More, more, more…

That is what it’s like when you come to Sibu – there will be food and more food and more food…like it is never going to end and so it was when my cousins and nephew were in town.

I took them to this coffee shop to try the kampua noodles, the black version…the Foochow fried noodles (with gravy), the Foochow mee sua – the one that I liked a lot…and also the char bee lau pork leg soup.  They loved them ALL very much except the last one as they were not really accustomed to the woody herbal taste of those Chinese medicinal roots used in the cooking.

Then we headed to Sungai Merah for the coffee here. My nephew had the roti telur and he said it was good. Then we went on a drive around town that took them through all the familiar places that they had got to know when they were younger. Soon it was time for lunch and I took them here for the burgers. Like me, they felt that the spicy grilled chicken one was the nicest of the lot.

It being a Sunday, we went for the evening service after which we went here for dinner. It was in the midst of the Gawai Dayak Harvest Festival holidays and I guess everyone was caught in the midst of the celebration with all the festivities so nobody had the time to go out and pluck…and thus, when we got there, we were duly informed that the very popular  midin (wild jungle fern) would not be available. We had the usual – the pandan chicken, the cangkuk manis fried with eggs, the sea cucumber soup, their homemade tofu and I also ordered this…

Ruby's fried bitter gourd with salted egg

– their fried bitter gourd with salted egg. Like my daughter, one of the cousins who came, never liked the vegetable before until she got to eat it at this very restaurant sometime ago and has loved it ever since.

They did not want the fried mee sua

Ruby's fried mee sua

…but I insisted on ordering a little for them to try and I was glad that I did. They certainly liked it very much, I must say.

The highlight of the dinner, needless to say, was their butterscotch prawns…

Ruby's butterscotch prawns

…and since they were out of the cheaper varieties, they had to use the very much more expensive freshwater prawns – the udang galah or the tua thow hay (big headed prawns) as we would call it and that brought the taste to a whole new level. It certainly was a lot nicer. I wouldn’t know exactly how much dinner was as one of my cousins picked up the tab but I am pretty sure that with those killer prawns, it was most certainly not cheap.

And for our after-dinner dessert, we headed back to this place that we went to the previous night for another round of their banana cake with ice cream