzz, I take you there.

      Shereen only kah? Me leh, me leh? LOL!!! 😀

  4. Chotto matte kudasai, please excuse me while i eat (cry)….seems sayonara means goodbye …but no one has ever told me why…..
    hahaha…i think this song only belongs to the older generation such as us… 🙂
    Looking through the prices, yours is much cheaper, surely… for california maki, we cannot get them so cheap here…

    Ah!!! And they have promos – how many % discount on sushi on certain days and ramen on others. Not a fan of either of those. Ya…only old folks like us would be familiar with the song. 😦 LOL!!!

  5. quite cheap for a RM10.00 bento like that.. well, i’m quite fine with japanese curry, they do have their own unique taste and not necessary that I need everything to be spicy~~ 🙂

    Yes, of course… I do know a few people who would love it that way…and yes, I thought the bento set lunch was reasonably priced too. 😉

  6. Though not a fan of Japanese or Korean food but still I would say all the food looks awesome, presentation and all. My kids would love this Japanese food. Is that strips of seaweed on the salmon fried rice and curry don rice?.The Japanese dolls looks cute and the stones and light looks unique too.

    Ya…I like the place – clinically clean. LOL!!! 😀 Yup, I think that’s seaweed – they use that in Japanese cuisine…including the miso soup. The food here is quite nice.

  7. Japanese Restaurant! 🙂 Me and my brother just eaten at Tokyo Tokyo last week. Tokyo Tokyo is most mainstream Japanese restaurant in Metro Manila.

    I am not a fan of sushi in the past because I am wary of the uncooked fish. I learned to like it, though.

    I’m not crazy about sushi – the sourish taste…and with the rice, they all taste more or less the same…but I do not mind some of the other things that they serve.

  8. Oh I love miso soup! My daughter loves it too. In fact, the other day, she said, mommy when are you going to make miso? She loves nori also…

    I’ll have to try salmon with fried rice and see whether my daughter likes it. I’ve made salmon and rice, but didn’t think of trying a fried rice. As children that was one of the few dishes my father could make. I do remember my brother grew tired of it after having it the fourth day in a row! My mom, was at work… she was a stay at home mom until my brother and I was in our teens, and then she used her nursing degree.

    We still tease my father about his “salmon and watery rice.” But he did his best, with his limited cooking skills 😉

    LOL!!! I guess your father did the best he could. I also started from scratch…and many things ended up in the litter bin then – did not really know how to go about it. Now, I’m fine – most of the time! 😉 We do not cook salmon much here as it is very expensive – most of the time, we will just get our local ones. Salmon’s solely for special places and special occasions. My daughter likes miso soup, not me – just ok with it. You would not see me cooking that at home…and anyway, I’m not crazy about Japanese, that’s why.

  9. Very cheap set lunch indeed. My eyes aiming at the salmon mentai yaki…droooling

    It was very nice…but a bit expensive, I think…but then again, that’s a thick slab of salmon – it does not come cheap here… 😦

  10. Look not bad at all! Pretty decent Jap food. Plus the ambiance is acceptable too.

    Yup! Nice place and the food’s pretty good too…plus the set lunches are a steal. 😉

  11. I love Japanese curry!! Reason is cos I can’t take over spicy food like Malay and Indian ones :p

    You do? Then you would probably like the local Foochow curry… LOL!!! Watery, not spicy…

  12. RM10 for Japanese set lunch… I think cannot find in KL.

    Real cheap, I thought. With a pot of green tea some more. I think the tea on the menu is RM5.00 already… Good deal.

  13. Unagi! My fav especially in rice set. Delicious. It doesn’t come cheap.

    My daughter loves it. I’m ok with it – prefer our ikan keli and the ways we usually cook it.

  14. Oishi!! My all time favourite, japanese food!!! Yum yum. Never get bored of it.

    You like? You didn’t try this place when you were home? The other one’s not bad also…

  15. There are lots of Japanese restaurants here and I’ve tried some of those. Can’t really say that its authentic Japanese food coz I’ve never eaten REAL Authentic Japanese foods. hahaha.

    Don’t really know what’s really authentic and what’s not – as long as it tastes nice, that’s all that matters to me.

    When I was in Japan many many years ago, I did not really like the food there, expensive some more…but those days, their cuisine was not so popular around these parts of the world. Had a bowl of ramen at a small authentic Japanese seating shop – huge bowl – no ingredients, just the noodles in the soup, RM8 our money…and in those days, that could be considered VERY expensive…and I also paid through the nose to eat their celebrated Kobe beef (fed on beer, they said…so much nicer, more tender and juicier) – didn’t think it was any different either. And if that is what authentic would be like, I’d much sooner settle for our not-so-authentic stuff then.

  16. Wow good food at good prices. I would surely be a regular if the eatery was near me. 🙂

    Nah!!! I usually eat at home. Affordable and relatively cheap, no doubt…but will only go on special occasions like when my daughter’s home for the holidays…or when I’ve visitors in town. 😉

  17. i like the ambience of that place. i’m not a fan of japanese food (sushi, maki) but i like their burger version and misono 🙂

    You’re like me then – not crazy about those…but I don’t mind some of their other things such as their braised unagi.

  18. I love Japanese cuisine but I never bothered to go to this place because I heard it is quite expensive. They charged more during chinese new year! But looking at the selection of dishes you had.. not bad at all 🙂 I usually go to sushi tie cause it is nearer to my dad’s office hehe.

    Yup…same block, the other end. 😉 May drop by that one before my daughter goes back. The sushis there are nice…but I’m not a fan of those. The bento sets did not really sweep me off my feet and usually, after eating there, I would still feel hungry…and would go and tapao something from the coffee shop next door. Here, I thought the set lunches were reasonably-priced…and substantial enough.

  19. California maki! My favorite!! Sorry Arthur, supposed to call you that day, but i ended up not even meeting any of my Sibu friends, busy and then too tired to go out again. Next time, take me to Zen.

    Ya…see what you missed by not calling me? Hehehehehehe!!!! Never mind! So near – I’m sure you’ll be coming by this way again sometime. 😉

  20. So later u go makan kolo mee?
    Coz japs food is nit enuff for u…
    The japs food is nice n cheap Le…
    But don’t bring me there next time if I m there….

    Enough…more than enough. With the two rice set lunches, it was filling enough. Otherwise, sure I would have gone for kampua after that.

  21. Chotto matte kudasai, please excuse me while I cry. Without your love, I would die.. Wah.. nice song! I can have Japanese every single day of the week! I esp love unagi… unagi.. and UNAGI! 😀

    What? You know the song? You’re so young leh? Hmmmm….you like those slippery eels, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😉

  22. i love a japanese meals and its almost a weekly must have especially unagi and sashimi.

    Not me. Will only go for it when Melissa’s home… For one thing, it does not come cheap… 😦

  23. I love, love, love Japanese food. I also try new Japanese Restaurant and I still think the one near my house is more authentic second to Kampachi in Equatorial Hotel long time ago. Now I think their standard jatuh over the years.

    Equatorial’s near the hotel where I was staying, Jalan Sultan Ismail. Never been to any Japanese place in KL or the surrounding areas… 😦

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