In and out of love…

Three of my cousins and a nephew came over from Kuching/Kota Kinabalu on a makan (eating) spree, putting the blame on me for luring them over with all my posts in my blog on the food here. Tsk! Tsk!

First stop, Rasa Sayang for the kampua noodles…but though they liked it, I did not think that it swept them off their feet. I think, like my daughter, Melissa, they have a preference for kolo mee and they also have pretty nice kampua noodles in Kuching…and maybe Kota Kinabalu as well. It certainly seems that the Foochows are everywhere these days. Besides, what they serve at Rasa Sayang isn’t exactly authentic kampua, more a cross between it and kolo mee and they probably would prefer something more original like what they had in the past.

Next stop, Noodle House…and they had the fried kompia , both minced meat and three-layer pork, and of course, the mille crepes. They would rather have their kompias plain but needless to say, they fell head over heels in love with the latter. When we got there, only the vanilla mille crepe was available so we ordered that to share…and they all loved it a lot. A while later, I noticed that their double chocolate mille crepe was ready so I ordered that for them…and they changed their minds right away and promptly declared that they loved this one a whole lot more. In fact, they loved it so much that they started making plans to order one whole cake to take back to Kuching – though I wonder how they could do so as the chocolate would melt and it would be a mess by the time they got home.

Dinner that night was at Payung Cafe…and they loved the place and the food there. Of course, I ordered for them my favourites – the belimbing prawns, the otak-otak, the ikan keli, the mushroom roll and the Payung rojak…and I also ordered this guava salad as well…

Payung guava salad

…and everyone loved it.

I tried the chicken masala

Payung chicken masala

…which all of us thought was quite good but we would prefer our regular curry as this had a slightly sourish taste owing to the yogurt used in the preparation but there was the general consensus though that it was nice and would be a welcome change once in a while.

The mango ice cream…

Payung mango ice cream

…was very well-recieved – they all liked it a lot even though they used the local mango variety – our quinee and not the actual mango as everyone would know it. As for me, I thought the durian ice  cream that I had before was a whole lot nicer.

They also loved the jelly pisang…and then they tried the banana cake with ice cream…

Payung banana cake & ice cream

…and that stole the show and had all of them singing its praises and considering that they never liked banana cake any time, any place before, that would be a double whammy, I must say.

Now, guess what they ended up carting home on their flight home from Sibu… LOL!!!