More, more, more…

That is what it’s like when you come to Sibu – there will be food and more food and more food…like it is never going to end and so it was when my cousins and nephew were in town.

I took them to this coffee shop to try the kampua noodles, the black version…the Foochow fried noodles (with gravy), the Foochow mee sua – the one that I liked a lot…and also the char bee lau pork leg soup.  They loved them ALL very much except the last one as they were not really accustomed to the woody herbal taste of those Chinese medicinal roots used in the cooking.

Then we headed to Sungai Merah for the coffee here. My nephew had the roti telur and he said it was good. Then we went on a drive around town that took them through all the familiar places that they had got to know when they were younger. Soon it was time for lunch and I took them here for the burgers. Like me, they felt that the spicy grilled chicken one was the nicest of the lot.

It being a Sunday, we went for the evening service after which we went here for dinner. It was in the midst of the Gawai Dayak Harvest Festival holidays and I guess everyone was caught in the midst of the celebration with all the festivities so nobody had the time to go out and pluck…and thus, when we got there, we were duly informed that the very popular  midin (wild jungle fern) would not be available. We had the usual – the pandan chicken, the cangkuk manis fried with eggs, the sea cucumber soup, their homemade tofu and I also ordered this…

Ruby's fried bitter gourd with salted egg

– their fried bitter gourd with salted egg. Like my daughter, one of the cousins who came, never liked the vegetable before until she got to eat it at this very restaurant sometime ago and has loved it ever since.

They did not want the fried mee sua

Ruby's fried mee sua

…but I insisted on ordering a little for them to try and I was glad that I did. They certainly liked it very much, I must say.

The highlight of the dinner, needless to say, was their butterscotch prawns…

Ruby's butterscotch prawns

…and since they were out of the cheaper varieties, they had to use the very much more expensive freshwater prawns – the udang galah or the tua thow hay (big headed prawns) as we would call it and that brought the taste to a whole new level. It certainly was a lot nicer. I wouldn’t know exactly how much dinner was as one of my cousins picked up the tab but I am pretty sure that with those killer prawns, it was most certainly not cheap.

And for our after-dinner dessert, we headed back to this place that we went to the previous night for another round of their banana cake with ice cream

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23 thoughts on “More, more, more…”

  1. ahh the bittergourd dish, it’s a love hate relationship for me. Sometimes i like it when it’s not overly bitter, when done just right it’s really tasty.

    Have a good day STP!

    Somehow, they can do it just right here. Usually not bitter, sometimes just a bit…but always nice. 😉 You have a good day too!

  2. i am a simple man… just gimme my fried misua… oh o… hmmm… told u the lady’s roti telor at sgmerah was good… she knows how to handle the telor well… hahaha… sorry cant fall asleep yet, too tired of long drive home…

    LOL!!! Speaking from your personal first-hand experience eh? LOL!!!! Ya…miss the mee sua, eh? Come, come on over to Sibu again. I guess you went east and are back in KL now?

  3. How can one go wrong with Ruby, eh?I would really like to try their bitter gourd dish too. As for the prawns, I am sure the boys would love them but if I’m not mistaken I too like them the last time I tried it. That really shows Ruby’s food very ngam me 🙂

    Ya…you’re a die-hard Ruby fan. All those who came love the food there too, more than elsewhere…and so did I at the beginning. Plus it’s comparatively cheaper too. I guess after going there once too often, I just got used to the food so it does not appeal to me that much any longer.

  4. Last time i dislike bitter gourd, but because of fried bitter gourd with salted egg, i changed my mind already! =DD

    Hah!!! Another convert! It’s really very nice and getting to be very popular these days. Good for health! 😉

  5. Oh agreed with you that the udang galah was prolly a pricey-killer. I would have loved the bitter gourd and salted egg. It reminded me that I’ve not had it at a Bangsar eatery for a long time. Must makan some this weekend. 🙂

    The prawns that size would be around RM30 a kg at the market…or more, depending on the season so that dish alone would be at least RM50, I would think. Bangsar eh? You stay around there too? Residential area for the rich and famous? 😉

  6. I don’t like this shop, they seems to be having everything cooked with lots of spring onion.. haha!! :p

    Why? I love spring onions! Just a bit in your plain clear bone soup and it will bring it to a whole new level. I love it!

  7. Hi, all the dishes certainly look delicious. Especially the prawns, yummy.
    The bitter gourd with salted egg is defenitely an appetizing dish. I love it.

    Have a nice day.

    One of my more favoured eating places in town…nice food…nice people who can speak Hokkien and English…and very affordable, usually. 😉

  8. I think I didnt try the butterscotch prawns, did I? Bitter gourd is great for me… in fact the dishes shown here are all fine with me… so… what am I going to do now? 🙂

    Not sure. You did not go to Ruby with me – probably you all had something else. What are you going to do? Come to Sibu again lor…and you can have the lokan too. Drag Elin along! I’m sure she would love the food expedition… 😉

  9. All looks great to me. Wow, from breakfast to dinner, so many nice food to savour. Love the bittergourd with salted eggs. Sometimes I would add some lap cheong and it makes a whole lot nicer.

    Just fry with lap cheong & egg, nice also. We do that at home sometimes. Ya…if you come to Sibu, it’s like that. A food marathon!!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Food marathon…almost an understatement!

      No lah…one bowl 4 people sharing. Tsk! Tsk! Thankfully, there were many other bowls… Muahahahaha!!!! 😉

  10. Woah! Butterscotch prawns sound delicious!

    It most certainly is…and you can only get it in Sibu and at this restaurant only. The boss’ wife’s secret recipe…

    Your first time here, I see. A warm welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again. 😉

  11. How much is that plate of “butterscotch prawns”? I never expect that kind of prawn would be so pricey until I had the prawns noodles from ‘Jakar Town’.

    Jakar’s cheap… Same thing in Sibu, RM25 a bowl and that would be two prawns cut into 2 to make 4 pieces. This was 4, cut into 8 and it’s not a noodle dish …so you can expect it to be at least RM50-60, I would think.

  12. YES!!! I have to agree with you, hands up, legs up, going to Sibu only one thing can do, eat eat eat , food food food!! Breakfast…not long after…my mum will say lunch…then later dinner..omg!
    This time i didn’t go to Ruby, try some new places. hahhahaha and this time i got chance to try the food from Nice House? Food was good, although we packed it back home and ate it with my grandpa.

    Yea! Midin, you know what, i think it is because of the hot weather, this is what they told my mum. I wanted to buy some back here for my father in law, he wants to try, you know the lady told my mum what, now selling at RM10+ for a kg!!! My mum managed to get quite a lot two days before i flew back, lucky it didn’t turn black, i hand carried it back with me yesterday and last night back home i cooked for the family. Nice!!!

    Ya…so they did get to try after all. So sweet of the daughter-in-law to go through all that trouble. I guess you did not fry with belacan? Hehehehehehe!!!! Nice House – might as well buy back – food is good (but sometimes too much msg) and cheap but the place is always crowded and the ceiling is soooo low – so it is always noisier than a market place. Best to go early when still nobody around – or else I really cannot tahan eating there – headache! So luan chee pha chau!!! LOL!!! 😀 Now that you’re back in KL, miss Sibu or not? No more food…food…food!!! LOL!!!

    1. know me well!! I didn’t cook with belacan, i cook it with foochow red wine, first time i cook this dish lei. I asked my mum how to cook, lucky all finish, whether nice or not i don’t know, but still ok la, I add in some chili padi. 🙂

      Ya, no more food, suddenly last night i am hungry, want to have supper!!! But end up i just go to bed, don’t think about food.

      Hahahahaha!!! Your body clock calling you – so used to having supper every night in Sibu. 😀

  13. yummy food….ya wondering how they fry the mi suah and the noodle did not break ones.. Must be they have some secret recipe to it

    Dunno…never tried. Here, we can always drop by anytime and order…and enjoy! Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😀

  14. laaa….. apa pasal my comment kena moderate again…..sobs

    Mana tau…and when I go to your blog, if unloading not complete and I try to scroll down to read first, it will hang…and I will have to close the program and then come back and restore… Happens all the time. Have to remember to wait till the turning…turning (loading) stops completely first.

  15. i love the butterscotch prawn..
    what vege they are using .. taukeh (opps i mean tauge) and leek?
    i like that it got some a bit of vege …

    I don’t think there’s towkay, I mean…taugeh – sliced Bombay onions and spring onions…and maybe a bit of leek.

  16. salted egg with bittergourd is one awesome dish to introduce to none bittergourd lovers.

    Yes, many have been converted…from eating this.

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